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"Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit."

- Edward Abbey

From out of the western United States rose a group of mysterious anti-heroes determined to resist the irresponsible development of the wilderness by any non-violent means necessary. Doc, Bonnie, Seldom Seen and Hayduke created by Edward Abbey in his novel The Monkey Wrench Gang return as their real-life counterparts in this feature documentary.

Lines Across the Sand champions the real people that inspired Abbey's famous characters. The humorous antics of these activists come to life as they reveal the inside stories and colorful details that went into the making of Abbey's comedic characters. Using selected R. Crumb drawings from the 10th anniversary edition of the book, the audacious political cartoons of Jim Stiles and original music written for both the story and the struggle, the film is designed to give voice to those, both young and old, inside the activist community. Still dedicated to preserving the southwestern wilderness from the continuous barrage of development schemes, the characters and stories disclose the non-violent strategies and undefeated humor of Abbey's legacy.

These anti-heroes are, in real-life, the underground heroes and sages that have kept the flame of reason and environmental balance alive and well. With the beloved sardonic humor and duty of the king's jester, the people behind the Monkey Wrench Gang remind us who we are and that we do, indeed, have the power to change our lives for the better. In response to the chronic environmental dilemmas, Lines Across the Sand looks to The Monkey Wrench Gang to reignite some of the original fire that the book inspired. The film is a timely and entertaining reminder that there are still heroes with the courage to take a stand and say, "this far, and no farther."

This film is scheduled for release in 2012

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