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An alpha male is a man at the top of the dating heap, carried over by analogy from wolf hierarchies. The term is used broadly to describe men who have high levels of social status, wealth, looks, charisma, or any other asset deemed publicly positive. It can be used to describe a wide range of men, some who would be well respected anywhere, and others who would be considered losers in most spheres, but are sexually successful with women.

When the term "alpha male" is used in the dating sense it usually means a man who is sexually successful regardless of other factors, though this usage is disputed.[1] It is possible for an alpha male to be sleazy, manipulative, aggressive, or abusive.


Traits associated with alpha males

These traits describe qualities that alpha males possess. A man can still be an alpha male without having all of these traits. Some alpha males have mostly positive traits, while others have mostly negative traits.

Positive traits

Negative traits



  1. An alternate theory, Male Mating Strategies, claims that men who can only get women by seducing them are not alphas, but omegas.
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