TEDDY (above) is diabetic and he needs one injection of insulin daily. He was born 1992 and says thanks to 9 Lives for giving him a Happy New Year for 2006 by finding him a loving home.
BETTY (above) is a very affectionate cat who needed a loving family to care for her. Betty has a cleft lip but manages well with food and water. She was born around 1998-2000.
TOM (above) was born 1993 and was abandoned by his mother together with with his sister Tigga. A kind man took them in and nursed them back to health as they were very weak, but he had to move and couldn't take Tom and Tigga with him. Tom and Tigga were placed together in a 9 Lives permanent home, but Tom bullied poor Tigga, so they had to be found separate homes. Tigga has since died.
RALPH (above) was born in 1995 and needed a new home. when his owners had to move and couldn't take him with them. He has beautiful markings to his coat.

TOMMY (above) is an FIV+ve cat who was found a new home by 9 Lives.

TOMMY (above) was born about 2003 and is FIV+ve. He was picked up as a stray and was about to be put to sleep. Although he had been microchipped his owners hadn't kept their details up to date, so sadly they could not be traced. Tommy is a very friendly cat who gives a lot of love. Click here for lots more photos of Tommy.