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November 2, 2011
House of Representatives Initiates Move to Block Salazar’s Attempt to End Uranium Mining in Northern Arizona 
by Fred Kelly Grant

Trademark America has supported the Arizona Utah Local Economic Coalition in its battle to retain land in the Arizona Strip of northern Arizona in multiple use so that uranium mining, grazing and recreation use of the lands can continue as Congress directed in 1984.

A Hearing on House Bill 3155 Can Be Seen on C-Span.



The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources, subcommittee on national parks, forests and public lands will hold a hearing on Thursday, November 3, 2011 on H.B. 3155, entitled the "Northern Arizona Mining Continuity Act of 2011."

The Hearing will be held at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time, on Thursday, and can be seen on C-Span. Commissioner Buster Johnson of Mojave County, Arizona, and co-chairman of the Arizona-Utah Local Economic Coalition will testify in support of the Bill.

The Bill prohibits the Secretary of Interior from issuing a withdrawal of the Arizona Strip uranium rich lands from multiple use, and further, invalidates any segregation or withdrawal order that may have been issued before passage of the Act.

The sponsors of the Bill are Representatives Franks, Flake, Gosar and Quayle of Arizona, Hastings of Washington, Bishop of Utah, Chaffetz and Lummis.

The Bill has been introduced as a direct result of the proposal by Secretary Salazar that over 1 Million acres of land that is rich in uranium deposits be withdrawn from multiple use, so that there can be no new exploration or development of mining claims in the area.

These lands form the site for 42 percent of our entire national domestic source of uranium. The endowment of uranium is so rich that the lands could provide half of the entire world's supply of uranium for years to come.

When Salazar first segregated the lands, he claimed it was out of concern for potential contamination of water in the Grand Canyon. Abundant evidence from unimpeachable scientific sources proves there is no such contamination. Salazar’s own District Manager of the BLM, Scott Florence, acknowledged to the members of the Arizona-Utah Coalition that he had no evidence that uranium mining contaminated water any more than natural erosion of uranium did.

When the Final Environmental Impact Statement was issued on October 26, 2011, it seems to show a slight variation from the concern for contamination to concerns of environmental harm stated in nebulous terms. So stated for the reason that there is also abundant scientifically sound evidence that no environmental harm of any kind results from modern uranium mining techniques.

The Arizona Utah Coalition held a public hearing on September 7, 2011 at which evidence was presented that proves that no contamination of water and no environmental danger results from modern uranium mining as it is practiced in the Arizona Strip.


Congress in 1984 passed the Arizona and Utah Wilderness Acts that specifically retained the Arizona Strip lands in multiple use so that uranium mining could continue. Salazar’s withdrawal would attempt to reverse that decision by Congress, and would stand the Separation of Powers doctrine on its head.

The Decision of the Arizona Utah Local Economic Coalition regarding the illegality of Salazar’s segregation order and proposed withdrawal can be read on the Trademark America website www.trademarkamerica.org.

Commissioner Johnson will testify orally and will offer the Subcommittee members a written comment, a rough draft of which can also be read at www.trademarkamerica.org.

The Coalition will continue its struggle to administratively defeat the Secretary’s efforts by seeking a pre-decision referral to the Council on Environmental Quality. Trademark America will assist the Coalition in its efforts.

September 17, 2011
by Fred Kelly Grant

September 17 marked the 224th Anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution. It is a day that will mostly pass without fanfare; no parades, no speeches, no picnics, no parties. read more

September 17, 2011
Introduction by Fred Kelly Grant; Substantive Post by Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute

The spirit of federalism, the sovereignty of states and the people, is memorialized by the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. On this, the 224th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, we should pay special attention to the Tenth Amendment which was ratified after the signing of the Constitution. Several states insisted that the Tenth be presented to them for ratification before they would ratify the main body of the Constitution. read more

September 1, 2011
Trademark America is supporting the Utah-Arizona Coalition of local governments

If you missed the live broadcast, click below to watch the archived taping.
Part 1
Part 2

Trademark America is supporting the Utah-Arizona Coalition of local governments in their opposition to the Secretary of Interior's proposed withdrawal of the Arizona Strip from multiple use---an act that will strike a serious blow to the economy of local governments and to the energy potential for the Nation.
The Coalition is conducting a public hearing on the proposed withdrawal on September 7, 2011 in the Washington County Administration Building in St. George, Utah, beginning at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time.  The hearing will be available by video and audio at the link above.
Congress specifically and intentionally excluded the Arizona Strip from Wilderness designations in both Utah and Arizona so that uranium mining in the Strip could continue.  The land in the Strip contains the most useable uranium available for our nation's alternative nuclear power.
At a time when the President has directed agencies to encourage economic development, and has ordered full speed ahead in development of energy alternatives to foreign oil, Secretary Salazar has taken unilateral action in opposition both to the President's instructions and to the Congressional mandate for use of the land.  His action violates the Tenth Amendment rights of the states of Utah and Arizona and of the local governments directly hit by the withdrawal.
This area has already suffered devastating economic and social loss as a result of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument, the lock-down of BILLIONS OF TONS OF THE CLEANEST COAL IN THE NATION, and the refusal of the federal government to allow logging of forests that lie dying and decaying.  This withdrawal will cost BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF ECONOMIC LOSS AND HUNDREDS OF JOBS.
The BLM director of the Arizona Strip has acknowledged that there is no evidence of contamination of water from mining, no evidence of safety violations by the mines, and no evidence of mis-management by the mines.  He did not ask for and did not order the withdrawal.  The decision has nothing to do with natural resource damage or issues; it was a political decision made in D.C.
Witnesses at the hearing will include economic directors of local governments, leaders in industry and elected officials.
The hearing will be available for live viewing and listening at the link above.
Show your support for local government and the citizens of southern Utah and northern Arizona; listen in and then lend your voice to opposition to the withdrawal.
September 7, 2011---10:00 a.m. Mountain Time (12 noon Eastern, 11 a.m. Central, 9 a.m. Pacific) 

July 7, 2011
Defeating Smart Growth in Montana
by Ron Olfert 

June 16, 2011
VJ Day should be remembered everyday of our lives
(includes article and video link) 
by Russ McAffee & Fred Kelly Grant

June 14, 2011
Could it be that a Government Official would use fear of terrorist attack on airplane to gain huge profits?
by Fred Kelly Grant


In the News

An Idahoan kills a grizzly bear in what appears to be a clear case of self defense and/or defense of his family, so what motivates the Federal Prosecutors to charge him with and pursue conviction of him for a felony. It couldn’t be politics, could it?
September 3, 2011

From Seattle to Palm Beach, across the nation, newspapers have carried the story of an Idaho man who killed a Grizzly Bear on his property; in what he claims was an act of self and family defense; and has been charged with a felony.

During the past July, a hiker was mauled to death by a female Grizzly Bear. The Fish and Wildlife Service investigators determined that the Grizzly was acting in protection of her cubs, so she was not put to death. Many today are asking about whether there is double standard for Grizzlies and humans: a bear is spared because she kills in defense of her children, an Idahoan is charged with a felony for killing a Grizzly in defense of his children.

The disparity is enough to draw the battle lines. And, drawn they are.

On this past Mother’s Day, Jeremy Hill, 33, of Porthill in the far north of Idaho, shot and killed the Grizzly which was reportedly on his property, threatening to attack pigs which are his children’s 4-H projects. Hill told authorities that he knew his children were outside, but didn’t know their exact location, and feared for their safety with a huge Grizzly on his property.

The Grizzly is a threatened species on the United States Fish and Wildlife’s list maintained pursuant to the Endangered Species Act. The act of “taking” (killing) a Grizzly is punishable by a fine of up to $50,000 and/or a jail sentence of up to one year imprisonment UNLESS THE TAKING IS AN ACT OF SELF DEFENSE OR DEFENSE OF OTHERS. read more

Update: Charges were dismissed, $1000 fine paid.

Clay County - Update
August 31, 2011

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Clay County pleased with better communication
August 17, 2011

Josh Anderson of Clay County Nebraska contacted Jon Grant at Trademark America about an ongoing issue with The Fish and Wildlife Department. It involves the "proposed" Expansion of the Rainwater Basin Wetland Management District. The draft documents are available for review on the Rainwater Basin National Wildlife Refuge website or at the regional planning website. Clay County Supervisors were tired of holding meetings and making comments just to have the Department do what they wanted to do anyway. Thats where Trademark America comes in. Their public comment period was up on July 15, 2011. After this date the plan was going on to superiors for approval and implementation even after it was heavily opposed by citizens of the county and the supervisors. Letters demanding coordination went to Ronnie Sanchez, Manager of the Wetland Management District; Nick Kaczor, at the Division of Refugee Planning and Daniel M. Ashe, the brand new director of Fish and Wildlife. A coordination meeting was set for August 16, 2011, one month following the end of public comments and the date the plan was to be sent in for approval and to begin implementation. Josh and the Supervisors were concerned that they had sent the plan on anyway because thats how they had been treated in the past. Jon, from Trademark America tried to explain "now that you have invoked your legal right as a form of local government, the Department can not send the plan on without coming to the table and discussing the adverse effects this plan has on your county and finding CONSISTENCY with you." They still were concerned and having been through it many times Jon knew that their fears would only go away once they asked whoever the Department sent for the meeting if they had indeed sent the plan off before fulfilling their legal obligation of coordinating with the supervisors. The Department sent Ronnie Sanchez and that exact question was posed to him. The answer? No! And Ronnie said they were aware they could not send the plan on for approval without coming and finding equal ground with the Supervisors. Now would that be the case if the Supervisors had not contacted Trademark America and invoked coordination in the right way? No, absolutely not. Just because Ronnie said they knew their obligation they only will come when you say you know they have to. Below is an article out of the Hastings Tribune describing the meeting and the participants reaction. Years of ignoring Clay County Nebraska turned around in a matter of two months time because of Trademark America, coordination and the brave actions of Josh Anderson and the Clay County Supervisors who are listed here: Gary L. Johnson, Gerald Schmidt, Michael Anderson, Eric Samuelson, Richard Shaw, Ivan Fintel, and Todd Nuss.

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Tell Planning Commission to reject Draconian Code Enforcement Rule
letter to the Editor by Tim Blanchard
July 21, 2011