Stoke-on-Trent Central CLP Reject Sutton - Sutton Rejects The Lib Dems!

01 Sep 2010
Posted by Tony Walley

Stoke-on-Trent CLP have rejected a membership application from current Liberal Democrat Councillor Dave Sutton.

Cllr Sutton was suspended from the Labour Party for 5 years for standing as a Liberal Democrat. That suspension expires in May 2010. Cllr Sutton has hit out at the Labour Party and the Labour Group on the City Council for rejecting his application. He also attacked the Liberal Democrats for their lack of support regarding his election to the City Council and the controversial count which led to Eve Maley lodging a complaint and instigating a legal process which eventually ended in failure. He Confirmed that he will not stand for the Liberal Democrats in the future and that he has not renewed his party membership. [Listen to the audio interview below]

It is understood that the Labour Party have rejected his application because his suspension still has nine months to run. This would however, prevent Cllr Sutton standing as a Labour Candidate in the 2010 all out council elections.

Councillor Mohammed Pervez, leader of the Labour Group dismissed claims that Cllr Sutton was 'blacklisted' from joining the Labour Party. [Listen to the audio interview below]

Liberal Democrat leader Kieran Clarke has been aware that Cllr Sutton was trying to get back into the Labour Party but confirmed that he is welcome to stay with the Liberal Democrat. [Listen to the audio interview below]

Cllr Sutton now intends to stand as a non aligned councillor in next years council elections. Subject to the Boundary Committee review, he is considering standing in the Sandyford or Tunstall ward.

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Tony Walley Interviews Cllr Dave Sutton

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Tony Walley Interviews Cllr Kieran Clarke

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Tony Walley Interviews Cllr Mohammed Pervez

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Guest's picture

The Sutton's are a joke.

The Sutton's are a joke. Career councillors who've been in more parties than Paris Hilton.

Well done to Stoke Central CLP for making this greasy pole climber wait out his expulsion.

Shaun Bennett's picture

Seeing the way the wind is

Seeing the way the wind is blowing, Sutton is clearly pursuing an incredibly opportunistic agenda here. He knows he doesn't stand a chance of being reelected in his area next year as anything but a Labour candidate, and so he's desperately trying to get back into the party with time to spare to get himself re-selected.

But having failed in that bid, he now says he's not staying with the Lib Dems. But he hasn't ruled out staying within the Lib Dem group in the short term until the election. Apparantly, the Lib Dems are not good enough for the Sutton's starting next May, but they're ok as a last resort today.

Doubly embarassing then for the Lib Dems leader Cllr Kieran Clarke to be quoted saying that he's welcome to stay in his party despite publicly trying to get into Labour. It seems that the Liberal Democrats now have accepted their role as the dustbin of stoke politics, not even having the self respect to reject a man who is publicly wooing other parties.

Yes, the Lib Dems are indeed the perfect place for Cllr Sutton. But I wonder why he hasn't considered the other option remaining open to him: why hasn't he considered joining the fruitcakes and lunatics inb the far left Community Voice group? Surely he'd be well at home amongst the former Labour councillors that he used to sit alongside when he was in the Labour party???

tonyjohnt's picture

What about William Hague

What about William Hague Shaun?

Only his brand of Toryism could still be so far in the closet they're in f*****g Narnia.

Shaun Bennett's picture

Typical socialist Tony, able

Typical socialist Tony, able to pass judgement on something that you cannot possibly know anything about. Guilty until proven innocent.

And foul mouthed into the bargain.

I fear you have been reading too much of the Daily Comic.

tonyjohnt's picture

Only teasing Shaun... a

Only teasing Shaun... a couple of stiff ones down me and the devil in me. Eh, I'm a liberal with a small "l", I don't care if William Hague is into brown love. I thought he was great hosting Have I Got News For You. If he'd quit politics and go into TV I might even like the guy.

Noticed this rabble still arguing about Labour Party rules & regs? Me and you are like two blokes enjoying a quiet pint while the pub erupts into a wild west saloon around us... fools!

BTW, I don't read many newspapers - I like to be informed.

Shaun Bennett's picture

Ha, ha, ha, he is rather

Ha, ha, ha, he is rather excellent I agree.

The thing that is annoying me so greatly about this story is not whether or not he's getting up to anything, but the fact that certain underhand folks in the media are using such vile innuendo and smears to make it LOOK as though something improper is going on.

Hague says the stories are baseless, and frankly even if they weren't it would be nothing whatsoever to do with any of us.

It seems to be that some vile journalists want to resurrect the sexual sleaze story of the Major Years now that the Tories are back in office-stories which rightly dissapeared in the Labour years.

So if I appeared humourless, it was really because of the iunjustice of it all rather than at you Tony.

tonyjohnt's picture

I was told by my grandma

I was told by my grandma years ago : Tory scandals are about sex, Labour scandals are about money.

Shaun Bennett's picture

Absolutely and thats

Absolutely and thats right!

But if thats the case, a real scandal will be along shortly anyway. The Labour supporting press does not need to invent one!

tonyjohnt's picture

The Labour supporting

The Labour supporting press?

Isn't that like rocking horse shit?... very rare.

The Tories are big on sex scandals though... Cecil Parkinson, David Mellor. Then there was that backbencher found hanging in a wardrobe with his little chap in his hand and an orange stuck up his arse. Apparently, he was wearing a Vale shirt but the police didn't release that at the time to spare his family the embarrassment.

Gary Elsby's picture

Dave's term isn't up and I

Dave's term isn't up and I know of no ruling that says he can't be accepted after that.

It's news to me that I am on a 'blacklist' now I'm expelled. I could have written out my notice, as is the norm, but I was so disgusted that I offer my expulsion as a condemnation of the NEC and not my actions.

Mick Williams's picture

Of course I avoided the

Of course I avoided the automatic 5-year exclusion period by making a highly-publicised resignation from the Labour Party. So I am well within my rights applying to re-join at any time.

Indeed, I have had correspondence from the Party nationally asking me to consider this particular course of action.

This being the case it is strange that Stoke Central CLP have agreed to approach certain former members (including several proven liars and cheats) asking them to consider re-joining but have excluded myself and other 'notable leavers' from this exercise.

On second thoughts I am tempted into the position described by Marx (Groucho) when he said he: "would probably not want to be a member of a club which would have me in its membership".

'Nuff said.

[And perhaps I'll just keep my powder dry by continuing to be part of 'shadow labour'.]

In democracy,

David Sutton's picture

Dear All, I was looking at

Dear All,

I was looking at the possibility of re-join the Labour Party over 12 months ago.

As far as the black list of the City Labour Party is concerned if there is one, why not publish it so that former members can see if they are on it and save time and effort re-applying.

this decision was mine and mine alone it had nothing to do with my brother Paul.

Infact Paul said it was total folly for me to even contemplate trying to try to re-join the Labour Party, Paul has told me on a number of occasions that he would not re-join the political sceen as the character assination that had tacken place against him was not worth the bother again.

I am not seeing how the wind is blowing in politics within our great city, as I am seeing through our city council we are very close to the abyss of government intervention in the city.Therefore I have decided for the foreseeable future to put to one side party politics.

David Sutton.

George K Harvey's picture

Utter tosh.

Utter tosh.

Gary Elsby's picture

A new member applying does so

A new member applying does so Nationally.
When accepted, the name appears on the next membership list which the Secretary sees for the first time under 'new members' every three months.
At this point a challenge is allowed to be made (Nationally) to a possible conflict of interest.
I'm guessing that Dave didn't get this far due to his ban not ending and that a conspiracy by a CLP is at this pont, speculation.
I am banned for 5 years but can appeal that ban when I choose to.
There is nothing within the rules that disallows Dave from appealing also.
Isn't it a contridiction that allows anyone to 'cross the floor' and thus bypassing the CLP.
Could I point out that I am the only member of the 'shadow Labour Party' that is serving a ban and that all of the rest can join Labour whenever they choose to do so.
For the record, I serve no ban whatsoever.

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