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02/20/05:  News: Mike Stewart leaves the Fox team....

...Many of you know Mike as the test lead for Fox, as well as an incredible motorcyclist, and general all-around 'characters' at DevCon and other Fox events. While the leadership of the group has changed multiple times over the last decade, the list of players on the team has been remarkably steady, so it's sad to see one of them go, and even sadder when there's no explanation - the headline of this entry is all the explanation we've seen so far.

Alan Schwartz compared the abandonment of CompuServe by Microsoft in the mid 90's to that of the Diaspora; the resulting fragmentation of the Fox community, while not an original intent of Microsoft's, had to have been a pleasant side effect in the view of Redmond management. One wonders (well, I do, at least), if we're going to see the same thing here - now that VFP 9 has shipped, and there have been no announcements about the future - that team members will begin to find greener pastures elsewhere.

While a lot of people admire the Fox team for the work they've done over the last decade, most people don't mention what I think is the most amazing behavior - the ability to be loyal Fox community members while at the same time always toeing the corporate line. Given that Fox's interests and Microsoft's are diametrically opposed, the balancing act that these guys (and gals) have performed is nothing short of amazing, and I really admire them for that. It'll be sad to see the diaspora hit the Fox team too. (More.)

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