Some cats have 2 names because they have been renamed when found a permanent home.

Tabby girl ANGEL was picked up as a stray with her companion, black boy BUFFY. They were about to be killed. They are very friendly and we have found them a home together. They were born about 2004 and are both FIV+ve.
ALICE (above left) is half Abyssinian, born 1994. She is shy but affectionate and is MINNIE's companion; they have always been together. Minnie (above right) is an independent cat but she spends most of her time in her basket sleeping but does go outside.More photos of Minnie here.
BOYD (above left) was born in 1998. His owner moved away and left him behind with his mother, NINA (above right). They are both lovely cats and deserve the best, and we have found them the best - a loving home where they can be together for life. Click here for another photo of Nina.
BUTTERCUP (above left) was born outside in June 2007. She and her sister EDDI needed a lot of time and patience to accustom them to normal household life. They are together in a Paws for Life home. They are Minou's kittens. One photo shows Buttercup with their companion Ginge. Click here for more photos of Buttercup and more of Eddi.
BENNIE (above left) was originally saved from being put to sleep. He lived in a Paws for Life home together with his companion HENRY (above right) but their owners parted and they needed to be found another home. Bennie is FIV+ve and is a big, friendly boy. Click here for another photo of Bennie.
Tabby BRAMBLE (above left) and his companion TREACLE (above right) were born about 2003-5 and they both are affectionate. Their owner was going to have them put to sleep because her son is allergic.
Above left is BERT whose owner developed an allergy to cats so he had to go, along with his companion DAISY (above right). Friendly Bert was born 2001. He and Daisy are now happy in a new home together. Daisy was born 2000.
Dear SADIE (formerly Betty, above left), was born 1998 and had a sad time. She was rescued when a kitten by an elderly lady and had been kept in a darkened house all her life. Her owner became unwell and Sadie has been rescued again and is now in our care. She is a lovely lady, who hides from the light during the day but surprises you with much affection and loves cuddles. She lives with THE COLONEL (formerly Morgan) who is a happy boy, born about 2003-5. He must have strayed from home and had been living rough. He found it hard on the streets and lost some trust in people and was nervous at first. When found he had a small patch of skin irritation around his eye. He is a sweet boy and likes to roll around on a soft blanket, big soppy moggie! To see another photo of Sadie, click here.
BOSS (above left) was brought into a veterinary surgery with a fractured hind leg, and a blood test showed him to be FIV+.  He would probably have been destroyed if he hadn't come to us so he is very lucky. All the care and attention he is getting has made him a bit of a diva!!!!  He demands love and affection :o) Boss shares his home with black JACK (above right) who was brought in as a stray, unneutered and FIV+. Jack was born about 2007.
When tenants deserted their home and left KEIRA (above left) to die along with her mate BRUCE (above right) and their daughter Abigail, Paws for Life obtained permission from the landlord to enter the home and save the lives of the 3 starving cats. Bruce and Keira were born about 2006-7 and live together. Abigail (about 8 months old when found early 2009) has a separate home. Click here to see Keira & Bruce cuddled up together.
KENNY, (formerly Conker, above left) was born in May 2008. A handsome boy with a great sense of fun, he stole the heart of his Paws for Life carer. He now lives with another Paws for Life cat called SULLEY (formerly Snoopy, above right). Sulley is a lovely Persian Cross born 2001. He needed a new home when his owners went abroad to live. He is a friendly affectionate cat who loves to be stroked and he likes to be brushed. Click here for more photos of Sulley. Click here to see more photos of Kenny.
CHILLI and COCO are a mother and daughter who needed to stay together. Mum was born 1996 and daughter the following year. Their owner had a young child who was making Chilli and Coco more and more stressed, so it was kinder to find them another home. They love go outside and sit in the sunshine. See more photos of them here. Aren't they beautiful?
SAMSON and DELILAH are mother and son. Delilah was born about 2004, and Samson a year later. Both cats were taken in by a lady who said that they were living in the road. Samson is on the left and Delilah on the right.
MR SMITH (formerly Danny, above left) was born in 2000 and his companion JUBEI (formerly Dilbert, above right) was born in 2005. These two heavy duty lads have had a very comfortable life and been well cared for. Long haired, black and white, they are a joy to look after. Their owner had to move somewhere where cats are not allowed and it was with a heavy heart that he had to part company with them both. Click here for more photos.
ERMINTRUDE (Trudi, above left) was one of a litter of 5 born May 2009 and is living with her sister JEMIMA (Jemma, above right). Their 3 brothers are all black. The sisters are together in a Paws for Life home of their very own. Click here to see the girls together.
Black & white ELMO (left) is very friendly, but a bit nervous and he appears to have a deformed back. He and his pal JOEY (right) were owned by a couple who never returned for them when they became homeless. He is very friendly and likes to stay indoors. They were born about 2010.
HERBIE (left) is a black male who was born on the 27th May 2002. He came in with his brother who sadly has cancer. Herbie and his brother were found in a black bin bag. PEANUT (right) was born in 2003.
HARLEY (above left) was born 2009 and is the son of Coco (formerly Wiselee) who had her babies in a solicitor's office yard. He lives with his brother PETER (above right). See Harley and Peter together.
Tabby MARLEY (formerly Denver, above left) & MIMI (above right) are siblings born 2004. Mimi has the biggest, cutest eyes you've ever seen. They are warm, loving and inquisitive and are completely dippy for strokes and play. Their owner was sorry to lose them but had to emigrate for employment reasons. Click here to see them together.
TIGGS (above left) is a lovely ginger boy, born in 2002. His owner sadly had to give him to us for rehoming. TROY (above right) came to us in a very sad state. He was left unneutered and with an abscess on his face. He is now neutered and his face has healed well. A handsome large male, he is happy around other cats...loves central heating!! He was thought to be aged between 2 and 5 years when he came to us in 2009. Now they are living happily together. More of Troy here .