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The garden as it was when I first moved in, 2005. (Click on thumbnails for photos.)

Looking east toward the jungle. Back fence on right.

Looking south down the east garden, now the kitchen garden.

An overgrown path in front of the house.

The front garden.

The house from the front garden.

A side patio.

Looking north along what is now the kitchen garden.

A gnome I found in the garden.

Another find, & I still have them!


The garden during landscaping, March to June 2006.

The front garden cleared out.

The new path about the bog garden.

Bobcat meets cats!

The new front path.

What is now the kitchen garden, then a muddy mess.

Some of the extensive stone retaining walls.

Steps from front bog garden toward kitchen garden.

The brick path that unifies all.

A sunken area.

The beautiful Paradise Gate leading to the woodland.

Some manferns waiting to go in.

An old Furphy water urn.

One Woman. One Garden. One Dream.

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