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The Art of Charm is a New York and Los Angeles based service company specializing in dating coaching for men and women, founded by Jordan Harbinger and AJ Harbinger. The company offers services, including seminars and workshops which aim to help people (clients) interact with strangers, communicate better, and build relationships through skills and techniques developed by the company’s coaches and social dynamics instructors. They teach students how to improve their life, be more confident, and basically how to change their entire life.

Jordan Harbinger and AJ Harbinger, co-founders of The Art of Charm, also host a Sirius Satellite Radio show on Sirius XM Stars Too, formerly known as Maxim Radio, called Game On.


A few years ago while at Michigan Law School, Jordan Harbinger, the co-founder of The Art of Charm, realized what it takes to meet women. His friend AJ Harbinger, himself a student in Michigan Medical School, challenged Jordan to get a random girl’s phone number within five minutes, and the challenge was successfully accomplished. Seeing each other succeed with women on an unprecedented scale, AJ and Jordan realized that they both had the skills and knowledge about how to effectively communicate with members of the opposite sex. They teamed up to share their knowledge with one another and take their game to the next level. After a year of going out almost every single night perfecting their system of meeting and attracting women, Jordan and AJ began to teach their friends the skills they had learned, and it didn’t take them long to realize they could develop a business around their knowledge.

In 2006 they started Pickup Podcast, a relationships and social dynamics podcast, where they taught men how to meet and interact with the opposite sex. Their podcast downloads increased each month and in about 6 month Pickup Podcast became of the most popular podcast shows in iTunes with over 100,00 downloads.

In 2007 Jordan moved to New York City where he met Johnny Dzubak, a dating coach and rock star. As the demand for coaching services grew, AJ, who continued his work in the biology lab in Michigan, decided to join Jordan and Johnny to work full time with them. That was the time when the three of them founded The Art of Charm, a school to train and teach men how to communicate with people, especially women. For most of 2008, The Art of Charm traveled across America, organizing training three-day boot camps and growing its business and skills. The classes focused on five steps, including attraction arts, rapport, seduction, as well as relationship management and success in life.

In 2008 after plenty of media attention, executives at SiriusXM Satellite Radio and Maxim Radio offered Jordan and AJ the regular show, “Game On”, which was the first world’s radio show dedicated to helping men improve their success with women. Now, ‘Game On’ with AJ and Jordan can be heard on Fridays at 8pm EST on Sirius 108 and XM 109 Eastern time.

The Art of Charm has today a team of skilled and dedicated instructors that teach their methods to help students in business and social situations. In addition, they do a web television show on Wednesday nights at 8pm EST that can be seen on

Concepts & Techniques (body language, tonality, etc.)

The Art of Charm follows the concept of helping people maximize their potential in social interactions and developing condifence that attracts the opposite sex. Their methods of training consist of practical techniques that can be used by any person.

A lot of people do not know what it means to have the identity as a man or a woman in today’s society. Among the most important things about meeting someone, are body language and vocal tonality. Body language is the first impression you have on people before they actually talk to you. Tonality is also very important because if you cannot be heard in any kind of environment that is loud (for instance, in the bar or outside), you cannot engage into conversation and hold people’s attention. By measuring vocal tonality with eye contact, people can make for really engaging sexual personality. And if combining tonality with body language as well as other important elements taught by the dating coaches, this may have a good impact on the individual’s confidence, and people will follow him/her.

The Art of Charm offers boot camps, consultations, classes, seminars, and in-field training to teach practical techniques that help people attract and hold attention of the opposite sex as well as learn about social dynamics in the today’s world.

Seminars and Programs

The Art of Charm has boot camps (or seminars) in different parts of the world, where their coaches take men and women into the field, which means real social interactions, and give real-time advice as they watch the students’ performance.

The company offers several coaching programs, including:

3-day Attraction Arts Program, where they teach how to create attraction and build strong, lasting connections.

Weeklong Attraction Arts Program teaches students how to reach a new level of understanding the nuances of social interaction, which include the creation of a powerful, attractive presence, meeting women during the daytime and/or at traditional clubs and bars, and more.

Advanced Rapport and Seduction Program teaches the delicate shades of such social interactions as the intimacy of truly connecting with other people, the development of confidence and sharing emotions freely, the art to find your own personality and value it, without apology.

Monthly Locals Program is dedicated to improving social skills and developing sexual confidence that attracts women.

The Art of Charm has also partnered with Inner Confidence, the industry leader in confidence coaching, to develop its One Week Inner Confidence Live-In Program, which is aimed at the rapid overhaul of mindsets and belief systems as well as at providing the tools needed to excel in many social situations.

The company also offers the Platinum Package, which includes all the coaching programs offered during the year.

Media Appearances

The instructors of The Art of Charm have regularly appeared on radio shows, national television, magazines, and other media.

According to The Today Show on MSNBC, The Art of Charm teach their technique in person in a real-life environment. Jordan Harbinger, Joshua Pellicer, and their student Nick Patel talked about the concept of charm and whether or not it can really be taught. According to Harbinger, “a lot of guys try too hard and that’s a big mistake.”

One of the daily news reporters at NY Daily News, Erica Pearson interviews Johnny Dzubak, a dating coach at The Art of Charm and a former musician, during one of his coaching classes. During the rapport lesson, Dzubak suggests the following interaction steps: casting, hooking,reeling and release. According to the article, most of the students at The Art of Charm confirmed they are sure the course was “well-worth the price of admission.”

The Art of Charm was featured in the New York Press, where Jessica Wakeman, an NY Press reporter, spent a night on the town with students from one of The Art of Charm’s New York City programs. Wakeman noted that she was charmed by the instructors and saw the students’ progress as well.

Jordan Harbinger has also appeared on the Curtis Sliwa Show, where he talked about self-improvement not just as the term relates to dating or seduction, but that may help improve lives as a whole. On the show, “Casting, reeling, hooking and release” was a methaphor used by The Art of Charm, meaning to go into conversation, make a connection, break the interaction gap, and escalate to physical intimacy.

Jordan Harbinger was also featured on WTKK Radio in Boston, where he talked about the art of charm and the road to seduction. Harbinger noted that, when starting a conversation, most people are anxious because of a lack of self-confidence. They are also too dependent on the outcome. Harbinger believes that guys need to stop worrying about what happens next and focus on displaying their authentic personality.

On Current TV, former instructor Joshua Pellicer and current instructor Johnny Dzubak with were featured along with their clients and former student turned CEO, Benjamin Klein. On the Current TV Piece, the instructors taught their students to understand social dynamics, behave naturally, engage in conversation, and be comfortable in specific high-pressure social situations.

Among other media, The Art of Charm was featured on the PickUp Podcast radio show as well as on other programs under the SiriusXM Satellite Radio umbrella.