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Exumas, yey!

On the beaches just off the Little Harbour in the Abaco we bumped into bunch of Canadians that looked like they were having lots fun. They were old friends, cruising each winter together for many years now and having a blast doing it. They had few stories to share as well – from them we’ve learned the phrase “The Gulp Scream.” Couple of times they swore to move to Arizona where there is no water, but after awhile bad experiences ebb with the tide. Besides, sailing the Bahamas is just plainly a better way to spend the winter.

In any case, there was another Canuck with them, on a trimaran, who was also looking to cross to the Spanish Wells and then onto Exumas. Greg was Maritimer from New Brunswick and was kind enough to stick around during the crossing even though we were much, much slower.

Besides bumping into couple of whales we saw from a distance, this crossing was uneventful – the seas were flat, there was no breeze and we were motoring the whole day. In either case we arrived safely and found a decent anchorage. We stayed there only one night and headed down to the Exumas. On the way we go some fish and were treated to some beautiful sights. From there on it was beautiful, warm and we were lucky to get some lobster and mahi-mahi as well. Life was good. We buddy boat all the way down to Georgetown, visiting gorgeous islands, caves, reefs and mooching the Internet wherever the signal came up. One nasty cold front kept us on the hook for couple of days near the Little Farmers, but we made the best of it. Bad day while boating is not so bad at all. Now, Georgetown, that’s another beast all together…

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  1. Jason Says:

    Hey Maciek! Glad to read that you guys are having a good time. I do have one question. How long is this amazing honeymoon/vacation lasting?!!? ;-)

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