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Thank you GIANTS and GIANTS FANS for an exciting season. This subreddit has grown exponentially thanks to the submissions, debates, and original content provided by everyone here.

Again, thanks y'all from the Mods.

San Francisco Giants Subreddit:

A collection of news, articles, blogs, and personal opinion on the San Francisco Giants baseball organization. Anything that would interest fans of the Giants has a place here.

Help build a compilation of SF Giants Resources

This is a drama-free subreddit. Personal attacks on users or players are not tolerated.

If your submission gets caught in the spam filter feel free to message the moderators.

If you REPORT a link, PLEASE explain why.

Relevant Blogs and sites:

Extra Baggs -- Beat Writer

McCovey Chronicles -- Great Writer

ESPN's Bay City Ball -- SABR/Stats oriented perspective

SFGiants.com -- Official MLB Site

The Infinite is Possible -- One reason the Giants won the World Series

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