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Rent-To-Own Program

In our years of working with tenants we have noticed that renting is not always part of your long-term plans. You, like thousands of other Canadians, wish to someday own your own home.

At Cornerstone Select Properties we want to help you achieve your dream of home ownership through our exclusive Rent-To-Own program .    

If you're a good tenant with poor credit, having trouble saving enough for a down payment, or just simply confused about the process of buying real estate then we might have just the break you've been waiting for.

Our Rent-To-Own program will take you from your current situation and help you re-build your credit rating, save for that down payment and walk you through the entire process. You can afford it, you can save up cash for a down payment, and we can show you how.

Are you a great tenant who is kind to yourself, your property and to your neighbors?

Are you interested in home ownership?

Well then... fill out our Application Form and let's get started!