Monday, May 23, 2011

GRE Round Up for May 23

Here are the latest offerings from my fellow Gun Rights Examiners:

Yih-Chau Chang/Oakland:
Dave Workman/Seattle:
Kurt Hofmann/St. Louis:

New York congressman with mob ties proposed national handgun registration bill

A bill, HR 613, introduced by Congressman Anfuso, New York, in the Congress, would require everyone who owns a pistol to register it with the Director of the F.B.I. Every pistol would be registered separately, as to caliber, maker, serial number, number of cartridges held, and from whom the gun was obtained, plus "Such other information as the director may by regulation prescribe." [More]
This afternoon's Gun Rights Examiner commentary says "Fuggedaboutit."

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The Safer Streets Newsletter and Commentary

LAPD has caught one of the thugs who beat Paramedic Bryan Stow. What many gun owners are thinking is how this was permitted to happen, and permitted it was. [More]
John Longenecker observes what happens when first responders--that would be those of us under attack-- are required by law to rely on second responders--that would be the "Only Ones."

Dog Day Afternoon

"If he didn't have that gun, he would probably be dead"...[More]
That's the way those who would rather we be dog food than armed want it to be...

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Signs of the Times

Gunbusters-Anti-Gun Sign Reporting [Read]
If you have a choice, why give your business to someone who would rather see you dead than armed?

The Wrong Questions

Should private cab companies, regulated by the city, have authority to arm their drivers? Is there evidence that guns, or knowing that drivers have guns, would deter criminals? Should passengers with valid permits be allowed to carry in a cab, too? [More]
Yo, Gazette Opinion Staff: By what authority does anyone presume to dictate when and where rights they have no claim on can be exercised? And what are people supposed to do after exiting the cab?

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We're the Only Ones Waylaying Enough

The biggest, baddest gang of armed robbers wins. [Watch]

Misplaced Outrage

As near as I can tell, the objections appear to be over pat-downs. [Read]

When the hell did wanding become the norm at proms?

They truly have raised a generation of accepting inmates.

I Just Thought Up Some Great Lyrics!

Same as the old boss

What? It's been done?

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No Turning a Blind Eye

After Altercation, Philadelphia Police Say They Won't Look the Other Way on Open-Carry Gun Owners [More]
Neither will we.

They're drawing a pretty clear line, are they not?

A Sharp Letter Opener

As the Chair of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the State of New Hampshire, I am writing to you to set the record straight regarding the statement posted on your website about HB330. You have been given misinformation (I prefer not to call anyone a liar) by your state NRA-ILA representative, John Hohenwarter. I do not appreciate his unprofessional behavior, which has been contrary and harmful to NRA’s reputation.  [More]
We discussed this here.


Can't wait to see the response.

Why is ATF considering ‘early outs’ for experienced employees?

With senior Agents retiring as fast as they can because of the Gross Mismanagement, why would the Agency be trying to encourage even more? Recently Mr. Melson stated in a town hall mtg that he was disturbed at the high number of veteran agents leaving the agency before mandatory and was looking into how to reverse that trend. Another lie? [More]
This morning's Gun Rights Examiner commentary looks at the advantages of early retirement--for those with something to hide.

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This Day in History: May 23

Arnold provides Clinton with intelligence so that he can formulate his plans against Washington’s Continental Army. This also provides Clinton with evidence of Arnold’s sincerity. [More]