Friday, October 08, 2010

The Four Letters of Self-Defense

In the video the four D's of self defense gun fights are explained. When confronting the bad guy:
Divide his focus.
Disrupt his plan.
Disable his body.
Destroy his will to fight. [More]
I have a similar strategy that also uses four letters, FUHU, with the last three words being:


No one sane wants a fight, but if one is forced on you, remember:
And it ain't over 'til you say it's over.

We're the Only Ones on a Spree Enough

A 37-year-old Lynwood police officer on medical leave has been arrested in connection with the two-state shooting spree that left one man dead and two others wounded. [More]
Brought to you by "Only Ones" Paradise!
UPDATE: Shooting-spree charges dropped against police officer

The Unarmed Citizen

Levo was stabbed and sliced to death by two young males who he confronted after he caught them burglarizing vehicles in his apartment complex's parking lot, Pinellas Park police said. [More]
Evidently not the best way to handle things...

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Yes, I Know

I've been in touch with Stewart. He's looking into it.

For now, I think the best thing to do is let him establish what the facts are.

Request for Comment

Vanderboegh asks politely but firmly. [Read]

He adds a whole new dimension to this.

We're the Only Ones Dirty Enough

The biggest police corruption probe in the 102-year history of the FBI snared more than 130 people Wednesday in Puerto Rico. The bulk of them were law enforcement officers accused of providing security to drug traffickers. [More]
You know, "just a few bad apples"...

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WRSA has a nominee and asks us to add our voices. [Read]

We're the Only Ones Absolved Enough

Police Raid Wrong Home, Scare Elderly Couple [More]
And naturally:
They left a copy of the warrant, but he absolved himself of any responsibility for the raid or the damage," he told the Tribune.
Interesting word choice there...

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We're the Only Ones Losing It Enough

The police officer at a South Carolina high school has been suspended after he lost his gun at school. [More]
I like how they're offering "amnesty" for whoever turns it in.

Reminds me of the story of the old man and the talking frog...

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Opposite Day Redux

The "Authorized Journalists" can endorse NRA-"A"-rated Sharron Angle, but the NRA can't.

Even though she's so close their nod could put her over the top. They won't.

Opposite Day

[T]here is "significant evidence that some security contractors even work against our own coalition forces, creating the very threat that they are hired to combat." [More]
Imagine that!

Intruder Alert

Sorry, but if an intruder is in my home at 3:30 a.m., I have no way of knowing his intent and am under no obligation to give him a chance to carry it out. [Read]

Looks like another case of opening his yap because he thinks if only he can explain his side of things, the authorities will understand...

A Red's in Progress?

Gun City in Nashville loses court battle, could lose license over paperwork [More]
It's not like we haven't seen that before...

We're the Only Ones Outsized Enough

But it is thanks to their outsized powers of observation... [More]
The cops' standout work included spotting the butt of a handgun sticking over a suspect's pants...
That's simply amazing!

Somebody call Stan Lee!