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Plee The Bear

Version: 0.6.0
Author: Julien Jorge, Sébastien Angibaud Published by Gamned Studio
Category: Arcade Rate this game yourself!   Average of 5 Ratings:3.833.833.833.83

Plee The Bear Screenshot A platform game in which the player is a bear looking for his missing son

Plee the Bear wakes up late one afternoon after dreaming of his earlier years, when he traveled across the world with his belle at his side. Craving an afternoon snack, he sticks his arm in a nearby honey pot — only to find it empty! Upon discovering that all the pots in his house are empty, Plee thinks of his mischievous son and swears, "I'm gonna find that boy and give him the wallop he deserves."

Following honey drops left on the ground, Plee reaches the edge of the forest, and his adventure begins.

License: free

Sound: Play in X: Play in Console: Multiplayer: Network Play: 3D Acceleration: Source Available:
yes yes no yes no yes yes

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Submitted by Dieu on 2008-03-27.

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  Nice but short on content posted by charlieg @ on Sep 8 2009 1:40 PM 4444
Very well done so far. Looking forward to releases with more content. Original, polished, good gameplay.

  arrogant posted by draeath @ on Jul 10 2008 9:21 PM  
"Description: A 2D platform game as good as the best platform games created in the 90s."

1 : exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner <an arrogant official>
2 : proceeding from or characterized by arrogance <an arrogant reply>
  Re: arrogant posted by charlieg @ on Sep 8 2009 1:35 PM 4444

Wha'? Ambition is... arrogance? I guess we better all just aim to watch TV and play commercial games then because apparently aspiring to recreate the best experiences of old computer games is arrogant.

I got another word for you... it ends in 'hole' and doesn't start with 'pie'. ;-)

  Re: arrogant posted by draeath @ on Sep 9 2009 4:43 AM  
This is not ambition. Ambition would be "that aims to be". This reads that "it already is". Don't take it personally. I think I was just being cranky way back when.

  Look promising posted by Draconishinobi @ on Apr 26 2008 6:46 PM 333
Although there is only 1 playable level, the tutorial, it does seem like the game does have potential. Good luck with it.

  Nice work posted by mrhollow @ on Apr 1 2008 7:12 AM 333
Very nice and smooth. The movement speed is a little fast for me as well... I look forward to further updates.

  Screwed setup... posted by Anonymous @ on Mar 30 2008 6:07 PM  
If you screw your options in the game (e.g. FullScreen oder Keyboard) and can not start the game any more, you dont have any possibility to reset the setup. I did not find any file to delete those options, unistall did not help. Took me 2 Minutes to make the game unplayable for ever...
  Re: Screwed setup... posted by grumbel @ on Mar 30 2008 9:51 PM 22
rm ~/.plee_the_bear/config

  Ok start, but long way to go posted by grumbel @ on Mar 28 2008 10:41 AM 22
The graphics and menu so far look pretty good, the gameplay itself is however pretty much junk. The animation has little to no connection to run speed, the acceleration and jumping feel completly wrong and there really isn't much else left that feels right. It is a very decent start for a 0.2.0, but so far nothing more.

PS: Having a description like "A 2D platform game as good as the best platform games created in the 90s." just makes you look stupid when the game is currently not even as much fun as the worst games of that era.

  Re: Ok start, but long way to go posted by Anonymous @ on Mar 29 2008 8:37 AM  
Yes, this game needs to have some frame limiting as it gets faster and faster on fast machines and becomes hard to control. Nice game though, looks the be an awesome start!
  Re: Ok start, but long way to go posted by farvardin @ on Mar 30 2008 7:23 PM 333
The graphics and sounds are nice indeed, and the idea original. But I don't enjoy the gameplay much, for those reasons : - The default keys are not very logical for me : if I move with the arrows, how can I jump with 0 and hit with shift ? (ok, it's still possible to change the default keys but if I prefer to jump with up, I must find something suitable for looking up and super jump) - The inertia makes the game very imprecise to control and it's unavoidable to fall down. I think if the keys could be rethinked and the inertia improved, it would be a very enjoyable game! But I'm confident over this.

  Polished, really minor flaws posted by Anonymous @ on Mar 28 2008 1:47 AM  
What the subject says really... seems very polished, graphics are good, the game seems quite fluid. I like the variable direction rock throwing thing, building up the power of a jump, and the collecting souls to replenish energy. Impressed with what there is of this demo, it seems like you've done all the hard work and now just need some levels designed. Really minor flaws... The default controls are a bit odd, I wouldn't use 0 on the keypad for jump whilst fire/other stuff is on the other side of the cursor keys, although if you are planning on multiplayer on the same keyboard something like that makes sense, but I'd have it to the left of the cursors somewhere. Also, I don't have a clue how the rendering works but I'd like the default view to zoom out a bit to see those moving platforms more clearly. Kudos for the 'using all free tools' thing, and good luck with the project, it seems very promising.
  Re: Polished, really minor flaws posted by Anonymous @ on Mar 28 2008 1:50 AM  
Forgot to say, the Ubuntu .deb for Gutsy (at least on my 'standard repos' machine) cannot find the claw dependency, which is available as a .deb on that library's site in case anyone else gets the same problem. No biggie.
  Re: Polished, really minor flaws posted by conso @ on Mar 28 2008 2:04 AM  
finally an open source platformer that doesn't try to be a mario-clone :) Compliments for being creative till now :) I hope, we will see some new levels and really cool moves in the future. I'd suggest, you let yourself be inspired by earthworm jim, sonic the hedgehog and jazz jackrabbit. With the right animations and a cool weapon-system, you could have the speed of sonic, the humor of earthworm jim and the dynamic feeling of jazz jackrabbit in a single game. Don't know if a bear is the best choise for a platform-game character, but I wish you luck with that. One last thing: speed, speed, speed, speed! Don't let your game be a lame "jump from one tiny platform to the next and start again when failing"-game like all those mario-clones already available. Pretty please :)

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