The 15 Best Horror Games

H.P. Lovecraft was a master of horror, so it's no surprise that this retelling of his novella "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" makes for one of the best horror games out there: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. The game is steeped in the Cthulhu mythos, and it breaks with a number of game conventions: it has no HUD, and instead of a life bar, audio (your heartbreak and your breathing) and visual (the screen loses color) cues indicate how much health you have. This increases the game's suspense as your detective investigates a cult--and finds a thriving worship supernatural horror.

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What people don't seem to realize is the fact that Bioschock is a horror game. You don't need blood, gore and rape in a video game to make it scary. It's about atmosphere, the story and a game's elements that make it a great horror game. Dead Space, not scary? When's the last time you actually played it without your music playing or the lights off at night, turned up so high that you can hear every skitter across the room? And you guys don't find Bioshock the least bit scary? Really? There is such a lack of true horror these days that you people have become brainwashed by the fact that flesh being ripped open is the ONLY thing that makes something good.


I'm to sure what Universe the GamePro Staff member who wrote this lives in, but if he says BioShock is the #1 horror game then please Teleport your ass Back to your own Damn Universe. There are dozens of more Eligible games out there to chose from. I mean Silent Hill 2 is a better Horror Game although it pains be to say the Dead Space games are more Qualified. And are you limiting your games to only one console if so please say so. Because if you ever play on a PC then you'd know there are better games such as The Punumbra:Trilogy, Amnesia: The Dark Decent, or Killing Floor.


Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem for Gamecube.
Best Horror game in terms of story and gameplay. It did the whole "I'm going crazy and hallucinating" way before that showed up in Amnesia: The Dark Decent.


List is a compilation of Gamepro getting kickbacks from developers.... I swear the last one 10 great zombie games... Valve's Left 4 Dead ranked pretty damn high..I Love the Lack of solid scare the crap out of ya games on this list.. . Resident Evil DC for PSone pretty much set the bar for that "I hope that's shepard's pie in my pants" moment !!! Silent hill had it's fair share of scary twisted scenarios. Even the failure (my opinion ahead of it's time) Obscure was at times scary. Another thing I just think it's odd is the author of this notes the opening cinema as his favorite from RE4... hmmm gets you pondering how deep he got into the game cause even a few moments later I'd say a scarier sequence takes place with the 1st of many crazy chainsaw guys... I dunno gamepro your ability to provide unbiased game reviews and whatnot is beginning to lack integrity.

Basically Resident Evil needs to be at the very least 2nd on the list due to it's redefining the genre !!! Nobody can deny that without Resident Evil games like Left 4 Dead and Dead Island possibly would not have been made.. The guys who made it were up late at night with a bowl of chips and nestle quik just like the rest of us playing resident evil frantically looking for ammo / typewriter to get to the next bump in the night.

I'm seriously going to start reviewing games on my facebook account, real raw honest and unbiased reviews. I'll tell ya whether its a must own or garbage !!

Gamepro is getting L.A.M.E.

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No Penumbra, Silent Hill 1, 2, & 3, Fatal Frame 1, 2, & 3, & Clive Barker's Undying!? Son, I am disappoint.


amnesia was more a sound effects scary game than the gameplay. not to mention the gameplay blew.


1.Dead space 1&2
2.silent hill 2
3.resident evil 1 and code veronica.

are my top 3


Ramanos wrote:

Although either was Dead Rising 2.

....Or most of the games on here.


Castlevania was not a horror game. In any way. Although either was Dead Rising 2.


So what did you guys do, just copy the 10 Best Zombie games list and throw in a couple more? They are almost identical. :/