Nicholas Knoblich
Nicholas Knoblich
Ashley High School
Senior Division Environmental Project Winner
2011 ND State Science Fair

The Coalition for Conservation and Environmental Education (C2E2 ) facilitates communication, cooperation, collaboration and coordination among the varied environmental education (EE) programs in the state. The Coalition serves the shared interests of public and private agencies and organizations, businesses, teachers and individuals distributing and using environmental education materials. C2E2 aligned with Gateway to Science in Bismarck in 1997 to create a 501(c)(3) non-profit status. In 2006, it re-aligned with the Sheyenne James RC&D Council (natural resource non-profit) in Jamestown.

The Coalition took root when over sixty public and private organizations, agencies and individuals concerned about responsible environmental education met in September of 1995. Participants share a common and compelling vision of "developing a public that is knowledgeable, committed and motivated to take a balanced, active approach for a quality environment."

The initial meeting paved the way for a diverse group of stakeholders to begin a long-term process of strengthening EE by sharing ideas, forging new partnerships, enhancing communication, and leveraging scarce resources. The mission of the Coalition is to "prepare stewards of all ages with skills to evaluate issues; make informed choices; act responsibly; and take corrective steps to maintain a sustainable, quality environment for present and future generations."


* Elevate the value of environmental education
* Foster a shared responsibility for our natural resources
* Advance the C2E2 environmental education agenda
* Maximize partnerships
* Secure funding

C2E2 accomplishments to date include:

  • generating a "ND EE Strategic State Plan,"

  • creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to build support and visibility,
  • establishing a non-profit organization called the "Coalition for Conservation and Environmental Education" (C2E2),

  • embedding EE into ND Science and Social Studies State Content Standards,

  • infusing environmental education into the University Program Standards for Teacher Education in Science and Social Studies,

  • building a web site to serve as a clearinghouse for information,

  • sponsoring an Outstanding Environmental Award for regional and state Science Fairs,

  • selecting National Youth Science Camp scholarship winners for the governor from 2000-2011,

  • launching a high school, natural resource competition called the Envirothon in 2000 (ND took 10th out of 52 teams in 2004 at the Canon National Envirothon) and in 2011 we have almost 90 teams from 35 schools participating),

  • producing Trading Cards of trees, macroinvertebrates and soils!


    Nicholas Knoblich, Ashley High School
    Senior Division Environmental Project

    Matthias Larson, Oak Grove Lutheran
    Junior Division Environmental Project Winner

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