Friday Feature – Frozen Goods - 10/03/2008

You and your friends face tough challenges in the Battle of Echo Base, but your efforts are well-rewarded! It doesn't matter where your allegiance lies – both Rebels and Imperials have a chance for rewards unlike any other for taking part of the landmark battle in Chapter 11.

Echo Base Token of Heroism

Completing certain objectives in the Battle of Echo Base awards the Echo Base Token of Heroism to you and your allies. Each time you brave the cold of Hoth, the more objectives you complete and the more tokens you earn!

The Rebel and Imperial troopers in the Adventurers' Guildhall of Aurilia offer a number of goods in exchange for these valuable tokens, including special armor and DNA that can't be found anywhere else in the galaxy.

Tokens for Trade

The Imperial snowtrooper inside the Adventurers' Guildhall offers eleven pieces of Snowtrooper Armor. Similarly, the Rebel Trooper in the Guildhall offers eleven pieces of Alliance Cold Weather Armor.

Cold protection is increased as a set bonus when three, five, seven, nine, and eleven pieces are equipped. These special armor sets can be equipped by all species but requires the appropriate faction to wear. Each armor piece is bio-linked when purchased.

Snowtrooper Armor and Alliance Cold Weather Armor are unique as each piece, with the exception of the backpack, can be deconstructed to add sockets and power bits.

Use the radial menu on the unequipped armor piece in your inventory and choose Deconstruct.

The armor is converted to schematic form. The schematic can be taken to a Munitions Trader for specialized crafting, but the final result remains bio-linked to the original owner.

The Imperial snowtrooper and Rebel Trooper also offer one-of-a-kind reward for interested Beast Masters: tauntaun DNA gathered from the remote planet of Hoth.

Beast Masters can use the DNA Storage Device in an incubator to create a tauntaun beast for use on any planet in the galaxy.

Spoils of War

During the Battle of Echo Base, you and your allies have the chance to earn a number of rewards from the enemies within the encounter!

A variety of Echo Based themed storyteller tokens can be found on your opponents throughout the battle. From icicles to Echo Base crates, decorations, and more, there are new tokens for any storyteller who wants to throw a cool event. Also new in Chapter 11, these storyteller tokens are stackable, leaving room in your backpack for the other great loot from the encounter.

Two weapons unique to Hoth can also be found on the corpses of defeated foes. Imperials can get their hands on the E-Web Rifle, a portable version of the powerful mounted E-Web Repeating Blaster manufactured by BlasTech. Rebels can obtain the A280 Blaster Rifle, a sturdy weapon with an Energy base type.

Other rewards are yours for the taking from the adversaries you defeat in the battle of Echo Base! Take on the challenges of this heroic encounter unlike any other for your chance to be well-rewarded with distinctive armor, weapons, and more.

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