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Written by

Juha Repo


3/Oct at 12:59



Finland 2012 UMK - ©

540 songs submitted

Finland: Record number of submissions for UMK, many newcomers

The new show to select the Finnish entry for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, UMK or Contest for new music has closed the song submissions at the weekend. For technical reasons an extra 24 hours was granted for artists to enter their songs for YLE, The Finnish Broadcasting Company. Some names have already been revealed amongst the songs submitted, and now the jury will deliberate which ones will firstly get put online.

Later on 12 of these songs will be made in to a radio play version using YLE studios, and eventually six will battle it out in the televised national final in February in Helsinki. Before the final, six songs will be eliminated by the judging panel after the acts perform in a series of live gigs. The acts will also have music industry professionals sparring them along the journey to the final.

According to YLE there are many familiar faces from previous Eurovision selections and otherwise established acts, but most are complete newcomers. The songs represent many genres, but female singer songwriters are well presented as bands playing traditional Finnish rock. At the same time very few entries come from metal bands. Previously YLE has fevealed two names who have sent in demos, folk metal band Korpiklaani and rappers KaksKaks.

Some artists have also revealed themselves, that they have entered UMK. One of these is Movetron, a 90's dance music act who took part at Euroviisut in 2008 with Cupido. Watch that performance below:

Other names who have gone public on their intentions are Unzymy, Tauski Peltonen and the queen of self-publicity and ex-model, Martina Aitolehti. Martina has even presented her promotional pictures to the various media ahead of the contest, but no confirmation has been received yet whether she has actually sent in a song. Watch the video to her latest single below:

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Marianna . [53533]
Sun 9 Oct 2011 22:36:54

Main issue is not going to be how good singer...... ;)

Marianna . [53533]
Sun 9 Oct 2011 22:13:08

You should remember, that times have changed since Katri Helena began her career in 1964. At that time, it was much easier with
" Puhelinlangat laulaa ".
For example, Anna Abreu was only 17 years old when she took part in Idols. She was still in school. Her career would not be possible without Idols. And I do not agree that Hanna Pakarinen is just
" Idols - Hanna ". Competitors from Tango Festival usually continue their career with different kind of music. They do not have Tango singer stamp rest of their life.

I think, that Norwegian people chose Stella - Haba, haba mostly because it was entertaining. If we choose Korpiklaani, main issue is not going to be who good singer Jonne Järvelä is. Main issue is song itself.

Paavola . [61255]
Sun 9 Oct 2011 19:07:50

:D ''Katrina Helena who has self-created his career. ''

I meant, Katri Helena who has self-creared her career..

Paavola . [61255]
Sun 9 Oct 2011 19:05:20

Yes, ESC is dirty competition nowadays. Singers can't really sing ex. Norways ''Haba Haba'' and Polands ''Jestem'' this year and the way they perform their song... yök. Singers are nobodies, not all-ready known celebrity professional singers. ESC is like confused big party which have said the gaycontest. Neigborvoting...etc shit! But how we have done this to ESC? Is THE MONEY guilty to this?

Really hope that UMK change attitudes to ESC...naturtalent would be great..

I don't say that Idols or Talent, X-Factor sucks but many people here in Finland say that and attitudes are so negative...and hate finnish media...ex. ''Idols-Hanna had done a new album!'' - style! Idols-Hanna? Why they just can say ''Hanna Pakarinen''? Example Hanna Pakarinen always had Idols stamp in her forehead and people thought ''Idols sucks'' so...they don't value Hanna Pakarinen or Anna Abreu like Katrina Helena who has self-created his career.

Finnish people are this kind of people :)

Marianna . [53533]
Sun 9 Oct 2011 15:39:01

I know, Eurovision selection has not been very popular in Finland.
In my opinion, one reason for that is, that ESC is not necessarily pure song competition. There is, for example neighboring voting.
But it is good chance to become known outside the country.

With this new competition they are trying to change that attitude. At least, number of applications has grown. So there is more interest. :)
Although Paradise Oskar received good feedback in Finland, I am against newcomers. We do not need them. Exception is, if we have some natural talent.

I would not say that Idols sucks. If you think about for example Hanna Pakarinen or Anna Abreu. Their career began from Idols.
But Finnish media often gives rather mixed / contradictory picture.

Paavola . [61255]
Sun 9 Oct 2011 13:48:33

We know more names in between October/November. It's someway wrong that ex. some artists got more visibility than others like Korpiklaani etc. but they just make this competition more interesting by that way they adverdise: ''Heyyy, Korpiklaani takes part in UMK'' so it's ok. More visibility to UMK :)

But what have happened to ESC...? First we had real stars, celebrities, heroes like Katri Helena, Marion Rung, Irwin Goodman who can really sing/perform and they take a part in ESC or finnish NF like Irwin Goodman. But now: Paradise Oskar, has happened?!

Nowadays stars scared to take part in ESC. Why? Finns have bad way to bark everyhing like Idols sucks, BB sucks, ESC sucks if you take part to ESC you can drip from the heaven (people likes you) to hell...(people hates you) So...we never see Anna Abreu, Chisu, Jenni in ESC..

Marianna . [53533]
Sat 8 Oct 2011 22:21:17

I meant, that I would like to know some more names. Afterwards, I read from Yle websites that at first our juries will select 40 - 50 songs which will be published. It is surely enough.
Because we have new competition, no one seems to know what will happen exactly. Next year we will be wiser. ;)

Anna Abreu is very popular among young people. She has been asked to participate in ESC too, but I doubt it.

Paavola . [61255]
Sat 8 Oct 2011 19:22:01

''It would be interesting and fair to know who have participated in UMK, not only those who will be selected by jury.''

Marianna...What was the point or what did you mean exactly...? Your message didn't open to me sry :D

But I hope we send song which we finns like and that's the idea of UMK...but is that possible...? And Anna Abreu (that finnish-portuguese lady who ranked second in finnish Idols year ????) had release her newest song ''Stereo'' and her videos goes better everytime :)

Anna Abreu - Stereo:;src_vid=SMQT5B3quto

Shevek Urras [60988]
Fri 7 Oct 2011 01:42:36

Thanks for the links, Marianna. Both these singers sound good to my ears.

Marianna . [53533]
Thu 6 Oct 2011 19:35:00

Some examples of popular Finnish female singer / songwriter
( unfortunately not live )

Chisu - Sabotage
She makes all her songs in Finnish.

Mariska - Suloinen myrkynkeittäjä ( Sweet poison cooker )
Song tells about lady, who is planning to cook a poison in her cellar for her husband / boyfriend. When she get rid of him, she will travel far away to some warm place.

If I think about other ESC related female singer and songwriter we could see Heli Kajo or Saara Aalto.

Marianna . [53533]
Wed 5 Oct 2011 20:37:41

I expected, that Marko Maunuksela - Synkän maan tango goes at least to superfinal ( among top three ). Marko was regnant Tango king and performed well. We have had Tango Festival since 1985. It is very popular event every summer, but it seems that voters think that Tango Festival and Eurovision selection are two different stories.

If and hopefully when Portugal participates, I am sure that they take it seriously after this year. You don`t have anything to worry about it. :P

It would be interesting and fair to know who have participated in UMK, not only those who will be selected by jury.

Shevek Urras [60988]
Wed 5 Oct 2011 12:35:37

It's sad to know that, Marianna. There is someone in Portugal who wants Finland to send something in Finnish. Marko should have had his chance earlier this year. I must say that this new format does not look very prone to favour Finnish at first glance so to speak. We'll see.

Paavola . [61255]
Tue 4 Oct 2011 19:58:10

Last year was worst year ever I think...but now the trend is only upwards :) Hope finnish speaking song example Tuure Kilpeläinen - Pelko pois or maybe english song if it's super song :D I like Martina but can she really sing? Playback? :( But Korpiklaani is the winner.

Marianna . [53533]
Tue 4 Oct 2011 18:28:37

Adarvus Ceterum
It is surprising and very nice if you think, that Finnish language is beautiful. :)
In Finland, some people think, that we should not send anything in Finnish. It is so strange language and hard to listen. ( I don`t mean difficult to listen but hard )
Maybe, some people have such a negative attitude towards Finnish also because of our bad success. I also think, we have songs like Sata salamaa, Eläköön elämä and Hullu yö, which would have been more succesful in English.

I studied German at school, but in my opinion it is easy to forget if / when you don`t use it every day.
I think, Vuokko Hovatta - Virginia was too boring for Finns. :(
Song is a story of writer Virginia Woolf.
What comes to competition like ESC, I am always scared of Finnish " madness ". We chose Lordi and Teräsbetoni and we voted for Eläkeläiset to be third. If I have to accept, everything else is OK as long as we do not send joke entry like Eläkeläiset.

I have read, that Korpiklaani have a new violinist, Teemu Eerola. He is young boy who is still studying at folk music department of Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Their previous violinist, Hittavainen had to leave the band because of health problem.

adarvus ceterum [32383]
Tue 4 Oct 2011 11:57:19

Thanks for the information, Marianna. I always enjoy if people add information to the news published here. :)
I really enjoy listening to Movetron's songs when feeling nostalgic for the good old days ... but in 2012? I think that they would sound terribly dated. Plus their music loses 95 % of the appeal it might have for some when performed live.
I would love sth really dark and moody sung in the beautiful Finnish language, sth like Vuokko Hovatta's Virginia back in 2008. (L)

Good luck!

Marianna . [53533]
Tue 4 Oct 2011 07:02:02

Oh no, I am sorry :( for wrong information although it is not important anymore. I mixed up numbers. Last year Yle received 277 songs.

Marianna . [53533]
Mon 3 Oct 2011 20:15:35

Last year, Yle received 227 songs. In addition they had invited artists.
This year, those songs that go forward will be published in early November. Selected songs will also be published in internet.

Martina Aitolehti was the first known participant. We got to know her intentions as early as last summer, although I think she doesn`t go anywhere. Finnish people do not consider her as a singer.

♪ L ♫ [58775]
Mon 3 Oct 2011 17:32:50

Many newcomers sound good, but they better pick Korpiklaani among those TOO FEW six acts for the final. They really should have had 10 songs for a NF at the least. I am afraid of those people's taste, music industry "professionals"...

Jack! Eurovision [64051]
Mon 3 Oct 2011 16:48:12

Lets hope we will have a great song from them!!!! ;-]

Vladimir P [31751]
Mon 3 Oct 2011 13:51:04

Good luck, Suomi! :)

Shevek Urras [60988]
Mon 3 Oct 2011 13:37:03

Good news, from Finland. I hope that Saara Aalto is also there but with a more mature song this time.

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