Monday, April 07, 2008

The Schenectady Disconnect

In Schenectady, a two-month gun amnesty program was announced last week with the cooperation of local clergy. But as of Saturday morning, only a single person had responded.
And what a menace to society that little old widow lady turned out to be! Take that, street gangs!

I like the way the "Authorized Journalist" presumes to establish a qualification that "Perhaps the key is a requirement that the gun prove capable of firing."

This nitwit is suggesting to pull triggers in a church? Or will they need to set up another bureaucracy to test them off site and then get back to the people turning them in?

Yeah, that'll increase participation and help keep those nasty evil guns from "find[ing] their way to the streets." And what a wise use of police resources!

I wonder if these morons ever listen to themselves?

Oh No They Di-n't!

Founders gave people gun rights
And the letter writer never said they did.

How typical of state-worshipping "Authorized Journalists" to make that assumption, though.

We'd Rather It Didn't

There's a good chance the Interior Department will soon weaken a regulation that restricts visitors from bringing loaded guns into our national parks and wildlife refugees. We'd rather it didn't.

Yeah, since you mention it, we have reported recently on a cougar attack on humans, but still, we'd rather it didn't. know...we're, like, "Authorized Journalists," so who knows better?

Rally in PA

Hundreds of gun rights supporters and several dozen pro-gun lawmakers are expected to gather in the Capitol today for the third annual Right to Bear Arms Rally.

I wonder if anyone from Ceasefire PA will show up?

If they do, I hope someone from our side asks 'em "Where's Wald...uh...Alex?"

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

The Jackson-Madison County Library Board will decide April 16 whether signs banning guns in the library's north branch will stay posted...

Because we all know there is no more competent and qualified authority on personal armed defense than a county library board. Particularly one with director Richard Salmons and branch manager Arlene Griffin making our life and death decisions for us. I'm sure if anything bad happens, they'll be more than equipped to handle it and protect their patrons.

Good grief.

Why the armed citizen even felt the need to bring it up is beyond me. What's with this conditioned need for approval from someone...anyone in "authority"?

Two Ohio Developments

"Home Tyranny" Challenge
Three years later, the Ohio Supreme Court will wade into a thorny issue that has the National Rifle Association, Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, and Ohioans for Concealed Carry aligned against cities. The court must decide whether the state can tell local governments whether they can regulate guns on their own property, the latest battle in the wider war over local home-rule authority.
But I note the conviction still stands.

Keep an eye on this, because it will tell us if we need to covertly, rather than openly defy monster-enabling local edicts.

And keep in mind that state preemption is a two-edged sword. Yes, it eliminates the "patchwork quilt" effect of impossible-to-follow "laws," but the state has no moral authority to infringe on liberty, either.

There's only one person who can make such a choice for me, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't convene in Toledo or Columbus, or wear a black robe.

"Castle Doctrine" in Committee

In another Ohio development, NRA tells us affirmative defense of self-defense legislation is scheduled for a vote in the Senate Judiciary Criminal Justice Committee on Wednesday. Ohio gun owners, please take a moment to email committe members and tell them you expect them to support Senate Bill 184.

Here, I'll make it easy for you. Just copy and paste these edresses into your email:;;;;;;;;

The Riddle of Steel

“I am not in favor of concealed weapons,” Obama told the Pittsburgh Tribune. “I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations.”
So tell us, Thulsa Doom, with your tribute-funded armed detail, how do you expect people to defend themselves?

You don't?

[Via SameNoKami]

Red's Resists Ruin

Ryan Horsley seems confident that he will triumph over a government shakedown that has cost his family business about $200,000 in legal fees, as he fights to keep Red’s Trading Post, a fourth-generation firearms store, in operation.

Red’s is Idaho’s oldest surviving firearms dealership. Sometime this summer, federal judge Ed Lodge, who’s best known for presiding over the dramatic Randy Weaver case, will decide if the federal government is right in claiming that Red’s “willfully” violated the law by making a relatively small number of clerical mistakes in its firearms sales records.
I don't know why it should take so long to reach a decision that ought to be obvious, but it is what it is. Pray the judge is an honorable man and Ryan gets the justice he seeks.

Let's hope he is of a mind that BATFU vindictiveness is not how federal authority is supposed to be exercised.

Coming Wednesday: The Clayton Cramer Interview

On Wednesday, April 9, WarOnGuns will present an interview with historian, author and Idaho State Senate candidate Clayton Cramer.

As with other WoG interviews, you will have a chance to ask Mr. Cramer questions of your own via "Comments," and he will be monitoring the site throughout the day and posting his answers.

Plan on joining us--and tell a friend...

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This Day in History: April 7

I am informed, and indeed I have observed, that the men of your Regiment are so exceedingly bare of necessaries, that it not only contributes to their unhealthiness, but renders them absolutely unfit to take the Field. Inattention to the wants of Soldiers marks the bad Officer; it does more, it reasonably removes that confidence on which the Officers Honour and Reputation must depend.

As there is Clothing now here, I desire you may immediately cause inquiry to be made into what is wanting, and make returns, that if the things wanted are not here, they may be ordered on. If advantage is not taken to supply the Men, now we have a little leisure time, they will be miserable and naked during the active part of the Campaign.