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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Heading
Why is WonderFest on the same date as (fill-in the blank)?  Why does the date move around?
The reality of booking convention facilities requires planning years in advance, when we have no idea when another show might be scheduled. In the event of a date conflict, the fans must simply choose which show to attend. Our contracts are normally pay-or-play, which means that we have to pay for the show if we cancel it. Also, we have to avoid national holidays if we can, and being based in Louisville, have to avoid the month-long Kentucky Derby Festival. If we back the show up into March, then we risk bad weather preventing many fans from driving to our show. Plus…in dealing with any successful convention facility, we find that the dates we want from year-to-year may already be taken even with booking three to five years in advance--imagine sitting down in 2007 and looking at dates in 2012!  All conventions endure this; WonderFest is not the only one. 

Why is the model contest held over two days?   Can I take my model out early to leave earlier on Sunday?
The model contest has gotten so large (well over 400 entries), that getting the models in and judged and tallied and out would take longer than a day (we barely make it in two!). In order to judge effectively--and not have the contest closed during show hours--we have the judges do their work after-hours. Besides, we feel that a lot of attendees come just to look at the contest and take pictures and videos, and this system gives them ample time. We want the models to be there for all to see, so taking your model out early would disqualify you from the competition. This is very clearly stated in the contest rules.

How come I got First Place at an IPMS contest and only won a Bronze at WonderFest?
WonderFest's Amazing Model Contest is the largest of its type in the United States, and it brings out the best of the best. As a result, the contest is more specialized and the competition is tougher than you might find in an IPMS Chapter's local or regional contest. Winning a Bronze is high praise if you look at it in that light; but the biggest honor is having your work seen and appreciated by so many true hobbyists.

Why don't you have more separate categories?
Because we judge on the "open" system, the category divisions are more of an organizational formality than a necessity. Each model is judged on its own merit, and there can be multiple winners in a category. Every year we review our categories and sometimes add a category or two.

Can the banquet be moved to Saturday night?  Some of us cannot stay over on Sunday without missing another day of work.
As WonderFest gets larger, events are planned to benefit the greatest number of people. Since the majority of folks stay over on Saturday night, we offer a free evening of entertainment for a large number of attendees. The banquet is on Sunday because it is an optional function that not everybody will want to attend (or can afford to attend at $35 per person). As large as the banquet is, with 140-175 people, that is a small portion of WonderFest's overall attendance. But once you've tried it, you'll find the banquet is so special it's worth taking an extra vacation day!

Why don't you have Scream Queen guests like (fill-in the blank) does?
It's our opinion that we are primarily a hobby show and not a celebrity autographing show, so our guests are picked for their behind-the-scenes moviemaking ability. Besides, several other shows already cover the Scream Queen category very well. If all shows were alike, it would be a boring hobby indeed!  WonderFest strives to be different.

Why are the "mature subject" models segregated at WonderFest when other shows don't do it?
Again, our goal is not to be like other shows. Our primary mission as a convention is to bring new, younger modelers into the hobby. As a result, we maintain a "family friendly" atmosphere. Not everyone wants to expose their children to nude or graphically gory kits, and that's their parental choice. Rather than ban or cover these models up, we have created a separate NC-17 contest area. This way, all modelers are represented--and parents don't have to worry about their kids running into something that they might deem "unsuitable" without fair warning.

What are recasts?

...And why doesn't WonderFest approve of them?

The technology of molding and casting has made it relatively easy and inexpensive to produce your own model. Garage Kits are usually sculpted by an individual and then molded and cast at home, often in the garage.   Molding and casting can also be used to copy parts of a model to use in a diorama, or to modify it in some way.

But a few modelers have been taking kits they've purchased or borrowed and are remolding and recasting them (thus the term "recast) –then selling them at shows and through the mail–often while the original kit is still being produced and sold!

WonderFest's stance on recasting is not based on the legal and moral copying issues. We simply believe that recasting discourages new work from being produced and is not in the long-term best interest of the hobby.

That said, we cannot, however, be recast police for the hobby at large.  Our domain is the WonderFest show premises ... specifically, our Dealer's Room.

Our recast policy is one of helping our legitimate dealers to protect themselves.  With the huge number and variation of kits in the market, we could never keep track of what is authentic and what is not.  It's not our job anyway; we put on a convention.

What we can do, however, is ensure that a dealer of original merchandise who rents space at our show will not be competing with a recast being sold in the same room.  If a dealer is selling an unauthorized copy of an item--and the authorized manufacturer or dealer brings the complaint to Dealer Coordinator Dave Hodge and verifies that the item is a copy--then Dave will request the unauthorized dealer to immediately cease selling the item at the show.  If that dealer does not comply, he/she will forfeit their table without refund.

All of our dealers sign a contract agreeing to abide by this policy, and we rarely have a problem.

We want sculpting and Garage Kit production to have a great future for the enjoyment of hobbyists around the world.


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