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Viola Davis and Julius Tennon Marriage Profile

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Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Viola Davis and Julius Tennon in Santa Monica, California on January 8, 2009.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Married since 2003, Viola Davis and Julius Tennon have a marriage based on respect and understanding. Here is more information about their marriage relationship.
Viola Davis: August 11, 1965 in Saint Matthews, South Carolina.

Julius Tennon:

How Viola and Julius Met:
Pamela Renner: "Tennon impressed Davis on the very first date. He had the kind of absolute integrity she craved, and had almost stopped hoping she'd discover in anyone. "He was a single father for 16, 17 years; he raised his children by himself, as well as pursuing a career in acting. So he has character. He's a good man. And he endeared himself to me because he was different from anyone else I dated, because he was extraordinarily emotionally available and kind and generous."
Source: Pamela Renner. "Truly, Madly, Intimately." tcg.org. 9/2004.
Wedding Date:
Julius and Viola were married on June 23, 2003.
Julius has two children from a previous relationship.
Viola and Julius live in Los Angeles, California.
Viola: Actress, producer.

Julius: Actor.

Quotes About the Marriage of Viola and Julius :
Viola: "Looking back now, from the perspective of her own profoundly fulfilling marriage of five years to fellow actor Julius Tennon, she says: "It makes a difference to have a life—to have a life that's healthy and loving. It allows you to do what you do, and not work from a place of chaos ... She's proud that their relationship is a true partnership. It sustains her in many ways, tangible and intangible. "I can absolutely say that I'm happy," Davis adds, "but I also have to say that a responsibility comes with that."
Source: Pamela Renner. "Truly, Madly, Intimately." tcg.org. 9/2004.

Viola: " But in marriage, she says, "doubt is imperative. You have to understand you aren't always right." Her husband, actor Julius Tennon, may be pleased to hear this."
Source: Kate Kellaway. "Mother superior." The Observer. 1/4/2009.

Viola about Julius: "The fact that he's an actor makes it fantastic. But also, it's the kind of person you marry. The temperament. Like when you marry someone, you've got to choose well. That's how it starts. I married a man who has lived a life, so he's more than just what he does. He's a man of strong character. The fact he understands it's very difficult to get with someone who's outside the business who understands it. It's very difficult. The paranoia, the unemployment, the whole instability, the hours...all of it."
Source: "Doubt, Viola Davis." Londonnet.co.uk. 2/3/2009.

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