Top Ten Videogame Sidekicks

6. The Little Dog from NetHack
From NetHack, circa 1985

This character's got character. Actually, he is a character. Yes, I'm talking about the little dog (or cat) from NetHack, the classic Hall of Fame game that's nearly 20 years old.

NetHack was entirely text-based, meaning that your little dog was represented by a small "d" character. Ah, but I harbored such affections for that loveable little mutt, with his big floppy ... serifs ... I guess. He was a versatile little bugger. You could train your dog to rob shopkeepers, you could use him to attack other monsters, or you could zap him with a wand of polymorph to turn him into (hopefully) a capital D. That meant "Dragon." Hence, he ended up playing a major role in this heroic PlanetFargo column. NetHack is still in development, and it's still fun -- so go download it!

Didn't Make the Cut:
Deekin from the Neverwinter games

Who? This little Kobold guy was a forum favorite thanks to memorable quotes such as "The sacr... sacro... the thingy with dead people in it." He played a huge role in the Shadows of Undrentide expansion for Neverwinter Nights.

Why He Didn't Make the Cut: "Undrentide" never goes through the spell-checker.

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