Flying Spaghetti Monster Dinner
Friday, October 28 at 6 pm

Inquiring Minds Regaining Our Spiritual Freedom
Saturday, November 5

For details, see "Upcoming Topics and Events" on this page.

If you find science more fascinating than fairytales and value people over piety, you’ll fit right in with us. We provide a gathering place and a supportive community where you can relax and discuss current events with a diverse group of like-minded people.

Our programs include: twice-monthly talks from experts in the arts and sciences; discussion groups focused on books, films, and selected topics; and social events ranging from Game Nights to potlucks to Darwin Day fish feasts. Mainly, we educate others and ourselves in history, current events, scientific innovations, human behavior, and how to scrutinize the glut of information available to us today.

At the core of Humanism is our confidence in people – their collaborative nature, their intellectual capacity, and their desire to improve their lives and the lives of others. Our values are founded on human nature, experience, and societal needs alone. Our moral litmus test asks, “Does this choice improve people’s lives?” And after all, isn’t that more fulfilling than worrying about rewards in an afterlife? We think so.

Join us at one of our many events. Enrich your mind and make some new friends.

Shelley Newman
President, HSGP

“What I Learned at Straight Camp”

Join us for this ‘DON’T MISS’ event!

Co-sponsored with Freedom From Religion Foundation – Valley of the Sun Chapter FFRF-VSUN

Sunday, December 4th: Award-winning journalist, Ted Cox, will talk about his undercover infiltration of a Christian gay-to-straight conversion program held outside of Phoenix. This will be a standing-room only event so arrive early and join us for a light nosh before Ted’s talk. Doors open at 8:30 am and Ted’s talk begins at 9:30 am.

For more information about the speaker, click on our Events page. Ted is interviewed on Fox 40 in the short video below.

So, You Think There Is No Free Lunch?

Well, how about a free breakfast, instead?

Starting with our September 11th meeting, if your membership is current, your breakfast is free! An anonymous donor has agreed to buy breakfast for all HSGP MEMBERS at our regular meetings for one year. Members who attend even half the meetings will save more on breakfast then the cost of annual membership.

The HSGP board of directors is very grateful for this generous gift, and is confident that this added benefit will increase our membership.

Breakfast is still offered to guests and can be purchased at the welcome desk by the entrance door. Of course, donations are always gratefully accepted even if your breakfast is free.

How will we know you are a current member eligible for the free breakfast and other member benefits? You will wear a preprinted member nametag. When arriving at a meeting, please pick up your nametag at the welcome desk, and let us know if you plan to eat breakfast. The nametags will also easily identify members for the library checkout privileges, and membership voting at meetings.

Wear your membership nametag proudly!

No free food. Also, please remember to drop off your nametag when you leave.

For your convenience, the membership desk is immediately behind the welcome desk for both joining, and renewing membership in HSGP.

Chapter Profile: Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix

by Eric Nguyen

Formed in 1970, the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix has come a long way. Starting as a small group of like-minded people meeting for breakfast and discussion, the group has expanded to over 200 members in an addition to a community center. The community center, the first one owned by a humanist group in the country, opened in December 2010 with a Winter Solstice party, where they raised money through live and silent auctions. What the HSGP shows is that not only can a small grassroots organization grow into something much more visible with the right amount of passion and hard work, it shows us that indeed the greater humanist movement is gaining momentum.

I spoke with HSGP’s new president, Shelley Newman, who took over the reins from Susan Sackett (also an AHA board member) after a decade of leadership.

HNN: How long has the group been in existence? How did it form?

Newman: The group was formed in 1970 to fill a need for a non-theistic alternative for Sunday mornings. It began with a handful of people who met in a downtown Phoenix coffee shop for breakfast. By the 1990s, the group had moved to several different venues, eventually settling into the (now defunct) Safari Hotel in Scottsdale. By then, the group had grown to about 25 members. As HSGP continued to expand, we moved from venue to venue, each time outgrowing our meeting rooms.

HNN: What kind of programs do you offer to members?

Newman: HSGP is an educational organization rooted in the values of Humanism. Our centerpiece is the Speaker’s Program providing twice monthly expert talks on topics in the arts and sciences. This is a no-fees program open to the public as well as our members. The HSGP Book Club began in 2004, meets monthly, and continues to grow in number of participants. Now that we have moved into our own building, members have begun discussion groups – one focuses on a topic chosen by the group, and the other on films. There are plans to re-ignite and add to our Humanism curriculum as an opportunity to educate members and others about the history and values of Humanism, and reinforce our own understanding.


HSGP Supports Tumbleweed Center

We make monthly donations of food, clothing, and other basic necessities in support of at-risk youth.

Tumbleweed's Mission is "to serve abused, abandoned, troubled, and neglected youth in our community."

Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development, established in 1972, touches the lives of over 3,000 youth (ages 11 to 22) in Maricopa County annually. They provide emergency shelter, transitional housing, skills development, counseling, education, and other services to develop at-risk youth into self-reliant adults.

Website: Tumbleweed Center
Contact Us:
Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix
P.O. Box 15112, Mesa, AZ 85211-3112
Phone: 480-844-5044
Our Mission: To foster the Humanist Community and advocate for Humanist values in Greater Phoenix
Sunday Speakers' Program
The Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix meets twice a month on Sunday mornings. Note change to hot breakfast for the cooler months. Beginning November 6, hot breakfast including bacon and scrambled eggs is available for purchase ($8 breakfast, $1 beverage only) from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. when the meeting begins. We enjoy the company of our fellow Humanists followed by a lecture from a guest speaker and topic discussion ending by 11:30 a.m. Our meetings are free and open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Humanism. We meet at the Humanist Community Center (H.C.C.), 627 W. 8th Street, in Mesa.

For further information on the topics and speakers, or to find out about our other events, see the list below.

Upcoming Topics and Events

Nov 05th
Eden: Regaining Our Spiritual Freedom
Event: Inquiring Minds Discussion Group
Nov 06th
Dedication of the HCC Library
Speaker: Hal Saferstein & HSGP Members
Nov 06th
HSGP Board of Directors Meeting
Board Meeting: Leadership Team
Nov 09th
The Amazing Quantum Principle: It's not just Physics!
HSGP Science Night: John S. Sadowsky
Nov 11th
10th Game Club Night - Get to know others, have fun, benefit HSGP
Event: HSGP Game Club Fundraiser
Nov 13th
Film to be announced
Event: Film Discussion Group
Nov 19th
Desert Solitaire by, Edward Abbey
Event: Book Club
Nov 20th
Medicare Made Clear
Speaker: Mary Bro
Nov 20th
2012 Board Elections
Event: Membership
Dec 03rd
Event: Inquiring Minds Discussion Group
Dec 04th
What I Learned at Straight Camp
Speaker: Ted Cox
Dec 04th
Possible HSGP Board of Directors Meeting
Board Meeting: Leadership Team
Dec 09th
Final Game Club Night of 2011! - Get to know others, have fun, benefit HSGP.
Event: HSGP Game Club Fundraiser
Dec 11th
Film to be announced
Event: Film Discussion Group
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The Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix is open to presentations on a variety of topics, many of which are controversial. Please note that the opinions expressed by our guest speakers do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint or philosophy of HSGP.

HSGP is an Educational Organization rooted in the values of Secular Humanism.
Our speakers' program and various discussion forums are open to all who want to keep their minds stimulated or wish to explore a topic of interest with other Humanists. We demonstrate the people-centric values of Humanism by being a positive influence in the community. We do this through our meetings and lectures (free to the public); community service, such as our support of Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development and the work they do for at-risk youth; and networking with students at campuses throughout Maricopa County to encourage debates and humanistic activities. We affiliate with groups such as Freedom from Religion Foundation and Secular Coalition for Arizona, that work to preserve church/state separation thereby protecting individual rights.

Our Membership is drawn from a cross section of the Greater Phoenix area. Members range in age from early 20s to 90+, with backgrounds from many professions and walks of life. The only requirement for membership is interest in the principles of Humanism. Participation can be limited to simply attending meetings, or becoming actively involved in projects.

HSGP is an educational non-profit. All dues and donations are deductible for income tax purposes.