Study Looks at Use of Homeopathy in One Brazilian City

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Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week
News Date: 
June 26, 2010

Researchers interviewed 3,080 people in the Brazilian city of Montes Claros.

“...’The prevalence of the use of homeopathy was 2.4%. The factors associated with its use were female gender, schooling and income. The main reason that led to seeking homeopathy was 'Conventional treatment did not have any effect'. For 70.2% of the users, the cost of the treatment was considered reasonable or cheap. About 73% were satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment received through homeopathy. The prevalence of the use of homeopathy found here was less than that reported in other countries. People with higher income and schooling levels used homeopathy more frequently. There was higher prevalence among women,’ wrote J.F. Rodrigues-Neto and colleagues, University Estadual of Montes Claros, Department of Medicine.

“The researchers concluded: ‘Most users declared themselves satisfied with the treatment received.’..."