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Transferring FeedBurner Accounts to Google Accounts FAQ

Why is FeedBurner merging its product with Google's?

Our vision when FeedBurner joined Google was to help bring the best of what FeedBurner offered in syndication publisher tools and solutions to the AdSense platform, and vice versa. In the time since the merger, the FeedBurner engineering team has joined the Google engineering team (but still focuses on the same set of tools for RSS monetization, analysis, and optimization) and is not managed as a separate company or subsidiary.

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Why do I need to transfer my account?

We are moving all FeedBurner accounts to Google Accounts.

Since Google's acquisition of FeedBurner, Inc. on June 1, 2007, we have been moving the FeedBurner application to Google hardware, software, and data centers. This allows the application to scale and perform like most Google applications and integrate easily with other Google platforms. It also means more reliability in delivering your content, analytics, and monetization, as well as a more secure and consistent experience for your users.

In order to provide an integrated experience and to support the new features we have planned for our feed platform, as well as to improve security, it is necessary for logins to be handled via a Google Account.

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By what date will I have to move my account?

We are currently planning to have all accounts moved by February 28, 2009. We will make all efforts to notify you promptly when you can move your account. Currently, all AdSense publishers are free to update their account. If you do not have a Google AdSense account, you are encouraged to apply. All other publishers will be presented with a link inside of in the near future.

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Will I lose all my subscribers in this process?

You should not lose any readers of your feed during this transition process. All URLs will redirect your readers to feeds hosted by Google. Your readers will continue to receive your feeds. However, the reporting and analytics may take up to a week to adjust to internet traffic changes, so the number of subscribers you see in analytics reports may be lower for a short period of time.

In addition, the algorithms we use to calculate subscribers and reach at Google are more accurate and up to date than the algorithms previously used at, so your numbers will not be exactly the same before and after the transfer. We are constantly tuning our analytics to ensure they are accurate and correct for our publishers, but going forward we are only doing this within the Google environment.

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I use MyBrand, the service that allows me to map a domain I own to my feed. Do I need to change anything?

Yes. After transferring your account, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to change MyBrand. You can also get these instructions on the MyAccount page after the transfer.

You will be required to change your DNS CNAME to the Google hosted domain service, the same service that handles custom domains for Google applications like Blogger and Google Apps for Your Domain.

Please note that the CNAME will no longer be the same domain as the domain that serves feeds, but the service level and functionality will be identical.

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Where will I login with my Google account to manage my feeds and ad settings?

If you're an AdSense publisher, you will login to AdSense to manage your feed advertising.

If you are simply checking feed analytics or managing other syndication settings, you can login to My Feeds, which will take you to a website that supports feed management and looks very similar to

If you were previously a FeedFoundry user who used the application to measure and predict ad inventory, please contact your AdSense representative to setup this functionality as part of Google Ad Manager.

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Are there any new features available as part of this account transition?

Yes! As we have previously announced, this change allows all publishers with an AdSense account to participate in AdSense for feeds, to help make money from the valuable audience that reads your feed on a regular basis. If you haven't already been moved from the FeedBurner Ad Network to AdSense for feeds by a Google representative, please login to your AdSense account, select AdSense for feeds, and initiate the transfer of your account.

The ability for publishers to distribute their feed via email has also been greatly enhanced. Email delivery now shares the same email delivery backend as other Google products, and you as the publisher can now search or page through your subscriber list to manage your email subscribers.

There are also some presentation changes to Feed analytics that we hope you will find valuable.

Additionally, this platform is built on a much more scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure, which means we're doing things in the background that you don't notice. This includes being able to go back in time and generate historical stats for days in the past from our databases to correct analytical anomalies, and more importantly, being able to serve your feed content from multiple Google data centers when outages occur in internet backbones and other things that are outside of your and our control.

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Are there any features that are not available at

There are two features that we are retiring from all versions of feedburner: Site Stats (visitors) and FeedBurner Networks.

We have decided to retire FeedBurner website visitor tracking, as we feel Google already has a comparable publisher site analytics tool in Google Analytics. If you do not currently use Google Analytics, we recommend signing up for an account. We want to stress that all feed analytics will remain the same or be improved, and they are not going away.

FeedBurner Networks, which were heavily integrated with FeedBurner Ad Network, are no longer being supported. As with many software features, the usage wasn't at the level we'd hoped, and therefore we are making the decision not to develop it further, but to focus our attention on other feed services that are being used with more frequency. We will continue to look out for more opportunities for publishers to group inventory as part of the AdSense platform.

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Is anything changing with the FeedBurner APIs?

Yes. There are three changes with APIs that are important to follow.

First, for authenticated APIs, you must now use either ClientLogin or AuthSub with a valid Google account for authentication.

Second, for the Awareness API, the new endpoint for Awareness API requests will be at Note that this is only available via HTTPs on port 443.

Finally, as previously announced, we will no longer be supporting or providing the Management API, except to previously contracted customers. We are in the process of updating these APIs to be current with the features we provide, documenting the API better so that publishers can be self-sufficient, and making sure the APIs are secure and cannot be abused. We are also looking at how to best support bulk management of feeds through our UIs and APIs in a future release.

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Can I continue to use my existing FeedBurner login and host my feeds on the old platform?

We are planning to move all FeedBurner accounts to Google Accounts and to the new FeedBurner platform at the same time. We are currently working through the account transfer of all of our publishers. At some point in the near future, you will either be contacted by a Google representative to transfer your account, or be presented with a screen that will require you to login with or to create a Google account to which you can transfer your FeedBurner account. Until that time, there will also be options for you to voluntarily move your FeedBurner account to a Google Account.

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How long will the address work?

It is our intent to keep backward compatibility with your feed address as long as this service exists.

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I do not want to use a Google Account. What should I do?

Unfortunately, Google Accounts will be required for all users to maintain feed management and monetization services at Google. We are currently planning to have all accounts transferred by February 28, 2009. At that time if your account has not been updated, you will no longer be able to access your account at, and your feeds will either begin returning a "404 Not Found" response or a "301 Moved" response back to your source feed. We encourage publishers who do not want to transfer their login to take their feed with them, using our 30-day redirect service, which will allow you to redirect your subscribers back to your source feed.

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