Over the Rainbow: Matt Salmon's Son Wants to Make a Name For Himself in Republican Politics -- Only He's Gay

Growing up in the 1990s in conservative east Mesa, Matt knew he wasn't like most other boys. He didn't know how to express it, and he wasn't sure what it was, but he knew he felt bad about it.

He was popular, attractive, and athletic. He did well in school. But still, there was an ever-present guilt and sense of shame. He blamed himself for disappointing his parents, even when he wasn't.

Once, he accidentally found out about a surprise party his mother planned for his 12th birthday. He'd been peeking over a classmate's shoulder to see what he was reading and saw the invitation to his own party.

He was so upset that he ran home and threw himself down on the floor, sobbing. "I found out about the surprise party! I ruined it!"

As he recalls it, his mother shrugged and said, "You should have just not told me."

Two years later, when Matt was 14, he realized how he was different and why he felt so much shame. He told his mother something else she probably wishes he hadn't. "Mom, I'm gay."

It's difficult for most kids to come out to their parents, but in this case, it was particularly hard, because Matt's full name is Matthew Rae Salmon. He is the youngest son of conservative Republican Matthew James Salmon, former Arizona state senator, gubernatorial candidate, and U.S. congressman, and a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Both Matt J. Salmon and his wife, Nancy, have supported anti-gay legislation over the years, including bans on same-sex marriage and denying gays the right to adopt. (No one in Matt R. Salmon's immediate family responded to interview requests for this story.) His parents' views couldn't be further from Matt R. Salmon's present hopes and dreams. He recently came out to the public. He wants to have a husband and children — and a political career.

He might just be on his way to all three. Salmon lives with Kent Flake, who happens to be the second cousin of conservative Mormon Republican U.S. Congressman Jeff Flake. And Salmon just became president of the Arizona Log Cabin Republicans, a group of Republicans that advocates for gay rights and lobbies for sympathetic candidates. He says he has no plans to run for office — he's pursuing a career in osteopathic medicine. But you never know.

There's a rich history of gay Republicans in Arizona politics. They include former state legislator Steve May, former U.S. House of Representatives member Jim Kolbe, state legislator Ed Poelstra, and until recently, former Tempe mayor Neil Giuliano, and Phoenix City Councilman Tom Simplot.

Even two of the most famous Republican politicians and presidential candidates in Arizona history — Senator John McCain and the late Senator Barry Goldwater — have pro-gay family connections. In McCain's case, it's daughter Meghan and wife Cindy, who participated in the NOH8 photo campaign protesting California's Proposition 8 same-sex marriage ban. Senator McCain himself voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment, saying the decision should be left to each state, but he has maintained his opposition to gay marriage and been ambiguous about repealing the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

"Mr. Conservative" Barry Goldwater, however, blasted military bans on gays in 1993, saying, "You don't have to be straight to shoot straight." Goldwater's grandson, Ty Ross Goldwater, is gay, and Ty says his grandfather was never anything but supportive of him. Barry Goldwater vocally came out in favor of gay rights in the 1990s, part of a wider "left turn" that angered many social conservatives.

But never has the Arizona gay Republican conundrum hit so close to home, or created such a familial contradiction — not publicly, anyway — as it has for Matt R. Salmon.

As a U.S. congressman, Matt's father voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, which federally defined marriage as between one man and one woman. He also voted "yes" on a failed bill in 1999 that would have banned gays from being able to adopt in the District of Columbia.

In 2006, when Matt's father was chairman of the Arizona GOP, his mother, Nancy Salmon, was president of the state chapter of United Families International, a "pro-life, pro-family" nonprofit. As UFI's local president, Nancy Salmon helped raise $50,000 for the campaign for Proposition 107, which sought to ban same-sex marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships in Arizona. It was defeated at the polls.

The Salmons have been so vocally anti-gay over the years that some local politicians, frankly, rejoiced when one of their four kids came out.

"There were a lot of us 10 years ago that prayed one of Matt Salmon's kids would turn out gay," says Steve May. "Not because we wanted to cause any problems or pain for anybody, but because we believe that gay children will change the hearts and minds of their parents."

But there's little chance Matt will change his parents' stance on gay rights. His entire family is not only conservative, but they're devoutly religious, with roots in the Mormon Church that date back to the 1850s. Matt struggled to accept his homosexuality as much anyone.

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  • Filmscorefan 04/16/2011 7:40:00 PM

    Great comment! Shows the absolute absurdity of "gay" relationships.

  • Mattrsalmon 01/29/2011 8:08:00 AM

    Pdog2006, you talk like you know what was said in every meeting around the state. You were not in the meeting I was in that day. I know what I heard, and I heard a high councilman say exactly what Niki quoted. Yes, she inaccurately quoted "minister" but as far as what was said, she got it right on. As you may know, men have a tendency of adding their own interpretation, that is what the councilman did at that time. In no way did Niki claim that every single leader said that over the pulpit, she was however relating a story of my past for which I stopped actively going to church. We all have different experiences, accept that, just because your bishop did not say ignorant things, doesn't mean ignorant things were not said elsewhere. In no way am I seeking retribution, as it is not something I require here.

  • Rnpisces 12/24/2010 7:05:00 AM

    what a jerk!

  • TruthOut 11/21/2010 12:43:00 PM

    No, dipshit, as reported by the CDC: "Nearly one in five gay and bisexual men in 21 major U.S. cities are infected with HIV, and nearly half of them do not know it, U.S. health officials said on Thursday." They specifically did not state that one in five of all gay men have HIV, as they don't have the stats to back that up. You must learn to read critically, and to cite accurately. Today - you get a big fat fail.

  • TruthOut 11/21/2010 12:40:00 PM

    What the CDC actually said was "Nearly one in five gay and bisexual men in 21 major U.S. cities are infected with HIV, and nearly half of them do not know it, U.S. health officials said on Thursday." They expressly did not apply the statistic to all homosexual males, as the statistics can not be defended in a peer review. Of note, however, you were discussing the occurance of rectal cancer, not HIV, so what really was your point, other than to demonstrate you can't be trusted to accurately use sources you cite?

  • Myname 10/15/2010 3:57:00 AM

    I wonder which one is the "girl" in that relationship! Haha!

  • MM 10/09/2010 8:08:00 PM

    I don't have any kids yet, and sometimes I worry I'll screw up parenting. But then I read this and take comfort in the fact that I would never do to my children what the Salmons and the Flakes did to their sons. I honestly can't understand how people could treat their families this way.

  • Imanoid2 10/07/2010 5:56:00 AM

    It could not have happened to nicer, right wing, Mormons. For all those that prayed that Salman's kids might grow up gay, prayer does work. For over 40 years the state legislature has been under the control of republicans and Mormons. Though an occasional Dem has held the governor's seat, we all KNOW that all they can do is sign or veto bills. Now, we are in the worst shape this state has ever been in. Thanks again to the policies of the republican/Mormon cabal that runs this state's legislature. To hell with their gay problems. This state is last in education, health care for the indigent, etc. But, the governor signed a health care program that pays for her molester son's care in the state hospital with her line item veto pen. Way to go, brain dead, Brewer.

  • Twinkie 10/04/2010 1:56:00 AM

    So, because he is gay, this bright young man's mother and father have a 'strained' relationship with him and his siblings stopped speaking to him for a while. That, absolutely, is their loss, not his.

  • Pdog2006 10/01/2010 6:59:00 AM

    Randy, I don't need or want your sympathy. You read one ex-Mormon's view and recollection of the church's perception of homosexuals, one that has been edited with some creative license (Matt Jr. would obviously know that "ministers" in the Mormon church are actually called "bishops"). I recall clearly the Sunday that the proposition was briefly discussed in our meeting. No money was ever solicited, although volunteers were accepted to aid in the phone center. Nothing demeaning AT ALL was said about gays. Our bishop even said, and I quote, "If the purpose of this is to target and attack homosexuals, I would not be up here talking about it and I would not support it.". He then went on to define how our faith, and many others, defines marriage -- by it's definition in an official church document called "The Family: A Proclamation To The World" (http://lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?locale=0&sourceId=1aba862384d20110VgnVCM100000176f620a____&vgnextoid=e1fa5f74db46c010VgnVCM1000004d82620aRCRD&hideNav=true). It states that a marriage between a man and woman is ordained of God, and that the family is central to His eternal plan. It was presented on September 23, 1995 by President Gordon B. Hinckley...well before the 2008 election cycle. Our bishop never mentioned "homosexual promiscuity" or anything like it, and I doubt any bishop from the pulpit would. I think, assuming he was quoted accurately, Matt Jr. is being less-than-honest in his portrayal of his former church leaders. Maybe it's retribution to the church after years of feeling guilty, I don't know. Hopefully he and his family can iron things out. Either way, it's unfortunate that the New Times has chosen to publish another hit piece (indirectly) about the LDS. Until they insist on more accurate reporting and less bias, they'll never be taken too seriously. FOXNEWS.com of the left, maybe?

  • Arizonarocks 09/30/2010 10:04:00 PM

    have another blunt

  • Arizonarocks 09/30/2010 10:04:00 PM

    Robin shhhh you will wake the other patients...

  • Arizonarocks 09/30/2010 10:02:00 PM

    "There were a lot of us 10 years ago that prayed one of Matt Salmon's kids would turn out gay," says Steve May Nice steve. um yeah can we get a picture of the two of your kissing for the cover.... yeah and maybe one of you could sit on the other ones lap... thats the money shot... its a wrap.

  • ByteRider 09/24/2010 7:15:00 PM

    Lucrece, Update-- Sept 23, 2010: The CDC announced that "1 in 5 Homosexual Men in America have HIV". You don't have to believe me anymore, the numbers speak for me.

  • ByteRider 09/24/2010 7:08:00 PM

    As reported by the CDC, Sept. 23rd, 2010: "1 in 5 male homosexuals in America have HIV". Still feel so open minded about things, Henry? This is a community that espouses promiscuity and debauchery. Proof is in the numbers. Don't take my word for it.. yes.. I am biased, no doubt about it... so, don't listen to me, people, just look at the numbers and forget I even exist.

  • ByteRider 09/24/2010 7:05:00 PM

    Think I'm being harsh, Smarm? Yesteday the CDC announced, and it was on a lot of headlines, "1 in 5 America homosexual males have HIV". But the CDC must be filled with homophobic ignorant, venomous assholes too, huh? How do I UNASSHOLE myself? "Oh, I'm sorry, poo is fun, those 5 yo's were misled by their hetero parents, shame on them". Face it dude, truth hurts.

  • Bill 09/23/2010 9:47:00 PM

    After reading the story I admit that I am confused as to the point. Was it that you can be gay and still be a Republican? Or was it an expose on the son of a prominent Mormon politician coming out of the closet? As a conservative and as a Mormon, my NATURAL tendency was to assume the latter. However (and my whole point in posting), the most redeeming information in the story was Matt's comment at the very end about how it took him 20 years to come to grips with his lifestyle and he could appreciate the fact that it might take his parents some time as well. I think people on BOTH sides of this issue could learn from that. I have definite beliefs that I know not everybody shares. I have very real and personal reasons for holding and reinforcing those beliefs that I don't expect everybody to understand. Conversely, I don't understand the gay lifestyle and don't want to be expected to understand it. However, I can associate with individuals who are gay, respect them for the good they contribute to an organization or society as a whole and as long as their lifestyle and/or belief system doesn't infringe upon my rights or my pursuit of happiness, I can honestly say, I am fine with them choosing to live life as they desire. When their lifestyle and/or belief system in some way (in my perception) imposes upon my rights or my pursuit of happiness, then there needs to be rational discourse and I need to expend energy to try to understand the other's point of view and would expect the same of the other side. This is my first time commenting on a story in any publication but have been an avid reader of many stories surrounding gay marriage (and other issues) and the various comments posted from either side. As a general rule (and there are always exceptions), the comments from BOTH sides are very much intended to intimidate or belittle the opposite side. Can't we all just allow each other to take some time (and make an effort) to understand each other?

  • Azmiike 09/22/2010 8:01:00 PM

    Wow, how do you like that, the article alludes to the fact that maybe the notable Republicans in the story should be ashamed that their progeny or relations are gay. How typically liberal; spewing out of both sides of their sleazy mouths.

  • 09/22/2010 5:54:00 PM

    Gays supporting Republicans...not very different from rape victims supporting the neighborhood rapist and black Americans supporting the KKK.

  • Merski 09/21/2010 11:30:00 PM

    This is one messed up, conflicted dude. Log Cabin Republicans, what a joke. More like Jews for Hitler.

  • Guest 09/21/2010 10:28:00 PM

    I have a saying: "There is no black and white, the world has every color of the rainbow."

  • 09/21/2010 7:20:00 PM

    This whole article reads as if Matt wrote it about himself, by himself. I'm sure he loves the attention.

  • GEORGE 09/21/2010 5:03:00 AM

    Stay out of politics - you who don't know right from wrong.

  • The Ghost In You 09/21/2010 2:22:00 AM

    Not enough cheese in the state of Wisconsin to go with that whine.

  • The Ghost In You 09/21/2010 2:16:00 AM

    Then provide citations from those organizations regarding your claims. Specifically the number of diseases carried by homosexuals, the life expectancy, and the medical costs relative to heterosexuals.

  • The Ghost In You 09/21/2010 2:13:00 AM

    Keep in mind that DOMA was initiated and passed through Congress by Republicans (though plenty of Democrats voted for it as well) as an attempt to create a wedge issue to use against President Clinton. Had he vetoed it, it would have been overridden and the Republicans would have had political ammunition to use in that year's election. FWIW, normally when Clinton signed a piece of legislation, there would be an official ceremony in the Rose Garden with media present. He signed DOMA in the middle of the night, with no ceremony and no media fanfare.

  • 09/20/2010 11:17:00 PM

    Yup! Keep hating the gays. There's this thing in life call Karma. The more hate you got the more you'll be confronted. Hate is never about someone else but yourself. Like masturbation it's a self gratification act in a very bad way. It might not literally make you blind. But intellectually and spiritually you are.

  • None 09/20/2010 11:08:00 PM

    Yo Randy_blackmer - please, we don't subscribe to your delusion. Why is it that you obvious a gay man think straight guys are all curious? "May like it a lot?" Feel the need to go on and on about it & actually get mad trying to prove your point. Put your hand on the wrong man Randy-your going to get your clock cleaned.

  • Randy_blackmer 09/20/2010 10:04:00 PM

    Sounds like their are a whole lot of "straight guys out there" that are actually "curious". Watch out straight man, you may like it alot.

  • Randy_blackmer 09/20/2010 9:58:00 PM

    Thank God that we can now see that all religions, all faiths and all people are not compelled to be straight. Some try very hard to be what they percieve as the expectation of parents and their religious leaders. And why wreck a spouses life trying to be straight. Explore you sexuality and enjoy it, it is a part of you, you can not change it. Their is no cosmetic surgery to add alittle here and take away alittle there. Too bad the Mormon church is not better educated and up to date on real life, I feel sorry for all Mormons.

  • TeoBuneo 09/20/2010 9:47:00 PM

    I think you are just still closeted, thats all. Someone has brainwashed you into believing your desires are wrong and go against your "maker". Sad that you can't just accept yourself for who you obviously are. I known and highly respect many gay men and women. You are wrong though that everyone has desires for the same sex while growing up. I believe I firmly fixated on the fairer sex when in second grade a pair twin girls and I would crawl into an empty 55 gallon barrel and play doctor during recess. We did that often and I'm certain that I fell madly in love with the female during those exquisite hours of forbidden play. My family moved to a ranch that summer and I remember vivid dreams of those wonderful girls and their beautiful bodies when I had to take my nap every afternoon. In the following years I would seek out girls who enjoyed that type recess and after school play, but they were few and far between until my early teens. Never had the slightest interest in males though.

  • Jzonieee 09/20/2010 9:43:00 PM

    Holy Crap! Like I want to see a pic of 2 dudes kissing. Disgusting! Pics of unnatural acts is not news! If mother nature doesn't support it = not natural, no matter how much you try to brainwash yourself into thinking that it is. Your life, your choice, I'm fine with. But a spade is a spade and don't call it something else. :)

  • TeoBuneo 09/20/2010 8:16:00 PM

    Yes you are!

  • hb 09/20/2010 8:15:00 PM

    Being a Conservative (registered Republican) and reading about an openly gay young Republican man gives me hope. I am constantly wondering why the majority of the gay community insists they must be liberal especially when I talk with some and they have largely conservative views.

  • Mesa Mike 09/20/2010 6:20:00 AM

    Speaking of Homosexuals, how about Benji? He steals the article of a Cincinati writer, plants it in a Scottsdale testerone laden sophmoric rag to make him look masculine. He fakes a family photo.... classic closet gay ploy. Hires a wife, and lives at Mommy and Daddy's house in Paradice Valley.

  • None 09/20/2010 3:06:00 AM


  • MStrat 09/19/2010 7:00:00 PM

    This story was on a radio talk show in DC, and that's how I found out about it. Wishing you two all the best in your relationship. --Mike

  • Smarm Seer 09/19/2010 7:23:00 AM

    And the big blue ribbon award for World's Most Ignorant, Venomous Asshole goes to...ByteRider. May the membrane-eating affliction in your brain spread to your ever-flapping poisoned tongue and then rapidly to your righteous rectum. Clearly, no one can save you.

  • 09/19/2010 2:50:00 AM

    Someone should tell these GOP boys that in Montana their friends want to put them in jail like in the old days. At a time when gays have been gaining victories across the country, the Republican Party in Montana still wants to make homosexuality illegal. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/18/montana-gop-policy-make-h_n_722073.html

  • Cheriadrianna 09/19/2010 12:08:00 AM

    Evidentially not as stupid as you. Seems more have said they like my comment, and no one has said they like yours. And just to say a cliche "stupid is as stupid does"

  • Cheriadrianna 09/18/2010 11:40:00 PM

    Alot of the so called diseases were not started by gays in this country, it was started from other countries, primarily third world countries that have no education or very little health care means. Don't just blames gays for diseases, educate yourself on the reason they are gay, not the diseases they supposedly cary. I am a transsexual, and I don't have all these diseases, because I have learned to be safe and I have learned to understand that we are human beings, and not lab rats that are injected full of these diseases to see how long they live. Also think about the fact that it wasn't the gays that brought these STD's into this country, there were just as many "straight Christians" that are infested and were infested from other countries. these Christian relief organizations are the ones that discovered those diseases amongst tribes of Africa, and how can you be sure that they didn't bring those diseases into the mainstream of America, if they got cut or somehow while helping those people, they could have contracted HIV without even knowing it. Also just sort of update you, most Gays/Lesbians/Bi/Transgenders" are practicing safe sex, and know, understand and do try to prevent any such thing from happening. GLBT's are very educated on the fact of those STD's and do avoid transmittal of them, so please don't blame just them/us for spreading it, cause a lot of it was started by straight people as you would call them.

  • !inthecloset 09/18/2010 9:59:00 PM

    Religion is a poison that make minds weak, and enslaves bodies to the collective, amid intonations on baseless fears, uncertainties, and doubts.

  • !inthecloset 09/18/2010 9:55:00 PM

    Hell, I've known gay men that you -would not- want to be in a fight with... Labels suck (except when they don't - geek and proud of it!).

  • !inthecloset 09/18/2010 9:53:00 PM

    Gotta love that binary thinking style, you have there. There must be no dawn, nor any evening in your small world... If there is one thing I have learned from my study of biology, its that there is no "black and white"; everything is a "shade of gray". To think that sexuality is somehow different, is to be blind to the reality of evolution (which, as a process, can't help but produce gradations).

  • !inthecloset 09/18/2010 9:49:00 PM

    What we citizens need is more sanity, skepticism, rationality and logical thinking - but that will never occur, because that would take effort.

  • Abcdefg 09/18/2010 9:46:00 PM

    I will say he is close-minded as well, but he has a certain point; you are both vegetarian, and I have seen others who were vegetarian who had a similar "look" (its an unhealth palor of sorts). You (as in both of you) might want to speak to a nutritionist and a doctor, and have some bloodwork done to make sure you are eating a healthy vegetarian diet and getting the proper level of nutrition. I would hate to see you or your relationship with your boyfriend be ruined because a nutrition-related issue; you both seem intelligent and committed to one another. Don't assume that you necessarily are eating healthy; there may be a particular deficiency somewhere. If you get checked out, and find out everything is a-ok, then great - at least you know.

  • !inthecloset 09/18/2010 9:38:00 PM

    Do you know where the neo-conservative grew from? Ever wondered what happened to the "kids" who -weren't- "flower children" in the 1960's? Instead of investing themselves in the "woo" of free love, they invested themselves (or were coerced) into the "woo" of the new Jesus Love. Its one of those pieces of the 60's that's rarely discussed, but it had as much influence on America, religion and politics as the whole hippie thing did; one could argue it had an even greater influence, because rather than talking about all this while hitting a bong, we're a divided nation who can't even get along over fundamental human rights...

  • !inthecloset 09/18/2010 9:34:00 PM

    There is no "savior"; grow up, become an adult, give up the fairytale, and be responsible for yourself and your actions. You have this one life, and this one life only (unless you get lucky and make it through the Singularity, of course) - so live it as best as you can, and without harming others by action or inaction.

  • !inthecloset 09/18/2010 9:25:00 PM

    That's because you need to open the door, first...

  • !inthecloset 09/18/2010 9:23:00 PM

    ...And if they're doing anal and getting poo everywhere, they're doing it wrong (unless that's what they're into, of course!). Jeez, you would think people would know this kind of stuff - just read a bit of Savage Love or something! I'm hetero, and I've never had (nor desire) anal sex, and even I know this. ByteRider needs some serious education.

  • F. Allen 09/18/2010 9:13:00 PM

    Oh big whoop. There are way more important things going on than whose son likes to plow whose nephew's back forty. This is just a bunch of irrelevant gossip.

  • ByteRider 09/18/2010 8:36:00 PM

    True. I don't know you. What do I know is your community, your life style, and the many issues that surround both. So, if you donated blood around 18 or 19, did you know you were gay then?

  • ByteRider 09/18/2010 8:26:00 PM

    Untrue [about anal sex]. Where there are heterosexuals that do, they are probably even more in the minority than homosexuals (let's face it, Mike, NO ONE has stats on THAT particular subject). But (all pun intended) because anal cancer is more representative in the gay community, I would ball-park it and say anal sex was not common among heteros. Anal Cancer is common in people who regularly participate in poo-fun. Eww... even a 5 yo old knows to stay away from someone else's poo, Mike.. I mean, dude... seriously. Get a grip.

  • ByteRider 09/18/2010 8:21:00 PM

    And I rest my case...

  • On Paul's Staff 09/18/2010 7:25:00 PM

    Please don't forget our most popular gay politician. PAUL BABEU. Gay Republican Sheriff for Pinal County. Ask him, don't listen to silly comments here. PAUL IS GAY. If he would do like responsible practicioners, he would admit it and move on with his political life. Another time we will visit with you about the ages of some of his male lovers.

  • swk88 09/18/2010 8:55:00 AM

    hmm anyone else think this article is a little biased? apparently if you're not pro-gay anti-religion you're wrong?

  • Arizonasux 09/18/2010 7:09:00 AM

    What is disgusting about Arizona is not that it has gay politicians. Whatever. What is more important than these people's personal lives is their political stances, whether those stances benefit Arizonans in general, and how they spend their time in the legislature on the public dime. What disgusts me about Arizona is how it's OK in this antiquated outpost of a territory for men to be gay and be in politics but for women's rights and issues to be so anathema to the legislative, political and judicial systems here.

  • jeb 09/18/2010 4:02:00 AM

    wait they rented the movie from redbox? how progressive.

  • 09/18/2010 3:55:00 AM

    I would hope that Arizona someday becomes a little more open and progressive and less run by bigoted individuals motivated by religious insanity. Gayness does not automatically mean that one is feminine and the other masculine. This is an old misconception. Two men can fall in love with each other am make very good partners and contribute every bit or more to society.

  • I am 09/17/2010 10:40:00 PM

    Whats sad is the feminization of men in this country our culture is very i'll and it's examples of this lifestyle that is bringing our nation to ruin. If the maker had intended for such a life style, he would have created us all as dual genders. the facts are the facts, if all of us where gay we would become as the Dinasours. I too had desires of sex with boys when young, I think we all have that as we are growing, but I realized that it was not right, and thought why would I want to live such an empty life

  • I am 09/17/2010 10:30:00 PM

    yeah like we need more feminiaztion in our Country

  • 09/17/2010 9:05:00 PM

    by the way I went door to door for Nixon and work for the Ford re-elect.

  • 09/17/2010 8:55:00 PM

    O my young friend the Republican party is FULL of the old Dixiecrats who where the problem for the Democratic Party, maybe you should get to a library to understand the real history of American not one scewed to helping your Party. I'm not bitter, I just understand how things work and have worked since I came out in 1974. Your very young attitude is very patronizing and unbecoming a newbie. And may you be blessed with the kind of relationship I have had with the same man for the last 25 years.

  • 09/17/2010 8:33:00 PM

    Thank YOU! See you at Forbidden LOL.. Gawd, can you please grand stand it a little more.

  • Mike Wells 09/17/2010 7:18:00 PM

    //"Basically, any disease that you can catch from ingesting another person's "poo" is a disease that homosexuals carry. That's a no-brainer since that's their fetish."// Seriously? That's what you're opening up with? 'Gays eat each other's poo'? Are you on Meds when you post, or something? Meet some Gay people and get back to us, they don't just sit around all day wondering who they can give a rim job too. Grow up and maybe we'll take your "data" seriously. Just for the record, plenty of straight people engage in anal play with their partners.

  • Mike Wells 09/17/2010 7:14:00 PM

    ByteRider, do a little research into the upper echelons of the Nazi Party. While they were killing Jews and gays, they actually had the very same in their upper ranks and seemed fine with that.

  • 09/17/2010 7:09:00 PM

    Thank you for an honest story. Gives the future of the repubs hope for sanity, modernity once again.

  • Matt R Salmon 09/17/2010 6:20:00 PM

    How sad is your life? I pity your close mindedness.

  • Matt R Salmon 09/17/2010 6:19:00 PM

    I'm sorry for your bitterness. Both parties have a history of bigotry...and both have the propensity to overcome them. Dems overcame their oppression of African Americans, and the Reps can do the same for GLBT. History tends to repeat.

  • 09/17/2010 4:49:00 PM

    These 2 look like they are on healthy dose of Meth or Ecstasy, thanks for the uninvite.

  • 09/17/2010 4:46:00 PM

    What an Idiot go do your gay grand standing lie to us about how you want to help people. Wierdo.. Oh this is not a Steve may story is it LOL. Same scenario different gay follow this dood for a day or 2 then those conservative roots will show @ the Flexx and Chute.... Sorry horrible representation. Gays and conservatives do not mix, being gay is progressive.

  • Elissa 09/17/2010 3:45:00 PM

    Thanks for such a great article. As a young person who identifies herself as a "republican" because I whole heartedly support the ideals of the Republican party, especially as described on the GOP website (http://www.gop.com/index.php/issues/who_we_are/). Unfortunately, the party has been hijacked by some wingnuts who believe that "individuals, not government, can make the best decisions" so long as that decision conforms to their world/religious view and the government enacts laws that enforce that view. I hope that there will be a changing of the gaurd in the republican party as the baby boomers retire and young republicans like Matt Salmon and Meghan McCain can return the party to its roots of small government, individual liberties and equallity for all.

  • 09/17/2010 8:18:00 AM

    A Republican initiative, along with all the anti-marriage equality measures on state wide ballots in 2004. Read some history, outside of LCR talking points.

  • 09/17/2010 8:17:00 AM

    DOMA was a Republican initiative, and there were not the votes to overturn a veto. Read up my friend, it was a not a great time to be pro-gay. It was political suicide, kind of a AIDS hangover.

  • 09/17/2010 8:15:00 AM

    These are all very nice 2010 LCR talking points, but my friend it was a very different time, kind of a AIDS hangover for any legislation. It is not like it was a Clinton initiative, oops, it was a Republican wet dream. And still is defended by Republicans.

  • Crichton_1977 09/17/2010 5:28:00 AM

    If there is no savior, you'd better be right!

  • Matt R Salmon 09/17/2010 2:39:00 AM

    And DOMA?

  • Matt R Salmon 09/17/2010 2:38:00 AM

    I think the last time I donated I was maybe 18 or 19. I find it interesting that you jump to all these futuristic conclusions about what I will do and who I will become. Those are the worst types of judgments out there, I believe. You don't even know me and yet you claim you know who I will become or what I will do with my life. Assuming I intend to survive in the political world? That I will solely rely on stump speeches and have no actual thought of my own to share? Please, try to be a little more open minded.

  • Matt R Salmon 09/17/2010 12:14:00 AM

    I wholeheartedly agree.

  • 09/17/2010 12:00:00 AM

    Being "quiet about it" didn't work for a very, very long time. In the last forty years we have advanced gay/straight equality (almost) to the point of allowing us to marry.. Don't expect us to shut up about it soon.

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 11:24:00 PM

    How do you feel about the Right Of Association as found by the SCOTUS on Boy Scouts of America v Dale?

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 11:20:00 PM

    Huh? "Preditable" Really? Coming from a guy named "Linguist" I think I would expect better diction. No.. predictive is the correct word for two reasons: a) it's the correct word, period (see dictionary). and b) as Noam Chomsky, father of Linguistics said-- if the word is understandable, it is correct. Class dismissed.

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 11:15:00 PM

    Oh? Wanna bet I was probably your teacher? LOL!

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 11:14:00 PM

    Actually, that's completely untrue, Mike. Hitler, one day, called for the deaths of over 300 officers who were gay. It was called something like "the night of tears" or "day of sorrow" or something like that. There's a PBS show that actually documents this specific case. Dang, I wish my memory was better... but, I think you can google it and find it. Wikipedia has a good entry on this topic... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_homosexuals_in_Nazi_Germany_and_the_Holocaust

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 11:08:00 PM

    Our friend may have mental issues that should be addressed before he tries to address the issues of others (politically). Has he done that? Does he need to do that? I'm not a name callers or someone who calls for hate, I call for caution and I state the facts as I know them. I also avoid hyperbolas remarks where I can. As an andragogical student, I know you learn as much by the question as you do by the answer.

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 11:03:00 PM

    I don't hate Salmon. In fact, I wish him all the luck in the world. I merely asked a question. How is he going to survive in the political world if he can't answer a simple, easy, no-brainer, soft-ball question like that? Seriously? You going to follow him on his stump speeches and call people "haters" when they ask questions? Good luck with that.

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 11:01:00 PM

    Your use of the word "bigot" is incorrect here. I suggest you use a dictionary. If you understood what the word bigot means, you'd suddenly realize your own comment was extemely bigoted. Please rewrite your rant so that an intelligent person can understand it. *sigh*

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 10:55:00 PM

    Never heard of them. Look above, all my sources have been stated. I'm sure the FDA, CDC, WHO, and other groups I mentioned are noted anti-gay organizations, huh? Nice try, no cigar.

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 10:53:00 PM

    What facts am I missing? Do a search-and-replace on my message. Replace "Homosexual" with "Kid" and all the diseases with "Chicken Pox." Now... care to restate your opinion?

  • ByteRider 09/16/2010 10:50:00 PM

    Most of the health issues can be gathered from nearly ANY homosexual-based "health" website. Nothing hidden there at all. Google it yourself. Homosexual life span at 50: www.physiciansforlife.org All disease related information: fda.gov, cdc.org Basically, any disease that you can catch from ingesting another person's "poo" is a disease that homosexuals carry. That's a no-brainer since that's their fetish. So, I would welcome you to checkout your favorite medical book to research that. HIV-1 Group O is on CDC's website as well as the United Nation's WHO (World Health Organization) website-- you have to specifically create a database query to get the real inforamtion. It's at http://www.who.int/en/, but specifically information can be had at: http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00042810.htm http://www.genetics.org/cgi/content/abstract/167/3/1059 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8924256 Like I said... just spreading the information, not making it up... you can't make this stuff up!

  • Mike Wells 09/16/2010 9:39:00 PM

    Yeah, I've never agreed with that part of the belief system, otherwise women and children wouldn't make it to heaven. When you look at it as "advancing" like that, I admit you have a point. I personally went flat on all organized religion somewhere in my teens and just try to live life by the Golden Rule. If these churches would take some time and actually read their texts, they'd really see that most religions are based on that concept. All the other stuff is just fluff added with an agenda to either make it more readable or to get someone's personal beliefs accepted as God's word. As I said before good luck in all you do. It would be interesting if you decided to pursue a political career. As the younger generations get older, they're going to tire of the current stew of political hate that is permeating this country from both sides, and I bet both parties are ging to be in for major changes.

  • Matt R Salmon 09/16/2010 9:13:00 PM

    Mike, actually, I am the one who explained to her that tithing was the way to advance in the church. If you are LDS, you know, you can't have a temple recommend unless you pay tithing. No temple recommend, no advancement, no godhood.

  • Manicmartian 09/16/2010 9:04:00 PM

    Idiot, you can find something disgusting and still tolerate it. Are you just stupid?

  • Mike Wells 09/16/2010 9:03:00 PM

    Much agreed, I don't vote Party myself, I vote based on what a particular candidate supports that I support. I have never in my life found a candidate that I support 100%, so it's always a case of weighing the plusses against the minuses. I don't see why people don't understand this simple concept. I think voting a straight Party line merely BECAUSE it's the Party line is not only ignorant, it damages the voting process.

  • Mike Wells 09/16/2010 8:26:00 PM

    Can't 'educate' unless you cite your sources, until then it's all hearsay buddy. Care to post this? A bit of warning: Stay away from sources like Fred Phelps' church or Focus on the Family. Official government sources and/or university sources are good. They should also include studies done less than 10 or so years ago, since alot has been learned just in this decade. Ok, ball's in your court.

  • Jeff D 09/16/2010 8:00:00 PM

    Honestly John, I'm a gay man, in great physical shape, very well educated, and with a great life. If you want to know what disgusts me... it's people who are poorly educated, don't have a passport and have never experienced the way the rest of the world operates, people that don't question what they are taught but blindly follow. I'm disgusted by the white trash flowing in and out of Walmart without even showering before they leave the house, the druggies walking down the street scratching their necks, and most of the all the lazy and obese population that riddles this state. There is nothing more disgusting to me than two fat, ugly, uneducated people in love, and creating babies that they can not afford. BUT I TOLERATE IT. So you damn well better tolerate a couple of educated, attractive gay guys having a private life that has nothing to do with you.

  • jaybird 09/16/2010 8:00:00 PM

    Ugh, RINOS? Really??? Take your conspiracy theories elsewhere. Do you really know what it means to be a Rebublican? Do any of them conclusively know or agree on what they stand for? Your ignorance makes me physically ill.

  • Cheriadrianna 09/16/2010 7:58:00 PM

    well from what I see you are not only judging., you are personally persecuting something you have never studied and have no real knowledge of per say. you are using this information of diseases to condone your own prejudicial and your excuse to be discriminatory towards something you do not have all the facts about. Your reading into things and then making a personal judgment of, you are the prosecutor, the judge and the hangman all rolled up into one piece of useless flesh. I am willing to bet it took you a long time to find this so called information that suits your wants and persecutions of another human being. Grow up and read ALL the facts, not just the ones you want to use.

  • Mike Wells 09/16/2010 7:53:00 PM

    When the "messenger" is delivering his own ignorant "message" of hate, it's a pretty easy decision there, buddy.

  • Cheriadrianna 09/16/2010 7:49:00 PM

    Evidentially you can't tolerate it, cause you made a comment on how disgusting it is. Can you honestly say you understand or are trying to learn why this happens? I bet the answer is no, you have no interest to know or learn.

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