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Recipes & Guide to Preparing Great Pizza

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pizzaEncyclopizza® is a massive online pizza reference resource that combines pizza dough and sauce recipes, scientific findings, and pizza industry research with extensive hands-on pizzeria business experience … to provide proven practical answers for pizza business owners, managers, chefs, buyers, R&D staff, suppliers and franchisees. You will find more factual information on pizza recipes, pizza preparation, and pizza technology in this Encyclopizza® section than in all other pizza-related websites of the world combined! It would not be a stretch to say that Encyclopizza® lays out the recipe for pizza success. Encyclopizza® was researched, written, and compiled by John Correll and is published here compliments of Correll Consulting, LLC. (Note: Several years ago Encyclopizza® was originally published in a hard copy version titled The Pizza Manager's Guide to Ingredient Purchasing and Preparation no longer being printed.)

Encyclopizza® is divided into 13 chapters (listed below) and totals over 425 printed pages packed with pizza recipes, ideas, facts, and answers. Note that some of the chapters are of substantial KB size and, therefore, may take a short time to load. At the front of each chapter is a hyperlinked Contents section for easy access to buried info. The entire section is cross-referenced throughout with inter-chapter links for instant movement between chapters.

1 - Introduction to Pizza (24 KB) - Defines what pizza is and the basic variations of the pizza product

2 - On-site Preparation vs. Ready-to-use (63 KB) - Describes the options in preparing pizza dough (or crust), sauce, cheese, and toppings, with special focus on the five forms of pizza dough or crust preparation

3 - Mixers and Food Processing Equipment (170 KB) - Describes the equipment options in pizza ingredient preparation, with special focus on the operation of pizza dough mixers

4 - Pizza Dough Ingredients (213 KB) - Describes the various types of ingredients that go into pizza dough recipes, including their impact on pizza dough characteristics and crust quality

5 - Pizza Dough-making (170 KB) - Describes the options in pizza dough formulation, the steps in making pizza dough, how to use dough mixers, and includes sample pizza dough recipes and also explains how to make your own custom dough recipe (Direct links to the pizzia dough recipes are also listed further down this page.)

6 - Pizza Dough Management (44 KB) - Describes how to manage pizza dough for optimal fermentation or rise

7 - Pizza Dough and Pizza Crust Trouble-shooting (191 KB) - Discloses 48 potential pizza dough problems and describes possible ways of resolving each problem to achieve a quality pizza crust

8 - Pizza Sauce
(141 KB) - Describes the options in pizza sauce formulation, the steps in making pizza sauce, how to use various mixers for blending sauce, and includes sample pizza sauce recipes and also explains how to make your own custom sauce recipe (Direct links to the pizzia sauce recipes are also listed further down this page.)

9 - Pizza Cheese (123 KB) - Describes the options in pizza cheese, the procedures for processing your own cheese, and how to purchase, handle and store cheese for optimal pizza quality

10 - Pizza Toppings (141 KB) - Describes the options in pizza toppings, the procedures for processing your own toppings, and how to purchase, handle and store toppings for optimal pizza quality

11 - Commissary vs. On-site Preparation (33 KB) - Describes the pros & cons of commissary vs. on-site preparation of pizza dough and other ingredients, and their relationship to pizza quality and efficiency of pizza operations

12 - Ordering, Receiving, and Storage (84 KB) - Describes ordering, receiving, and storage procedures that can enhance pizza quality and pizzeria profit

13 - Measurements and Conversion for Pizza
(53 KB) - Provides various conversion tables for using with pizza ingredient conversions and measurements, especially applicable to pizza dough and sauce recipes

FOR QUICK ACCESS, here are some links to sample Dough and Sauce Recipes. Click on the numeral for the link.

FOR FURTHER INFO on pizza recipes and recipe development, see the Pizza Dough-making and Pizza Sauce chapters. All the pizza dough and sauce recipies given here list both high-volume and low-volme portion amounts.

Pizza Dough Recipes (also listed in Chapter 5)
1. All-purpose Pizza Dough recipe

2. Fast-rising Pizza Dough recipe

3. Easy-to-sheet Pizza Dough recipie

4. High-browning Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

5. Lean 'n' Chewy Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

6. Rich 'n' Tender Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

7. Thin 'n' Crackery Pizza Crust (stiff pizza dough recipe)

8. Chicago Deep-dish Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

9. Basic Neapolitan Pizza Crust (pizzia dough recipe)

10. Basic Sicilian Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

11. Whole Wheat Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

12. Three-grain Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

13. Higher-protein Pizza Crust (pizzia dough recipe)

14. Herb & Wine Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

15. Pepper-Cheese Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

16. Beer Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

17. Garlic & Butter Pizza Crust (pizzia dough recipe)

18. Italian Accent Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

19. French Sour Dough Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipie)

20. Crostata Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipie)

21. Diet-enhanced Pizza Crust (pizza dough recipe)

Pizza Sauce Recipes (also listed in Chapter 8)
1. Simple Pizza Sauce (but tasty) recipe

2. Neapolitan Pizza Sauce recipe

3. Sicilian Pizza Sauce recipe

4. Hot 'n' Spicy Pizza Sauce recipe

5. Mild 'n' Mellow Pizza Sauce recipe

6. Rich 'n' Hearty Pizza Sauce recipe

7. Fresh 'n' Tangy Pizza Sauce recipe

8. Sweet 'n' Sassy Pizza Sauce recipe

9. Chicago Deep-dish Pizza Sauce recipe

10. Garlic 'n' Wine Pizza Sauce recipie

11. Fennel 'n' Beer Pizza Sauce recipe

NOTE: The pizza sauce and pizza dough recipies contained herein are presented for illustration purposes. Using the additonal information gleaned from Chapters 4-8, you will be equipped to customize, or enhance, any of these pizza recipes into your own proprietary pizza dough and pizzia sauce creations.

DISCLAIMER: A diligent effort has been made to provide true, factual, and complete information. However, publisher, author, and distributor make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the material contained in Encyclopizza and its use. Further, this material is made available solely on an "as-is" basis. In no event shall publisher or author be liable to anyone for damages of any kind in connection with or arising out of the use of this material. Also, publisher and author shall not be liable for any claim of any kind by another party against a purchaser, distributor, and/or user of this material. If you cannot accept the terms of this disclaimer, you should avoid using this material in any manner and should refrain from purchasing the printed version of Encyclopizza.

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