'Diaries' - Lord Bernard Donoughue, Lord Tom McNally and William Keegan.

The 5th Anniversary MEG was given by Lord Bernard Donoughue on 'Diaries', and particular, volume two of his Downing Street Diaries. The respondents on the panel were Lord McNally and Bill Keegan of The Observer. Lord Bernard Donoughue subsequently wrote about the Mile End Group and Professor Peter Hennessy in the New Statesman. A link to the article can be found here.

Lord Bernard Donoughue has had a marked career as a politician, businessman and editor. During the sixties, he was a member of the editorial staff of The Economist and a senior research officer of the Political and Economic Planning Institute. After a brief stint as a lecturer at LSE, he became a senior policy adviser to the Prime Minister. From 1979 to 1981, Donoughue was the Development Director of the Economist Intelligence Unit, and in 1981-2 the assistant editor of The Times. In 1985, he became a life peer as Baron Donoughue of Ashton. Following this, he worked for Grieveson Grant and Co., and has been Visiting Professor of Government of LSE since 2000. He has published six works on British politics.

Lord Tom McNally is the Liberal Democrat leader in the House of Lords. After starting his political career as the president of the University College London Student Union, McNally worked for the Fabian Socity and the Labour Party. He was a political adviser to the Foreign Secretary, James Callaghan, and then following the latter’s succession to the Prime Ministership, McNally became the head of the Prime Minister’s Political Office. With Labour in turmoil during the early Thatcher years, McNally defected to the Social Democratic Party and would later become a Liberal Democrat. In 1996, McNally was given a life peerage as Baron McNally of Blackpool, and was elevated to Liberal leader in the Lords in 2004.

William Keegan is the Observer's senior economics commentator and writes for The New Statesman. Previously he held posts with The Financial Times, The Daily Mail and The Bank of England Economic Intelligence Department. He has recently given a lecture at QMUL on The Euro for the final year special subject course ‘The Blair Government’.

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