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Featured article: July 14, 2007

View of the Valley of flowers, Uttaranchal, India

The climate of India comprises a wide range of weather conditions across a vast geographic scale and varied topography, making generalisations difficult. Based on the Köppen system, India hosts six major climatic subtypes, ranging from arid desert in the west, alpine tundra and glaciers in the north, and humid tropical regions supporting rainforests in the southwest and the island territories. Many regions have starkly different microclimates. The nation has four seasons: winter (January and February), summer (March to May), a monsoon (rainy) season (June–September), and a post-monsoon period (October–December). India's unique geography and geology strongly influence its climate; this is particularly true of the Himalayas in the north and the Thar Desert in the northwest. The Himalayas act as a barrier to the frigid katabatic winds flowing down from Central Asia. Thus, North India is kept warm or only mildly cooled during winter; in summer, the same phenomenon makes India relatively hot. Although the Tropic of Cancer—the boundary between the tropics and subtropics—passes through the middle of India, the whole country is considered to be tropical. As in much of the tropics, monsoonal and other weather conditions in India are unstable: major droughts, floods, cyclones and other natural disasters are sporadic, but have killed or displaced millions. (more...)

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A 1938 teuroteu by Kim Song Kyu and Park Yeong Ho. Sung by Park Hyang Rim. (file info)

Featured picture: October 9, 2007


Detail from "The Pantomimes" by D.H. Friston from the January 6, 1872 Illustrated London News, showing a scene from Thespis, the first Gilbert and Sullivan opera. This is one of the few surviving contemporary images of the production.

Illustration credit: D.H. Friston

Featured list: List of islands of Scotland

This is a list of islands of Scotland, the mainland of which is part of the island of Great Britain. Also included are various other related tables and lists. The definition of an offshore island used in this list is that of "land that is surrounded by seawater on a daily basis, but not necessarily at all stages of the tide, excluding human devices such as bridges and causeways".[Note 1]

Scotland has over 790 offshore islands, most of which are to be found in four main groups: Shetland, Orkney, and the Hebrides, sub-divided into the Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides.[1] There are also clusters of islands in the Firth of Clyde, Firth of Forth, and Solway Firth, and numerous small islands within the many bodies of fresh water in Scotland including Loch Lomond and Loch Maree.

Orkney aerial photomap
Sortable table
Island Group Area (ha)[2] Population[3] Height (m)[4]
Ailsa Craig (Creag Ealasaid) Firth of Clyde &1000000000000009900000099 0 338
Arran (Eilean Arainn) Firth of Clyde &1000000000004320100000043,201 5045 874
Auskerry Orkney &1000000000000008500000085 5 18
Baleshare (Baile Sear) Uists and Barra &10000000000000910000000910 49 12
Balta Shetland &1000000000000008000000080 0 44
Barra (Barraigh) Uists and Barra &100000000000058750000005,875 1078 383
Barra Head (Beàrnaraigh) Uists and Barra &10000000000000204000000204 0 193
Benbecula (Beinn nam Fadhla) Uists and Barra &100000000000082030000008,203 1219 124
Berneray, North Uist (Beàrnaraidh) Uists and Barra &100000000000010100000001,010 136 93

Featured topic: Lists of Victoria Cross recipients by campaign

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