So you got a digital camera...

    ...and I carry it around on my travels.  And now Suzi has a digital camera too.  We take pictures of the places we travel.  These are just snap shots taken with point and click type cameras. like the one I am using on the left, taking a picture of myself in the mirrored glass of the Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik.   

These photos used to be organized by region.  They still are, in a way. But a couple of years ago the website had a massive meltdown and it is now just a shadow of it's former self. Many links are broken and some photos, i think, are still floating somewhere in the wreckage of this cyber collision watiing for my small net to find them and link them home. As i get time I try to put up some of the old photos and add new ones. If the links below don't work try the links on the left side of the index page. That is the rescue bin.

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