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Casey Jon Deidrick Interview

The 'Days of Our Lives' actor talks girlfriends, love scenes and James Scott

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Casey Jon Deidrick Interview

Casey Jon Deidrick

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton

What started as a lowly role as troubled teen Mia’s baby daddy on Days of Our Lives has evolved into young leading man status for Casey Jon Deidrick. The turnaround transpired when the show’s writers decided to make Chad part of the powerful DiMera family. Now Deidrick’s bonding with “big brother” James Scott (EJ), while delving into a screen romance with Kate Mansi’s Abigail. And the best might be yet to come, now that his real-life gal pal, Molly Burnett (Melanie), could be making it a spicy triangle.

What are your thoughts on the whole Chad/Abigail romance?
Abigail came into Chad’s life out of the blue. It all happened so fast. Anytime something like that happens, it’s like fate saying, “Just go for it.” They have so much in common dealing with family members and people not being there for them. Chad might be falling a little too hard for this girl too fast. Any time something like that happens, there’s going to be some drama and problems coming along.

Yet, you and Kate Mansi (Abigail) haven’t had any love scenes.
I’ve been on the show for 2-1/2 years, and I still haven’t had a real love scene. When I saw that Chandler (Massey, Will) had that love scene with Camilla (Banus, Gabi) in the script, I was like, “What? How did he get a love scene before I did?” I would love to do a scene like that, whether it’s with Abigail or another character. I’m not sure if they’re going to be writing one for Chad or not, but I’m absolutely all for it.

When the time comes, might you go to James Scott (EJ) for advice?
Oh, of course. I can definitely talk to him about things like that. He’s a brother to me onscreen and off screen. I’ve actually been hanging out with him a lot lately. He kind of got me into my new obsession, which is surfing. He and I go to the beach once a week.

Has James gotten you into anything else, and have you gotten him into anything?
I’m starting to get him into dubstep, which is this really hardcore, heavy, dance music. There’s a big show coming up the end of October that I’m going to bring him to. We’re going to try to have some fun with that. James has been trying to get me into mountain biking, too, but mainly surfing is the main thing we’ve been doing.

Since you’re new to the sport, does that mean you were falling a lot and there was a lot of laughing going on?
Yeah. I had my fair share of wipe outs in the last couple of months. James is actually quite good on a surfboard. It’s strange, because I grew up skate boarding and snow boarding my entire life, so I’m really familiar with that kind of sport. Yet, for some reason I just can’t get the hang of surfing.

You’ve bonded with James. What about your TV dad, Joseph Mascolo (Stefano)?
Joe and I bonded over some dinner and at this charity event we went to in New Orleans for Habitat for Humanity. He’s such a lovely guy. I know he seems like this really mean, evil person onscreen, but off screen he’s a gentle giant.

Do you think you’ve gotten better as an actor since you were thrust into the DiMera family?
Absolutely. When I first came on the show, I was still kind of new to acting. I didn’t really know what I was doing or where I was going with the character. Being made part of the DiMeras did help me. It made me more comfortable with who I was. Working with James has helped me a lot. Working with Taylor Spreitler, who played Mia ... I loved her, but our age difference played such a big factor. She was 15, and I was 22 at the time. It was always kind of weird. Kate and I are the same age. That definitely helps a lot with maturity levels and chemistry. It plays better on screen, and it’s more comfortable for everybody.

Aside from James, who else do you hang out with from the cast?
Pretty much everyone. I hang out with Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Mark Hapka (ex-Nathan) probably the most. And, obviously, Molly Burnett (Melanie).

Do you get recognized a lot when you’re out together?
Yeah, we do; especially when Molly and I are out.

What’s your relationship like with Days fans? Do you get a lot of emails and tweets from them?
Just so the fans know, I do read everybody’s mail, and I get a lot of great feedback. They have a lot of positive things to say about me, my character and my acting. Probably the greatest thing to hear is when fans come up to me and say I’ve helped them in some way, like when Chad’s mother died. It’s nice to know I’ve helped them get through whatever they’re going through, personally, in their lives.

Is that one of the reasons you became an actor?
That’s the main reason I wanted to become an actor, so I could help inspire other people. That’s what films did for me growing up. Chad’s got this whole bad boy, carefree attitude. He acts like he doesn’t really care what other people think, but there’s this other layer to him. He’s very sensitive and he’s kind of a romantic character, too. I hope that makes him interesting to watch.

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