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Atarashii Prelude

K-ON! 06: Nice Bowl


Nation, episode six of K-ON! was aired just recently, and in that very episode, which the rest of the world tuned in to witness as well, was to be a display of Mio's striped panties on stage. However, Kyoto Animation denied us from our rights to savor this miracle of the universe, by blatantly censoring and replacing the delightful imagery of a shimapan with that of a rice bowl:

You must admit however, that it was at least tastefully done.

But folks, there is of course more to this thinly veiled attempt at promoting the DVDs than meets the eye. Behind this delicious metaphor is a deftly concealed subliminal message which I will reveal through my The Da Colbert Code:

My god, this means that the allegations of Mio being a slut is actually true! I don't want to believe it, but the Da Code is never wrong and take a look a closer look at Mio's orgasmic expression prior to that alleged mishap:


By "tripping over", Mio was in fact actually offering her rice bowl to the audience so that they could feast on her rice by inserting chopsticks into said bowl.

However, Mio is not really the one to blame here. I mean, it is common in the Asian culture that you have some meat in your rice. There's also the fact that it was Kyoto Animation that ultimately debauched this otherwise HNNNGH-inducingly adorable moment of its manga counterpart. Kyoto Animation, you are a disgrace among Japanese animation studios, and until you get your act together, I'm putting you On Notice:

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  1. siiiiiiiiiigh…….I didn’t expect KyoAni to have the guts to expose some patsu so I wasn’t really disappointed in fact I was right in my assumption that they’d cock block everyone expecting some hahaha. I wouldn’t have high hopes for the DVD too if it turns out to be a disappointment also.

  2. Seriously need to check asap , is that really Mio i am seeing there .
    It seems so WRONGggggg

  3. Bravo, bravo!

  4. You must admit however, that it was at least tastefully done.

    Hmm, not bad, not bad :wink:

    I swear I’m gonna get fat from all the cheese K-ON has to offer… but the cheese tastes SOOO GOOODD!!! D=

    5000 hours in MSPaint

    REPRESENT!!! :roll:



    The Sojourner’s last blog post..[ID SOJOURNER] The Dangers of Hollywood Adaptations of Anime Works #01

  6. You’re just missing a shot of the whatshername sensei in the audience with the “Just as planned!” look on her face.

    Or preferably screaming her head off about how wet she’s become :P

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Watchlist Additions – Sweet Edition

  7. A FUCKING DISGRACE if i ever saw one (and I’m not even a Mio fanboy).

    Today, Kyoani not only let its fans down but also itself. I thought they would have the testicular/ovarian fortitude to do it right and better the fanservice scenes that they did in Fumoffu and TSR. I guess i was proven wrong. Way to throw your credential out of the window Kyoani. You make me sick. :cry: :cry:

    On another note. I think this is shopped but what the heck.


  8. Really enjoyed the Mio photoshop there. I’m sure some people would really want to see that face on Mio. :roll:

    What bugs me more than the “complaining” about KyoAni not giving the pantyshot (where I thought the rice was an awesome cutaway), is the fact that there was wondering about whether they would show it in the first place. I understand why, but it wasn’t necessary, and I think despite being in the source material, it would have cheapened the moment in my opinion. :???:

    In this case, symbolism good, directness not so great. :3

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Impressions on Hyakko: A Class Act Led By A Class Clown

  9. I’m just hoping they’ll fix it when the widefaces version airs in a few weeks. or else there’ll be hell to pay. :cool:

  10. At least we can still expect fanservice in Haruhi, right guys?


  11. Still yummy.

    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..Medaka Box

  12. I don’t want to look at Mio anymore. Especially this one in your post.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..If I Write a K-On! Post Everyone Will Be Happy: Character Analysis

  13. lol, CANNOT UNSEE that Mio pic.
    That is so wrong..

    On another note, I’m not really disappointed since I’d like K-ON! to be a non-fanservice (or minimum) show.

    Setsukyie’s last blog post..Happy Mothers Day !

  14. Nice parody.

    Haruhi did have some underwear, so some fanservice is not out of the question.

  15. That rice bowl was still an ingenious idea. We all knew that some kind of pantyshot was coming when Mio tripped and it just totally caught the audience off guard.

  16. lol You just made my day, Shin.

  17. From the look of Mio’s face before she tripped, I somehow expected someone to shop that expression in.

    Why is Kyoto Animation lower in ranking than Jane Fonda? I demand an explanation.
    And rice representing vagina? I’m never going to look at my dinner the same way again. It just gave me a reason to ‘play with my food’.

  18. wait…. what!?
    i’m confused

  19. @Yyi: Because Kyoto-Animation doesn’t really do fan service. It’s like the very last thing they would ever do. It’s cock-blockery at its finest.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..And Then It Turned Into a Friggin’ Music Video!: A K-ON! Episode 6 Perfomance

  20. @Rauken: There are many forms of fan service and does not necessary refer to solely exposure scenes or the such. It just refers to what the fans like to see and giving it to them as a ‘service’.

    Beach episodes are clearly fan service, that was already brought out during episode 4. I would also consider ‘Moe Moe Kyun’ as fan service since you don’t get to see Mio in a maid dress in natural situations. It was unexpected, yes, but having that scene was a treat for all Mio fans.

    Mind you that Kyoto Animation did produce the onsen episode of Full Metal Panic Fumoffu which involved all the female characters being fully unclothed in the bath. If that isn’t fan service, I don’t know what is.

  21. I was worried for a moment there that nobody got the Colbert references. Thanks :cry:

    @issa-sa – I can’t get the image of Sawa-chan being Kanako out my mind!

    @shaoron – Stephen Colbert, bro. Watch it!

    @Rakuen – I still fondly recall the Kyou storage shed scene :lol:

    @Yyi – Yeah, that was the only instance of fanservice where I didn’t mind not seeing anything at all, since it was so cleverly concealed unlike the methods used today which undermines viewer intelligence more than anything else :lol:

  22. Aww c’mon; I thought it was freakin’ funny to replace her panties with a rice bowl. I think they thought that too.

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