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Pennsylvania Declares Fiscal Emergency in Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R) declared a fiscal emergency for Harrisburg yesterday, putting the state one step closer to a takeover of its capital cityRead More

Corker Readies Bankruptcy Alternative to Dodd-Frank
Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who led a Senate fight for a bankruptcy alternative to the Dodd-Frank Act's process for winding down failing financial conglomerates, is making another try, arguing that an "enhanced bankruptcy" approach is the only way to prevent future Wall Street bailoutsRead More

JPMorgan Seeks to Seal Court Papers in $6 Billion Fight with Lehman
JPMorgan Chase & Co., fighting Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. over $6 billion in claims it filed against the defunct firm, asked a judge to allow continued sealing of some information in court papers, saying that secrecy was needed to protect entities from harmRead More

Lehman, SunCal End Fight over California Housing Projects
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. settled a dispute with developer SunCal Cos. over how to reorganize a group of bankrupt California housing projectsRead More

MBIA Insurance, Third Avenue Trust End Lawsuit Over $400 Million in Notes
MBIA Inc. and Third Avenue Trust ended a 2009 lawsuit with each agreeing to pay their own costs and attorney feesRead More

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Detroit Consumer Bankruptcy Conference
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H.R. 2533, the "Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Venue Reform Act of 2011."
H.R. 2192, the "National Guard and Reservist Debt Relief Extension Act of 2011."
S. 1102, the "Fairness for Struggling Students Act of 2011."
S. 1054,  the "Fighting Fraud in Bankruptcy Act of 2011."
S. 824, the "Foreclosure Fraud and Homeowner Abuse Prevention Act of 2011."
H.R. 1587, the "Home Foreclosure Reduction Act of 2011."
H.R. 1567, the "Foreclosure Prevention and Sound Mortgage Servicing Act of 2011."
S. 693, the "GSE Bailout Elimination and Taxpayer Protection Act."
H.R. 1021, the "Temporary Bankruptcy Judgeships Extension Act of 2011."
H.R. 839, the "HAMP Termination Act."
S. 222, the "Limiting Investor and Homeowner Loss in Foreclosure Act of 2010."
P.L. 111-327, the "Bankruptcy Technical Corrections Act of 2010."


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