Top 10 Tweets For “You Know I Love You When…” Trending Topic

Posted on October 27, 2011 at 2:58 PM

Lady Gaga fans and Tweethearts alike confess what they love most about their significant other!

Whitney Cumming In Studio

Whitney Cummings Comments On Her Inner Struggle When Tweeting [AUDIO]

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Whitney reflects on her close relationship with her twitter followers.


Ryan Seacrest Reveals On Twitter His Secret Pumpkin Carving Talents [PHOTO]

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Ryan Seacrest finally reveals which pumpkin he carved!


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Watch Michelle Obama Send Her First Tweet [VIDEO]

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Michelle Obama officially learns how to tweet!

Caught Cheating

Twitter’s Top 10 Responses To ‘It’s Okay To Cheat If…’ Trending Topic

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E’s Liz Hernandez and Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin tweet their responses to this very touchy Twitter trend! Find out what they said here!


Lucy Hale, Selena Gomez, & Julianne Hough Top Our List TwitPics You Missed [PHOTO]

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Twitter’s Top 10 ‘Movies That Shouldn’t Be Remade’

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Twitter’s Top 10 Tips To Identify #ARealBoyfriend

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