Vortec is a dedicated Internet Relay Chat client. It has multi-server support,
supports sound, has built-in file transfer capabilities, and has a great easy-to-use

Vortec also offers a powerful script engine which allows you to use
individual scripts to change the behaviour of, or compliment the main program.
Vortec uses Delphi as a base language with many added IRC-specific procedures,
functions, and classes. Vortec scripting also incorporates GUI scripting which allows
you to create custom windows and controls to interact with your scripts. Scripts can be
loaded and saved individually, so you can share your scripts by distributing the script

Vortec IRC was developed as a response to a lack of Pirch updates. Vortec is
not meant to be a replacement for Pirch, but rather a client which looks and
behaves similarly in order to offer a logical choice to users who would like
to try something new, but still maintain the same ease of use and flexibility
which was characteristic of Pirch.

Vortec was created using Borland Delphi 6. It is provided as freeware. No
registration is required. However, donations are greatly appreciated, as it
takes time and money to maintain both the software and the website. If you
would like to make a donation to VortecIRC.com you may do so via PayPal by
clicking the button below. I would like to extend a very special “Thank you”
to those who support the development of this project. Several people have
donated and every little bit helps. I’m doing all of this in my spare time
so I really do appreciate it.

Special thanks to Martin Bleakley for the XiRC IRC socket component and for
suggestions, Wittawas Nakkasem for help with the text console, Kit, Ely, Raz, GhoS, Dawg, Sonny, jc, electrowa, willlwin, Litragon, sn00ps, kilz, dex, CornFlake, Wayne Moodley, tex, Litragon, Greymire, Miiikeee, and other users from the PirchWorld forum for various suggestions and feedback, the Pirch IRC client for which a lot of Vortec
features were modeled after, various people from alt.comp.lang.borland-delphi
who gave me tips and code snippets, delphi.about.com and www.torry.net which
provided a great resource for tips and ideas, and all the people at axpi.net for letting me test my stuff on their server. And thanks to
Kristina for use
of her emoticon templates which are featured in Vortec IRC.