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Welcome to norngirl's Paradizia place!

Hi and welcome to my first site dedicated to the virtual games,Creatures .
On my page,you will find my creatures for adoption,new breeds I have made,
creatures I have done via genetic editing,a help site and some of my artwork. ^__^

Feel free to have an look around on my site,you maybe find something



2006 6 may sunday
Some gens up ^^

Another bit of update ^^
I decided to put up some genetical experiments ^-^
More will probely be added if i find my other epxeriments or make some new ^^
I also got a gift pic that i added in my Award page ^-^


2006 14 April friday
Few new things ^o^
First of all,Happy Easter to ya all ^^
As you maybe see,i made some small changes,or more likely,a easter revamp X3
For the first,i put up a pic that is meant to be the Paradizia place X3
next, I changed the backround of this page,nice eh? ;3
Have also added a better "Page Map explainer" of this page ^^
A new button in my "My Art maine section",that leads to a new brand page,The Breed pif Profile ;P
I also have added a new pic on "My Art" ^^
A new button n page is here as well,The award page *yay,got my first award ^^

Now,finaly some new things is being put up here,eh? :3


2006 25 march saturday
Small update...

I know i know,it seem im updating just for every small thing,but hey i want to let
you people what every single thing is new here X3

Noticed the c2 pmn female norn up there? ^^
Well i made a art pic of it that can be found in my
Art page ;P *with a side weiv of it as well* ^^
Thin'gs going slow,but is still working on some things for
being up soon here ^^
I dont have so much left on my pig grendel for c2,but i have a
feeling it will take some more time until it wi'll be ready for dowload ^^'
Just have patience with me,ok? ;P

  2006 16 march Thuersday
Im not dead yet ^^'

Sorry for none udpate,My school takes up much of my time
and i am having a very stressing life,so therefor,it still will be some
times there i will to time to time udpate,whenever i can bring something new ^^'
But at least now i have something to say lol X3
I have added 4 new pics in "my art" section ^^
I am also soon going to add a new page to this website ^^ *it is a secret what it will be about ;P *
  2006 26 feb Sunday
More bit's of update...^^'

I have updated the Animation
page with 4 new animations ( kinda old,but yeah..)
School for me will start tomorrow again,so i guess it won't leave me with much
update or doing stuff -__-
I will somehow try to update to time to time,but nothing will be promised ^^'

Eveyrhing on this site,such as button,backround,art,project,breeds are belonging to me,Norngirl.All other stuff like the promo pics
,the norns,grendels,ettins and general creatures belong's to gameware,and the c1 shee picture belong's to Lis Morris.Please,ask for permission before taking anything from my site.Art,animations on the animation page,buttons an backround are thing's i wont give out,since i drawed and made them.For the laughing pmn,the norn itself belong to gameware,but i animated it,it's ok to use it,but only ask me first ^^