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  1. yay! RT @ThatGirl_Chloe: catching up with the lovely @ButtercupD today for lunch in the Santa Monica sun with @hermioneway @MiniAnastasia
  2. Epson's Transparent Video Glasses Let You See the Judgmental Stares of Others [Video]
  3. @DoreenHWong saw an Australian short, "the palace" & full-length Spanish film, "black bread". both stories about war. very "heavy" but good.
  4. Apple Says Siri Never Coming to Older Phones? [SIRI]
  5. Report: Adobe Is Finally Pulling the Plug on Mobile Flash [Flash]
  6. At Olympus, Scandal and Rising Calls for a Purge
  7. @ikbentim hahahahahaha! what an idiot.
  8. @ikbentim no, what did you say for them to want to block you?
  9. @ikbentim lol! what did you say?
  10. @ikbentim lol. seriously, they announce it? lame.
  11. The Waldorf-Astoria's Presidential Entrance Includes a Secret Train Station [Architecture]
  12. Best Views in America
  13. hahaha RT @officialswish: Herman Cain....Making Newt Gengrich look great as the days pass.....
  14. the spanish movie, "black bread" was equally a downer, but very good. screened "heavy" flicks. #foroscarconsideration
  15. @cinemascribe i'm just glad it was a short!! if it was a full length feature,'s about war, so that's why.
  16. australian short, "the palace" was like taking a sledgehammer to the stomach. powerful. wow. #foroscarconsideration
  17. 8 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure #health
  18. Twizzlers!
  19. screening a foreign film and short for Oscar consideration