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West Spanish Peak Rainbow by Dan Ballard Photography


A few of our favorite sets. Stories are told, themes are developed, junk is collected...

ice-cream moon by bhikku by the sea

66 photos | From bhikku

by the sea, bhikku

couch by emdot available seating

42 photos | From emdot

For the chair fetishist within.

Wake Up This Is A Dream by RubyMae Nothing In Particular

4 photos | From RubyMae

Abstracts; mindless patterns; images that don't have a message. Just because.


There are loads of groups on Flickr, full to the brim with wonderful things...

Lovely Eyesore Lovely Eyesore

6,139 members | 24,807 items

Beautiful pictures of ugly things.

Night Lights Night Lights

34,304 members | 371,993 items

lights of all sorts. indoor, outdoor, natural or manmade. and not necessarily at night, just in the dark.

Flickr Hacks Flickr Hacks

15,146 members | 555 items

"This is a group for geeks to discuss: Flickr Secrets & Arcana."

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