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How to make the Mods go hulk smash on you

  • Post the punchline in title
  • Hotlink or rehost comic
  • Omit NSFW or Oglaf mark
  • Lament about unfunniness of a post
  • Watermark, when you didn't create the comic

Comic Secrets (Oooh!)

  • Hover over the red button for a secret comic on SMBC.
  • Many webcomics have an additional joke in the alt text.
  • Qwantz has jokes in the contact link and in the RSS title (see the archive).
  • Oglaf is written by a woman and NSFW unless labeled SFW (never omit NSFW).
  • Subnormality has a lot of text and he does it just to annoy you.
  • Amazing Super Powers often has a hidden comic you can see by clicking on the invisible icon to the right of the strip

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