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How to Handle a Post Interview Meeting

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    Be prepared to speak with individuals from several departments.

    A post-interview meeting, or second interview, brings you one step closer to landing a job. While being called for such a meeting is a hopeful next step, you still have to perform well and prove that your qualities make you a good fit for the company. You will likely speak with a team of senior managers who will conduct an in-depth interview.

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        Ask for the agenda in advance. A post-interview meeting can last several hours, so it is important to know with whom you will meet and what to expect. If possible, learn more about the individuals conducting the interview so you can try to anticipate their goals in relation to their role at the company.

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        Research the company. Learn more about the organization by reading the "About Us" section on the company's website and scour reputable news sources for the latest information. This will help you explain how your past experiences can benefit the company when the question arises. The more knowledge you have about the company and its respective industry, the better your chances are of securing a job offer.

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        Review your first interview meeting. There is a good chance that interviewers will repeat some of the questions asked during the first interview. By recalling your answers, you can refine your responses.

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        Conduct a practice interview. Completing at least one practice interview will help you think of questions you may hear during the post-interview meeting and think of appropriate responses. It is common during second interviews to describe how you reacted or would react in certain situations. Your answers should always be brief and to the point. Additionally, be prepared to complete skills and psychological assessments.

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        Prepare a list of questions for the committee. Asking questions shows your interest in the company and open position. Good questions include asking the interviewers their favorite aspect about the company and the company's short- to long-term goals, as well as how they plan to achieve those goals. You can also ask for a complete job description, how the company supports the professional development of employees, the company's philosophy, the rate of employee turnover and the company's expectations of you within the first six months.

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        Be prepared to discuss salary and benefits, as well as your willingness to relocate or travel.

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        Feel free to take a couple of days to consider a job offer. Accepting a job offer is an important decision, and it is a good idea to discuss it with your family and determine if the job and company are a good fit for you.


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