Danger Man, Real-Life Superhero

I was not born with superpowers.

I do, however, possess extremely large testicles.


“Only the stupid man has no fear of death” –Sun Tzu

Danger Man Real Life Superhero Portland 1

While many will not consider taking risks in the realm of the unknown, as Danger Man, I assess the risks and move forward if I judge my ability equal to the challenge.

I have climbed bridges to their summit, leapt across rooftops, and scaled buildings above drops of hundreds of feet.  I do none of this because I am foolish.  I do the unrealistic because I do not allow fear to override my faith in my ability.



I practice the art of Parkour, which is the study of momentum.  I train every day to keep my body in the physical shape this discipline requires, and through its use I have learned that life is not about stopping at obstacles.  It is about traversing them.

Guerilla Marketing

I get peoples attention, and I enjoy it.

Some of my clients hire me to simply hand out fliers in a crowd.  Others want comprehensive smartphone campaigns, with interactive treasure hunts and onsite geocache-hidden coupons that are only accessible by those who have the wit to decipher my treasure maps.

I have pioneered the field of Superhero-Themed Guerilla Marketing, precisely because I am fearless.