Yearbook Pictures from 1941 - Present
Aija Harris ('06) Set Up Scanning Machine and Has Loaded Yearbook Pictures

Patrick Henry was built in 1926, and served as a junior high until 1937 when the High School's first freshman class started.  Those freshmen graduated in 1941.

Then we were a 7-12 building  for some time (not sure how long). We hope that you enjoy looking back through the past at the history of Patrick Henry High School. The pictures may appear small but if you click on them eventually they will grow so that you can get a good image.  Call Tom Murray at 668-1932 with questions. We have 8 -10 pages from each year except for the following years:

  • 1983  
  • 2002

Please contact Mr. Murray:  if you have a Yearbook from one of these years that you could share with us for an hour, or if you could XEROX 10 - 15 pages or so and send those copies to us in the mail.

Scrapbook and Pictures from 1943 Courtesy of LeRoy Curtis Wedding and Eleanore Helen Rohl Wedding Who Graduated from Patrick Henry in 1941
1986 real