Friday Feature - Quest Highlights

Nagem's Jobs

Interested in jobs? I got jobs! The Empire needs me to salvage many secret parts of the Death Star and I need help. The work will be dangerous but the chance for recognition great! There is a small snag though, while there are a few of us officially working for the Empire, there are just as many shadier elements trying to get these parts for their own greed. We need to do this as soon as possible which is why I want your help!

Some of the parts we are gathering belong to the super secret hyperdrive matrix. This is what allowed the Death Star to navigate space at faster than light speeds. If others got a hold of this technology the Emperor would not be pleased. If he's not pleased, well, we wont have to worry about being the ones to find it anymore so don't waste any time!

Oh one last thing before you go, I um kind of lost my last crew of workers. Can you please investigate that for me while your out there. One of them was invaluable to me and I would really like him recovered. If you get lost you can meet me on Yavin 4 at coordinates 5858, -336


Catch a Fallen Star

Resistance Communicates that on Yavin IV the Rebels are fighting a desperate delaying action as they attempt to get their last elements off the planet. In the midst of this chaotic fighting, both the Rebels and Imperials are salvaging as much of the fallen Death Star as they can. Of course some undesirable elements have moved in to take advantage of the situation. Criminals, both great and small, have started their own operations to salvage what they can steal and then to sell their stolen loot the highest bidder.It seems that the Empire and the Rebel Alliance are not the only ones looking for bits of the Death Star.

The latest underworld gossip says that a Sullustan on Yavin 4 is actually hiring mercenaries to help them establish control in the area. One merc even boasted that after he had earned the trust of the Hutt, he was sent to capture a Dark Sun cargo ship. Bothan spies confirmed the report and whispered that the Dark Sun cargo ship actually had some pieces of the Death Star and even Sith artifacts. While one of the mercenaries had a big enough mouth to get the attention of Bothan spies, many of the mercs and soldiers for hire that went out to do the job never came back.


Talus Grave Robbers

In the hustle and bustle of starports, adventurers can sometimes stumble across the strangest things. Recently, there has been a rash of grave robbers showing up at an old Aqualish gravesite. The local Fed Dub authorities can't seem to stop the thieves from showing up to this old site. The Aqualish don't like what's going on and want to put a stop to it. If you have the stomach (or stomachs) for graveyards, see Omkoo in the Daeric Starport.


That Darn Droid

Valance Serth is a dedicated Imperial citizen with fewer skills than determination who has ended up in a pretty tight spot. C-3TC is a C-series protocol droid that has lost his master and he is also in a tight spot. You see, Valance Serth's ship was forced down and he's lost in the wilderness, but that isn't the half of it. His ship was forced down by the Black Sun and now they are out for blood! C-3TC's master is Valance Serth, but being lost in the wilderness and being hunted by the Black Sun isn't why C-3TC can't find his master Valance. You see, Valance doesn't want him back. Oh was because of C-3TC that Valance is being hunted. If you can put up with that darn droid's annoying chatter, maybe you can help him out. Most folks have seen him in the Moenia starport begging passersby for help.

If the droid weren't so annoying, he might find someone with the information he needs. Any pilot knows that sooner or later, just about anything you need passes through a starport. Most of the time, if you're clever, you can find a frazzled, overworked bureaucrat that might not be especially loyal to the Empire. Bribes often go a long way and somewhere out there, poor Valance is running from hard core Black Sun thugs, cursing out his darn droid.

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