Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More updates on Richard Driver

A few years has passed since I have met Richard Driver. Considering the dozens if not hundreds of people he has scammed over the years to feed his filthy black soul it is my moral obligation to continue posting information about his scams.

Remember folks, this is the face of the scammer.



Here is an entire thread discussion about Richard Driver and his online usernames. He's been banned from 3 forums so far that I know of.

2) Hi there,

I was just reflecting on past mistakes from a few years ago and came across this site. Richard Driver was a big mistake - he got away with $3,000 of my money.

As per our contract, I was responsible for sorting out the graphics (we had agreed to hire graphic designers), though Richard was responsible for managing the money.

Of course, whenever I tried to contact Richard to get the money (I had nothing left after paying this to Richard), I never got a response. Through Skype & email, he didn't often reply - and when he did, he wasn't very polite.

Eventually he broke off the deal and kept my money - arguing I had breached the contract by not sorting out the graphics. Richard had all the funds and never released the money, making it impossible for me to get the graphics done. I later discovered I wasn't the only one!


Zach Woodham

3) Andrew said...

I was also a vitim of Richard Driver, when I was only 18. I fell for his "google cash factor" scam and his "mentoring group" which was $1,500 and then his "great project" that would make us millions (damn I feel stupid falling for this losers scams). Next I paid him $4,000 (for the "great project") and didnt hear from him for 2 months. I finally cought him on skype to request a refund and he told me to "take a hike" because I "went AWOL" when it was actually hime that failed to show up to meetings that were always filled with excuses with why he was falling behind. What a load of shit this guy is a stright up CON. I wonder how this man sleeps at night...

Richard probably no longer uses his personal name to deal with people at this point. I'm certain he goes under a different personal name / online screen names.

4) He no longer lives at his domicile in Chambly, Quebec. He lost his house to foreclosure. My guess is that he borrowed the house to the hilt, then let it go to the banks. Typical.

This is from a public foreclosure site. This was back in 2008-05

1) Jugements de délaissement
Rive-Sud de Montréal
Adresse 1743 Kent
J3L 4R5
Débiteur Richard Driver & Laurie Groves, 1743 Kent, Chambly, J3L 4R5

2) Préavis, prise en paiement
Rive-Sud de Montréal
Adresse 1743 Kent
J3L 4R5
Propriétaire Richard Driver & Laurie Groves, 1743 Kent, Chambly, J3L 4R5

Monday, February 11, 2008

James T Pickett's Story

Here is an excerpt from James T Pickett in the comments section in case anyone didn't get it.

"Well, add me the long list of Richard River's con game. he led me on for 4 months, with tales of how successful "we" were going to be. I sent him $1500 to start on "our" project, then two weeks later he said I needed to send $5000 for the "first class" webiste, architecture, etc. Stupid me, I put the money in y PayPal and issued payment to him, this was March 2007. He was then in the wind, contact was sporadic, he did not return e-amils, even when he showed on SKYPE, he would not acknowledge. Then he called me in July 2007, apoligized, but said he had exciting news, the site was finished and would be up in just a few days, needed some last minute tweaking. BUT, he said, we needed to immediately get the marketing in place and he needed $5000, and here is where I just went completely stupid, he said he needed my payPal logon and password to set up all the merchant accounts.... I gave it to him. When I checked the site adress, I was appalled, it could not have more unporofesional, I mean it was beyonf amatuer, and nothing worked, no links, no "buy now" buttons, noe of the diclaimers, etc that I had sent him, nothing. I immediatyly checked my PayPal account, and the $5000 was gone, payment issues to "palstopals", Richard. I have spent 6 months trying to get my money back, trying to get him banned from Warrior Forun, listing him on every site I can find to hopefully prevent anyone else from falling for this con artist scam."

The excuses Richard Driver rehashes everytime is redundant and the same for every single person he scams.

It is just rediculous as well as sick as towards the extents Richard Driver will go to lie and con someone to take their money.

List of people so far scammed by Richard

Richard Driver's scams have gone back more than just recently, doing a little bit of background google search on him, he has been scamming people mercilessly for years.

I post this in hopes of helping those unfortunate people that will have to deal with him for years to come.

Exhibit A:

This forum had 3 people that posted about 2 years ago about their dealings with Richard. When I did my background check on him, I suspected in my gut something was wrong, but just 2-3 people being angry about someone wasn't enough for me to conclusively decide he was a fraud. Unfortunately for me I was wrong. Don't fall into this trap.

Exhibit B:

This is another forum where the moderator did a background search of Richard Driver and his websites and found out that the server which he hosts has been "blacklisted" for spam. Richard talks big about his websites and how successful they are, but doesn't tell the people he works with the truth behind what the motives of his website as well as true earnings really are.

This link provides 2 experiences by "ericm" and "jamestPickett" about Richard Driver's scams.

Read them.

Exhibit C

This is a series of posts by Steve Wagenheim about his own dealings with Richard. The posts are self-explanatory about the lies and deceit behind Richard Driver.

Exhibit D

James . This is a personal friend of mine that met Richard Driver through the Warrior forum and asked Richard Driver to mentor him.

A sum of money later as well as zero mentorship and false promises, Richard Driver disconnects James and is no longer in contact with him.

Richard Driver commented in my previous post about Eric and I backstabbing James behind the scenes to remove him from a project we were all working on.

Richard Driver writes:

"Olivier Vo,

You failed to tell the whole story on how you and Eric went behind the scene to back stab James . You knew very well that the only reason to hold the event was with James.You and Eric both told me in person and on Skype that you didn't like him as a business person and you didn't want to work with him.Get your facts and the truth straight."

This is a big faced lie because the strongest evidence AGAINST the fact that we backstabbed anyone is James HIMSELF.

I speak with James on a regular basis and James told me the entire story from his perspective. He sent me the entire skype conversation documented between him and Richard Driver so I was able to objectively understand the story.

The results of the pages and pages of skype conversations were enough for me to find out what a sick man Richard Driver is. At James's request I will not publish the copies of the converstaion but it ranged from everything from empty promisses unfulfilled to extremely angry accusations towards James. Richard Driver will be very nice and helpful to a prospect but does so only for alterior motives. His primary motive is to suck as much money as possible from unsuspecting victims and leave them to hang with nothing but a bag full of empty promisses and lies.

Exhibit E

Yours truly Olivier and Eric. This blog.

Exhibit F

Richard Driver, moderator of IM4newbies website has been banned for reasons not explained in the post.

Reasons? What kind of a reputation does a forum have if one of its moderators is a lying cheating scammer?

I thank the administration of im4newbies for reacting quickly to the banning of Richard Driver. Scam artists and lying thieves need to be thrown into the light so that everyone can see who they are dealing with.

Temporary Conclusion:

We did not contribute this blog to be spiteful. I've never called someone out like this before. I just felt that I had a moral obligation to call Richard out to warn others about the lies and empty promisses that is Richard Driver.

In fact this blog can be filled with probably hundreds of exhibits and victims of Richard Driver.

I encourage all those see this blog and have had the same experiences with him to post in the comments section so we can publish it for all to see.

If only I stumbled upon this much evidence I would have been able to steer clear and away from him.

Another Post by Steve Wagenheim

Beware Of Richard Driver


Well, I don’t get conned often, but I did this time. I won’t go into all the gory details, but after doing some research, after the fact, I discovered that Richard Driver, of Montreal, Canada, has been taking advantage of marketers for a long time, either by offering services and not delivering or delivering poor quality.

I am writing this as a warning. If you run into him, if he offers you his services, run in the other direction. Even getting it in writing isn’t going to stop him from taking you to the cleaners. His list of victims reads like a rap sheet.

I don’t want to give you his main site because I know there will be those who will actually seek him out, though I can’t imagine why, so I will just point you to a couple of posts on the net.

Site 1

Please be very careful of this man. He comes across as being so
sincere and helpful until he has your money.

Don’t give him yours.


Steven Wagenheim


More Richard Driver Victims

Public Service Warning by Steve Wagenheim

Hi All:

Well, even the pros like me get conned. I knew I should have checked this guy out before I asked for his services.

Check these links out…;topic=461.0;num_replies=8

His name is Richard Driver and he’s been preying on others for a long time it seems. I usually do my homework, but he was a fellow Warrior and I trusted him…plain and simple and very stupid.

Make sure that you have nothing to do with this guy…EVER!

This ends your public service announcement.

No sales pitch today.

Just a day to reflect on some of the slime that’s running around the Internet and how you have to be VERY careful.

Steven Wagenheim

Creator Niche Research Revolution
30 Niches Fully Researched…Handed To YOU On A Silver Platter


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Olivier Vo’s experiences with Richard Driver

Olivier Vo’s experiences with Richard Driver

Richard Driver appeared into my life when I showed up to a business conference between 4-5 people to discuss general ideas about business hosted by James Weller. Richard appeared to be very knowledgeable in many business aspects. He claimed he had made over 300 million $ in internet businesses as well as other businesses. He showed us websites he owned and we were impressed.

Little did we know this was just a setup for a big scam to come later on.

We came to him with the prospect of creating a real estate website for us. After discussing the details over with him we were told it would cost 4000$ upfront, 4000$ when the first phase of the project was over, and another 17 000$ when the project was finished.

The first phase as we were told would take only 1 month to accomplish. 4 months later as well as a barrage of excuses as to why nothing has been done, I write this column to warn others in their future dealings with Richard Driver.

We were constantly given empty promises towards when a website would be completed and every single time a deadline came to be he came up with some sort of empty bullshit excuse as to why it was not delivered.

After a few months of waiting around and being led in circles, we decided to scrap him altogether and use someone else to create the website.

Richard Driver is a terrific salesman. He wraps together a big promise towards what he can deliver as well as gives the prospect just enough information about himself to captivate them and persuade them into giving him money for his services. Unfortunately for his clients / prospects, he sells bullshit.

It is funny and hypocritical at the same time. In the first meeting with Richard Driver, he openly announced how much he hated when people wasted his time or gave him excuses as to why something is not done. He spoke about how much he admired one of his business associates for staying up 48 hours to make sure a certain deadline was accomplished. He also booked appointment dates at a rental hall that I rent out for a business seminar he was looking to launch. Every time a deadline was reached where he was responsible for finishing a certain aspect of the project, he gave us excuses as to why it was not done.

On the first case, it is funny how much he dislikes it when others give him excuses when he himself is the master of giving bullshit excuses as to why something he is responsible for is not done, i.e,

“my daughter is sick” (how many times does she get sick?).

“My computer crashed.”

“I needed to buy more memory for my computer.”

“I was hit with the terrible flu.”

“I was busy cleaning up other projects.”

I am not the only one that has gotten scammed from Richard Driver, ask James Weller, a good friend of mine that lives in Montreal. James Weller has also been scammed by Richard and I have read through pages and pages of skype conversations between James and Richard Driver. I have also spoken to James on numerous occasions. James paid Richard to be his mentor and received nothing but empty promises and lies.

The results of the conversations with James are enough for me to understand that the money we gave Richard Driver for the website is long gone.

Google Richard Driver’s name and you will also see a forum of internet people expressing their experiences with Richard Driver.

In conclusion, Richard Driver is someone that I would never do business with again.

I have documented skype conversations between him and James.

Copies of checks we’ve given to his company.

Documented conversations on skype about his promises and what he would do for us in return for giving him money.

Conversations on skype with dates as when these excuses were delivered to us.

What I am saying here is not something made up, all this are truthful experiences backed up by facts.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Richard Driver is a Shark

Richard Driver is a Shark

and not in a good way

I met Richard through a "business mastermind" recently and he made some BIG claims about what he could do. So we hired him to make our website.

What we got was excuse after excuse and not much of a website. When it came time to deliver, Richard was never to be seen or heard from again. You can see what he delivered... and this is after two months of "development".

I setup this blog: to try to warn others before they got scammed. If you've had dealing with Richard, I invite you to share them on the blog.

Furthermore, he is an administrator for IM4Newbies. Talk about letting the pedophile loose in the playground. He has an endless supply of young inexperienced wannabe marketers to scam. I found this I thought of posting a warning, but he'll delete it quickly.

Be warned