The Environment

Measuring performance, one product at a time.

The way our products are manufactured, used, and recycled represents the largest percentage of Apple’s total greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why we design them for better environmental performance. We measure that performance in Product Environmental Reports. Here you’ll find detailed information on how every Apple product performs in these categories:

  • Climate Change

    How much does each phase of the product’s life cycle contribute to total greenhouse gas emissions?

  • Restricted Substances

    What toxic substances aren’t in the product?

  • Energy Efficiency

    How efficient is the product while on, off, and in sleep mode?

  • Material Efficiency

    What exactly is the product made of?

  • Recycling

    What happens at the end of the product’s life that contributes to its environmental footprint?

Product Environmental Reports

Click the links below to view Product Environmental Reports for all currently shipping Apple products. For older Apple products, consult our archive.