YouTube artist, Avery, has covered Adam Levine and Travie McCoy‘s hit song ‘Stereo Hearts.‘ Avery, accompanied by some of her friends as back up singers, give a fun and soulful version of the song.

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What’s even more amazing is @Avery and her friends recorded the whole song using only an iPhone! Through a mix of different Apple apps, they managed to create a song that sounds like it was made in a recording studio. As Avery shows off her vocal pipes, the rest of the band plays the song on their ‘instrument,’ AKA apps from their phones!

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The 16 year old and her iPhone band pull off their take on the song flawlessly, that is, until one of the bandmates interrupts the song by getting an unexpected phone call from his mother… uh oh! Luckily, it was all part of the skit and the group dove right back to where they left off. Fan Avery on Facebook!

Watch the rest of Avery’s videos here!

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