Forty Years Old and Still as Irrisistable as Ever:
Boursin® Reveals the Secrets of its Phenomenal Success
With its roots in the great tradition of French cheesemaking, France's favorite flavored soft cheese has been seducing the world's connoisseurs for forty years! In 1963, François Boursin, a master cheesemaker from Normandy, developed his famous recipe for soft cheese flavored with garlic and fine herbs, drawing his inspiration from an age-old tradition. He could hardly have anticipated the global success that this small round cheese would enjoy or the speed with which it would happen. Wrapped in a pleated coat of foil like a jewel in it's case, this gem wasted no time in becoming a steady favorite on all the best tables.

With the original recipe left unchanged since its creation, Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs - the first flavored soft cheese to appear on French tables - has always been the benchmark for such cheeses in France where it is exceptionally well known; in fact, every single French person knows exactly what Boursin is!* The love of it's unique taste and texture is being passed down from generation to generation. Now enjoyed by more than one third of all French households**, Boursin occupies it's rightful place on every cheese platter as a complement to meals with friends and family alike. Boursin is also highly appreciated as an everyday snack by those who love good food - especially children, who just can't seem to get enough of it.

From its very beginnings, Boursin has conquered the taste buds of aficionados all over. Now available in over 30 countries worldwide, France's favorite cheese is celebrated by those "in the know" everywhere. From New York to Tokyo, Sydney to London and Munich to Beirut, Boursin has no boundaries: its balanced taste and creamy texture are internationally irresistible! So what's the recipe for forty years of unparalleled success? As it approaches its first half-century, and for the first time ever, Boursin reveals its exclusive secrets ...

*Source: Millward Brown France, Boursin total prompted awareness rate: 100%, 6/01-2/02/03
**Source: ACNielsen Homescan, Boursin market penetration rate: 34.7%, 3/02-3/03

Secret Number 1:
An Authentic Recipe, Unchanged For Forty Years

With a father who earned his living as an egg, poultry and cheese dealer in Paris' Les Halles market, François Boursin grew up in an environment that encouraged a demanding approach to food quality and the developing of the discriminating palate - there's no room for improvisation in cheesemaking! During the war, François Boursin earned his first pocket money by learning how to curdle milk and drain the whey to make low-fat cheese. His later travels and encounters provided him with the experience he needed to set up shop as a master cheesemaker in his own right.

It was a perfectly natural move for François Boursin to choose Normandy as the base for his business. Well-known for its lush green countryside, the orchids of this region in Northwestern France shelter not only herds of dairy cows but also the secrets of some of France's most famous cheeses. Over twenty types of cheese are found in Normandy, including Camembert, Pont-l'Evêque and Livarot. Boursin® is a direct descendant of a proud country tradition. For years, the custom of adding garlic, herbs, salt and pepper to soft cheese brought out its full flavor. By 1963, only a few rural elders still retained the knowledge of how to successfully create this blend. It was this time-honored skill that inspired François Boursin to perfect a recipe that would so quickly become one of the great classic cheeses of France. What we know now as Boursin is a delicious cheese that combines the smoothness of soft cheese with the distinctive flavor of garlic and fine herbs. Its unique taste is fresh and indulgent while its texture remains infinitely creamy.

Forty years later, Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs is still made according to this original recipe. Ever since 1963, a subtle balance of all-natural, high quality ingredients - Normandy milk, cream, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper - has ensured its continued success. Despite the large quantities produced today, Boursin is still made according to the same recipe that made it so famous and appreciated. Adhering to the original recipe ensures Boursin will retain its exclusive and completely irresistible taste. For over forty years, generations of Boursin lovers have been devoted to this small, round, incredibly delicious cheese.

Secret Number 2:
Uncompromising Quality

The success of Boursin® has been based on its unique taste and texture, neither of which has changed one bit in forty years. The traditional recipe is perfectly suited for the large-scale production necessary by its enormous success.

The fundamental quality of Boursin begins with the careful selection of its ingredients: perfectly peeled garlic, the most carefully selected herbs (parsley and chives) and just the right amount of salt and pepper. The Boursin cheese dairy at Pacy-sur-Eure is ISO 9002 certified and imposes strict controls on the milk, cream and seasonings used in its cheeses. Each of these ingredients is selected with the greatest care to ensure that the recipe retains its complete authenticity.

High quality ingredients are vital, of course, but the cheese production method itself must also be very carefully controlled. The ingredients need to be kept to their true character, which is why François Boursin developed his special process. The process, unique to this day and unchanged since its invention, relies on two key stages being completed at low temperature: the incorporation of the garlic and herbs into the milk and cream based natural cheese, and the molding of the finished cheese. These methods allow the flavor of each element of the unique Boursin taste to remain intact.

To ensure consistently perfect quality, the Boursin cheese dairy pursues excellence through a team of trained testers who sample cheeses on the production line to make certain that they meet the strict appearance, texture and taste criteria demanded by consumers.

The brand is every bit demanding in terms of health and safety as it is in terms of taste. The Boursin production process meets the very highest standards of today's market. The Boursin cheese dairy is also committed to environmental protection and is certified to the ISO 14001 standard.

Secret Number 3:
The Perfect Marriage with Bread and Wine

If there is one ritual that the French would never sacrifice for anything in the world, it is the enjoyment of cheese. In fact, 95% of French people eat cheese more than once per week, and with over 365 cheeses produced in France, there's one for every day of the year. French tradition requires that cheese be served between the main course and dessert. Bread is still the most common accompaniment to cheese, though it is sometimes served on a bed of lettuce. Ideally, a cheese board should include as many different cheeses as there are people who will enjoy it. With cheeses made from cow's milk, goat's milk and sheep's milk, there are so many to choose from. Pressed cheeses like Comté and Beaufort, and soft cheeses such as Crottin de Chavignol. Then there are blue cheeses like Roquefort and Fourme d'Ambert, as well as surface-ripened cheeses like Camambert and Brie de Meaux - and of course, the favorite of the cheese board, Boursin, which always stands out from the rest.

To enjoy the full-flavor of Boursin, you should take it out of the fridge and unwrap it one hour before eating. Present it with other cheeses on a wooden board or marble platter, garnished with walnuts, hazelnuts, grapes or even vine leaves - whatever you prefer.

To preserve your taste buds so that you can appreciate the taste of every cheese served, you should always begin with the mildest and finish with the strongest. Start with the cow's milk cheeses before moving onto the goat's milk and sheep's milk varieties. When it comes to Boursin, some people like to save the best for last. Others simply can't resist and dive straight in! Some gourmet diners "cleanse" their palate with a small piece of bread and butter in anticipation of the cheese to come. Although purists avoid butter because they believe it will spoil the taste of the cheese.

Whether a plain white baguette, a loaf of farmhouse or a thick slice of wholegrain, good bread is part of the pleasure of tasting good cheese. Boursin is normally generously spread on a slice of crusty baguette. The contrast of the crispy crust of a freshly baked baguette with the smoothness of Boursin is, quite simply, a moment of pure pleasure.

The most intimate subtle marriage is the one between wine and cheese because the flavor of one must not detract from the flavor of the other. Some will tell you that, as a creamy soft cheese, Boursin should be accompanied by a dry white like Chablis. Others insist that Boursin is best with a young red such as Beaujolais. One thing is for certain though: bread + wine + Boursin = bliss.

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