ONE TO WATCH – ‘Atlas Genius’

Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius are an alternative quartet from comprising of three brothers and an Englishman. They are more than sure to impress in the near future, and as always, when we first heard their debut single ‘Trojans’ we knew it was going to be a big-hitter. We pretty much a guarantee that you’ll love it as much as we do.

Being a bit apprehensive about the lack of information on these guys and the fear that we may make a horrible mess of writing an article with such little assets available to us, we were almost ready to scrap this article and place it on the shelf ready for a rainy day. However, we’re far too stubborn for that, so we’ve decided to give it a go anyway – what could possibly go wrong?

The four-piece from derive from South Australia, more specifically the beautiful and most populous city of Adelaide. Having listened to their debut single that we came across once again from the masters of all over at Neon Gold, it remained on constant repeat for a good few hours to follow.

The group consist of guitarist and vocalist Keith Jeffery, keyboardist Darren Sell, drummer Michael Jeffery and Steven Jeffery on the bass. Keith’s vocal performance on their latest single ‘Trojans’ sounds very reminiscent of Luke Pritchard of Kooks, and band vocalist Keith Jeffery has the kind of vocal delivery that isn’t too raw to be painful but isn’t too overdone that it ruins the overall track.

Imagine that then merged with Phoenix – a beautiful riff that is sure to have you addicted as it lures you into every guitars players heaven. Got it? Good. Comparisons to Phoenix are almost certainly going to further emerge across the world wide web in the coming months, but we wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

We’re kicking ourselves that this track didn’t drop at us like a self-procuring love bomb perhaps a week earlier, as claiming it would have slot perfectly into our summer playlist that we published only last week probably doesn’t do ‘Trojans’ enough justice whatsoever.

All in all, if you’re stuck at work on a miserable, gloomy Tuesday morning and you need something to brighten up your day, you need not look any further than here. ‘Trojans’ is already out in the groups native Australia and was released on May 4th via Frogs Head Records. It’s available here, however, if you’re not lucky enough to be living it up in the beautiful, sunny, oceanic part of the globe fear not – you can grab yourself a free download of the track below.

Take a listen to ‘Trojans’ and see what you think:

You can download the track from Neon Gold’s blog page here. It might be worth checking out what the guys over there had to say too.

Atlas Genius links: Facebook | Official Website | Soundcloud