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Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe 2011


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a large and enormously popular arts festival taking place every August for three weeks.

Every year thousands of performers take to a multitude of stages all over Edinburgh to present shows for every taste. From big names in the world of entertainment to unknown artists looking to build their careers, the festival caters for everyone and includes theatre, comedy, dance, physical theatre, musicals, operas, music, exhibitions and events.


The Edinburgh Fringe story dates back to 1947, when eight theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at, the then newly formed, Edinburgh International Festival, an initiative created to celebrate and enrich European cultural life in the wake of the Second World War. Not being part of the official programme of the International festival didn’t stop these performers – they just went ahead and staged their shows anyway. Year on year more and more performers followed their example and in 1959 the Festival Fringe Society was created in response to the success of this growing trend.

The Society formalised the existence of this collective of performances, provided information to artists, published the Fringe programme and created a central box office.


For a full list of children's events pick up a free copy of the Fringe magazine from the Fringe shop, 180 High Street, Edinburgh or visit Book any tickets online or call 0131 226 0000 from 9am - 9pm.  

We have 2 sections for you to chose from



Children's Shows:

1 – 14 Aug

Baba Yaba

Duddingston Kirk Manse Garden

Follow Baba Yaba the wicked witch on her musical journey through the magical gardens at Duddingston Kirk and find out what happens when she meets a girl with a kind heart. Time 11am Sunday’s 2:30pm. Tickets £5 Suitable for age 4 – 10 yrs

Baba Yaba is translated from a traditional Russian folk tale, telling the age-old story of how good can conquer evil. Baba Yaga is a wicked witch who is ultimately defeated by Anya, the ‘girl with the kind heart’. During this musical and interactive journey through the magical and atmospheric gardens at Duddingston Kirk, Anya is helped on her journey through the forest by creatures she meets along the way – and of course the children in the audience. The idea of open-air theatre in Scotland may not appeal to many people, but this delightful show takes the audience on a tour of one of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets – Dr Neal’s Gardens, which are tucked behind Arthur’s Seat and overlook Duddingston Loch. Regardless of the weather, this is a magical environment for young and old to come and enjoy theatre alongside the beauty and tranquillity of the gardens. We saw the show in the pouring rain, but with a mixture of waterproofs and umbrellas, and the natural cover from the trees, neither cast nor audience seemed perturbed – and there was hot tea and coffee available, under shelter, afterwards!
I have attended the Theatre Alba productions at Duddingston with my 3 children and various friends over the last 4 years, and every year they have said it has been one of their favourite festival shows and have been keen to return the following year. When asked why they like these productions so much, they feel the venue has a large part to play as it is so much more engaging than sitting in a theatre, but they also like the traditional story-telling and audience participation. The characters are always very warm and the audience seems to ‘bond’ through the journey. Our audience group had consisted of toddlers through to pre-teens, with adults accompanying – I think we all came away feeling pleased to have been there, despite the rain! Andrew, age 6, said his favourite part was helping Anya to find things hidden in the forest. Ellana, age 11, thought the best thing about the show was the venue, as it is more engaging than sitting in a theatre. Amelie, age 9, said she loved the dog character, and the traditional story-telling style.

2 - 21 & 27 - 28 Aug

Peter Pan on Dinosaur Island

Spotlites Theatre Productions

Spotlites @ The Merchants’ Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street

1.30pm (1hr 45 mins)

£6.50 / £5.50 concs (£22.00 Family of 4) Adults must be accompanied by a child! Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+

Box office: 0131 220 5911


Defeat the T-Rex with Peter and real swords! Fly with the Pterodactyl! Bombard Captain Hook with dinosaur droppings! Professional interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch! This is an immersive new adventure set ten Neverland years after the classic tale finishes but eighty London years! 'An audience adventure' (Stage). From the team behind 2009/2010 sell-out 'Sleeping Beauty and the Time Lords': ***** (; ‘Take, make, bend time to see this show!’ ***** ( and 2010 sell-out ‘Robinson Crusoe the Lost Jedi Knight’: 'Almost a new art form…Powerful lump-in-the-throat theatre’ (Stage)

I attended this show with my 7 year old son. It was also the first time I have attended a Spotlites productions which I can say with certainty will not be my last. A small but very engaging show. The stage was simple but with the combination of music and costumes, and most importantly the interaction from the kids, the atmosphere grew throughout the performance. There are lots of great opportunities for the kids to interact and help Peter and his friends. Very well written and allows both kids and adults to go on a journey. Set in Neverland many years after the original but classic tale finished. The main aim is to help Peter defeat with the help of his friends old and new the devious Captain Hook who we all thought was eaten by the crocodile. It is nice to see a modern twist with new characters like Stinkerbell who is a vulnerable half human fairy who evolves through the show and gives a very energetic performance. Also to see the endearing Wendy who although is now 90 years old allows you to see that the magic never leaves Neverland. The show is energetic allowing the kids to take part in bringing the show to life. They are able to help in lots of different ways like helping Peter to fight off and defeat T-Rex with their courageous sword skills and help Stinkerbell to collect the dinosaur eggs and protect the baby Moon Orchid. The kids go on a wonder action packed adventure by helping Stinkerbell and Peter bombard Captain Hood with dinosaur droppings! Fly with the Pterodactyl's and help Wendy protect the dinosaur eggs. Also through the show you see Wendy in her hold age and the show gives a very sensitive and thoughtful account of her dying peacefully. The cast are fantastic with the kids and you can see they really love to get them involved. The more adventurous kids can get involved in the real heart of the performance by going on stage, but what is good is it also allows kids who are a little bit more shy to still feel part of all the action. The kids even have to help Hook when he tricks them to help find the dinosaur eggs so he can raise the Velociraptors as his new army to defeat Peter and his friends. This is a wonderful fresh and original show and is a must see. Dale aged 7 - I wish I could go and visit Peter and Stinkerbell every day they are magical!

2 - 21 & 27 - 28 Aug

Robinson Crusoe the Lost Jedi Knight

Spotlites Theatre Productions

Spotlites @ The Merchants’ Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street

10.45am (1hr 35mins)

Tickets:  £6.50 / £5.50 concs (£22.00 Family of 4) Adults must be accompanied by a child! Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+

Box office:  0131 220 5911


Sith Pirates with real lightsabres! Blast the Dark Side’s droids on the Lost Planet! Master the Force with Jedi Knight Crusoe! Kids come onstage throughout! Professional interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch! Critically hit, Jedi Knight Crusoe crash lands his X-Wing! Can he fulfil his crucial mission? 2010 Fringe sell-out! From the team behind '09 sell-out 'Sleeping Beauty and the Time Lords': ***** (; ***** (; 'Totally unlike anything I've ever seen elsewhere... Rachel Thomson-King's take on audience involvement is almost a new art form... Powerful, lump-in-the-throat theatre' (Stage).

In a galaxy far, far away... Jedi Knight Robinson Crusoe crash lands his X-Wing fighter on a floating planet and the scene is set for a classic battle of good versus evil in this deliciously dark and atmospheric performance from Spotlites Theatre Productions. Dry ice, dramatic sound effects, and the intimate setting of the Merchant's Hall provide the perfect backdrop for Crusoe's quest to prevent fallen Jedi Master Darth Perfidious from finding the Crystal of Vengeance and using it for his own malevolent ends.
Along with droid Friday and robotic dog 'B9' Crusoe draws on the force to succeed in his mission. There is constant audience participation with no shortage of volunteers who are obviously familiar with the Star Wars franchise and thrilled to be wielding lightsabres and fighting the sith pirates. However there is no pressure to join in and the more timid children do not feel excluded as there are several opportunities to take part by throwing 'icicles' from the safety of their seats, waving lightsabres and making the appropriate noises and actions when required. The final scene in which every audience member is given a lightsabre with which to fight the evil sith is a stroke of genius.
The performance is one hour and thirty five minutes long but the time passes quickly with a five minute comfort break in the middle. Rory (age 7) enjoyed being on stage with Crusoe and searching for a shining silver light. His brother Connor (age 4) liked fighting with the lightsabre the best. Ensure that you bring �3 as lightsabres are available to buy at the beginning of the performance and every child appears to get one. May the force be with you...

3 – 16 Aug

Potted Potter: The Unauthorised Harry Experience

Pleasance Courtyard

All seven Harry Potter books in 70 minutes! Return of Fringe classic starring Olivier nominees Dan and Jeff from CBBC. Time 4pm, Tickets from £8, Suitable for age 6+

This is a hilarious 70 minute romp through all 7 of the Harry Potter books, performed entirely by Dan and Jeff (from CBBC). It is performed in one of the large theatre venues at the Pleasance, which in itself is evidence of the popularity of the duo’s potted compilations.
I attended the show with my 3 young Harry Potter fans, and despite explaining beforehand that this was comedy and nothing like the ‘real thing’, they said after it was not anything like they had expected. Ellana (11 years) thought it was the funniest show she has ever seen, Amelie (9 years) said it was absolutely the best show ever, and Andrew (6 years), who fell off his chair with laughter several times during the show, declared it was totally brilliant.
It has to be seen to be believed, and if you’ve not yet read the seventh, don’t worry, they don’t spoil the ending for you! This is fantastic entertainment for the whole family, a real feel-good hour – and be prepared to join in with a game of Quiddich....

3 – 18 Aug

The Tim Bat Trick Show

Pleasance Courtyard

A fast, funny and exciting show for children of all ages. Perrier Award-winning gentleman juggler Tim performs quirky comedy and skilful trickery with aplomb. Audience participation and hilarity guaranteed.Time 10:20am. Tickets from £5

Highly recommended for children of all ages – a must see for the kids this festival! 

This is a fast moving show, which was sure not to disappoint from the beginning. The show started with a great theme tune packed with hilarious lyrics which had the audience laughing before he even came on stage.  With huge energy and diversity this is a show for all the family.

I was incredibly impressed with the skill and dexterity that Tim displayed through his impressive repertoire which included:- juggling ; balancing (including balancing a spinning top on the edge of a blade); spinning; trickery and the introduction of a few cuddly friends such as Mungo MacGoose and Lucy Lamb.

With plenty of audience participation the children were delighted to have the opportunity to come on stage and show off their spinning top skills.  Disappointed that he was too small to be picked for one of the tricks – Tim promised my little boy that he could part take in his last act.  I’m delighted to say that, true to his word, Tim remembered to come back to him at the end of the show and allowed him to be a cowboy on stage as he demonstrated his lassoing skills – Ruairidh was delighted!!

We loved the show – funniest part for us was the apple eating and juggling – but everything about it was first class – Tim is a gentleman, he is talented and most of all he is highly entertaining. Bring the kids along this week for a back to school treat!!


3 – 20 Aug

Hairy Maclary and Friends

Assembly George Sq

Clap your hands and stamp your feet for the return of Hairy Maclary. Featuring some new stories and a whole new look.  Time 10:30am. Tickets from £5

Following a fantastic run at this year’s Fringe, Hairy Maclary & Friends are springing off the page and onto the stage again for an extra performance at Assembly George Square Theatre on Sunday 21st August at 10.30am. With tickets selling fast make sure you book soon for this very popular family show!

Out of the gate and off for a walk, went Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy

Children and adults will instantly recognize the opening lines of bestselling book, Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy by celebrated writer, Lynley Dodd. Hairy Maclary & Friends, is an official stage adaptation of the much-loved Hairy Maclary children’s books, presenting an assortment of animal antics for all the family.


This year’s production features some different stories and a whole new look!

Family audiences will adore meeting many of their favourite characters such as Hercules Morse, as big as a horse; Bottomley Potts, covered in spots; Schnitzel von Krumm, with the very low tumand Scarface Claw, the toughest tomcat in town.

This smash-hit show features live music, singing and five of your favourite Hairy Maclary books; a summertime treat suitable for all the family. You’d be barking mad to miss it!

The production is presented by Midlothian based company, Nonsenseroom Productions, celebrating their 9th year at the Fringe. Bruce Strachan, Artistic Director, says: “We are absolutely delighted to be touring Hairy Maclary this summer.  We had such a huge success last year - and are excited about taking the little dog with the big personality to an even wider audience in 2011.”

Fans of the well-loved books by Lynley Dodd will adore this lively, interactive stage show from Nonsenseroom Productions. Packed with songs and stories from the books all the familiar characters are here - Hairy Maclary, Hercules Morse, Bottomley Potts, Muffin McLay, Bitzer Maloney and Schnitzel von Krumm. Joining the canine companions are Miss Plum and Samuel Stone who fully engage with the young audience, frequently inviting the devoted crowd to participate in songs, foot-stamping and hand-clapping throughout this energetic and exciting performance. Onlookers are also asked to shout out when they see drawings of the various dogs around the stage - which they do with wild enthusiasm! The costumes are fantastic and the experienced writers know their target audience only too well as they have remained faithful to the books and the delightful rhythm of the narrative. The songs are catchy and easy for young minds to remember and repeat. The familiar tales of Zachary Quack and Hairy Maclary's Bone among others are skillfully brought to life by the energetic cast and simple yet effective stage set. The performance is 55 minutes long which is accurately pitched for a pre-school audience. Jake (age 5) loved it and said his favourite part was shouting out when the drawings of the dogs appeared on the stage. Anna (age 3) liked Hairy Maclary running away from Zachary Quack and promptly said she was going back to watch it again the next day! This show was a sell-out last year so get your tickets quickly - after all, i'ts a dog eat dog world out there (sorry, couldn't resist)

3 – 21 Aug (not 8, 15)

Bubblewrap and Boxes

Gilded Balloon Teviot

This little story about how to live bravely in a big world is told using acrobatics, clowning and a whole lot of cardboard boxes. Time 10:45am, Tickets from £5.50 Suitable for age 2+. Best Family Show award winners for Melbourne Fringe 2009 and 2010.  Visit site for more information:

This show is Physical Theatre at its best - a mixture of mime, acrobatics and clowning with a bit of gymnastics thrown in. First we meet the boy who is in charge of the mailroom. We see how carefully, he dusts and looks after all the packages. Then the girl makes her entrance and what an entrance it is! This girl is adventurous, quite the opposite of the boy. She tries to encourage him to be less introverted, while he, in his turn, tries (and fails) to calm her down. They start to read some postcards which enables us to have a whistlestop tour of Paris, Africa, Tonga and many other places. The girl's impression of the shark is pure genius. There seemed to be nothing that this extremely talented pair could not do. They gave us an amazing controlled display of acrobatics combined with good storytelling. Carmen (2) liked the bit where Granny got cleaned - I was dusted with a feather duster. She watched all the acrobatics in amazement. She also enthusiastically joined in the shouting to tell the cast which way round to hold the map. All in all this was an original, inovative production beautifully performed. It is only on until 21st August so don't leave it too late and miss it.

3 – 21 Aug (not 15)

Inventions Going Bang

Assembly George Square

Join the One Show's resident scientist on a tour of explosive inventions. Marvel at the vacuum, cower before steam and hide from the carrot cannon. There will be mess, bangs and, oh yes, explosions. Time 1pm, Tickets from £5. Suitable for all ages.

This is a great show for both adults and children alike..Marty Johnson does lots of experiments to show how some inventions came about eg. how steam engines evolved.We will not spoil the surprise of rest of experiments but be warned you may get sprayed with water during some demonstrations.!! He involved the audience when doing experiments when it was safe to do so and told us about the history of the experiments and had photographs of the scientists. Emma said her favourite experiment was when he made a carrot launcher which he invented himself. She was really impressed when he made flames of fire change into 3 different colours through science. She rated the show as being GREAT and gave it 5 stars . Euan thought the show was BRILLIANT and liked that he told you about inventions and who created them. He was also really impressed that Marty had created some himself. He loved seeing and hearing how first steam engine was invented and how to make smoke rings too. He also thought making flames change colour was COOL. He gave the show 7 stars and thinks its well worth going to. As a parent I thought it was a fun and very educational show. He held everyone's attention right from the beginning of the show. My favourite experiment involved smoke rings but you need to go to this show to understand what I mean. All of his experiments were made from recycled household and garden products.YOU MUST GO AND SEE THIS SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 – 21 Aug (not 14)

List Operators for Kids do Compooters

Pleasance Courtyard

Following their smash hit debut at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe this award winning Australian duo are back with a brand new show exploring the cyberspace, interweb thingo, myface, spacebook, lolz, and fartificial intelliegence!  It promises to be the most ROFL and raucous show for kids, adults and robots at this year’s Fringe. No-one will be key-bored! Ages 5-12 terrabytes. Guaranteed not educational! Time 11:30pm Tickets from £5 - £9

Great show over from Australia with a hilarious comedy double act.

The stage is set with a giant computer screen complete with red trash bin and UB socket. The humour is all IT related and very cleverly included Facebook, Tweeting, Google earth, screensavers and many others - all very easy to understand.

The impressive duo worked well together with brilliant audience participation. Be ready to take part in a 3D game of ping pong and an alien fight!!

I don’t want to give too much away about the show. I highly recommend it - the 3 of us giggled all the through a very quick hour. Looking around the audience there wasn’t anybody there without a smile on their face. This is a great show for all the family – you will love it!

John age 8 – I loved the sketch when he dressed up in green and put on the white underpants!

Jean age 11 – the jokes very very funny, I loved all of it!

3 – 28 Aug (not 8, 15, 22)

Peter Pan – Learn to Fly

Leith of the Fringe @Out of the Blue Drill Hall.

30 – 36 Dalmeny St

Welcome to Leith on the Fringe; a dynamic new venue presenting a mix of home grown and international talent including Angels aerials, direct from their sell out tour in Germany with a breathtaking aerial adaption of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale. Children in the audience are invited to sit on the stage and the action unfolds over their heads! Magic ! Swordfighting! A dancing crocodile. Angel Aerials make their audience want to fly ……. and they can in a workshop after the show A thrilling action show for the whole family and children of all ages. The workshop is for children over the age of 6 to learn to fly like Peter Pan. Time 10.15. Also 1:30pm on 4-6, 9, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23, 25, 26, 28 Tickets £10 (£7.50) Family: £30

Having seen Peter Pan a few times before and loving the story – was this going to be any different ………….oh yes lots!


The venue was amazing. The German company ANGELS Aerials had built their big top tent within Out of the Drill premises. At the start of the show all the cast were discreetly placed in costume high on various parts of the rigging within a dimly lit tent. It immediately added to the excitement as the kids looked around to see what and who they could find.!


The show followed the story of Peter Pan with the emphasis on the learning to fly. It included all the usual characters including the crocodile and Captain Hook. The ariel display was stunning and very effectively worked into the story. They made great use of music and light for dramatic effects that really made your imagination work. There were various scenes impressively acted out on the wall as characters jumped about on either side of a screen making good use of shadows.


Donald age 8 I loved the pirates fighting, there was no way they were going to get Peter Pan – he was too good at flying!


Lottie age 11 – I loved the crocodile dancing – real ballet – en pointe



Peter Pan Workshops

Daily at 11:30 (except Mon)

Tickets £5 Suitable for age 6+


2 to choose from Fencing and Learn to Fly.


We decided to have a go at the learn to Fly workshop and it was truly amazing! Adults are allowed to have a go as well and for me it was an experience I would never forget. Everybody is given a harness to put on and his helped and checked by all the staff from the show.  There are various things for us all to try from different heights and well manned by enthusastic and encouraging staff. If you lost your nerve they were there to help and make it sound so easy. You could have a go at dancing on the screen on the wall, be dropped suddenly from a height, and learn lots of acrobatic tricks turning upside down etc. There was a huge variety of ages taking part all with one thing in common – Huge grins on faces!!


Jamie age 10 – this is the best thing I have done all school holidays


Angela age 9 – totally awesome 

3 – 28 Aug (not 8, 15, 22)

From the Lillypad

Leith of the Fringe @Out of the Blue Drill Hall.

30 – 36 Dalmeny St

Welcome to Leith on the Fringe; a dynamic new venue presenting a mix of home grown and international talent with a family focused programme. From the Lillypad tells the adventures of Tony, a neurotic frog, who has Princess Alexandria recover the Water Fairy’s magic flute, which had been stolen by an evil Goblin. Without the flute, all the water in the kingdom will dry up! A family show that is as much for grown-ups as it is for children. 9.00 (60 mins) £10 (£7.50) Family £30

Robert Howart is obviously a talented writer and performer. He takes the lead role of Tony the neurotic frog and delivers numerous funny one liners which are suitable for children and adults alike. The story is about the theft of the Water Fairy's Magic Flute which means that the frogs pond is drying up. With the help of Princess Alexandria and two very entertaining 'side kicks' in the form of Rats, Tony the frog sets of to retrieve the flute from the evil goblin. There is audience participation, the offer of a 'fly' to eat and an original approach to changing the set making the show overall very entertaining. Be aware that this show does not seem to be listed in the main Fringe programme so to obtain tickets then you are best to go straight to the Leith on the Fringe website. Alina aged 4' loved the Princess and the Water Fairy' as most little girls would, but 'the black birds were a bit scary'. Defiantly worth a visit to this show even if it does mean getting out an about early in the morning!

3 – 28 Aug (not 15)


Assembly George Square

For the first time on stage, the world’s favourite cloth cat Bagpuss and his friends tell stories about things Emily brings to the shop. Time 12pm (25 – 28 Aug 10:30am) Tickets from £8

With emotions running high there was a ripple of excitement upon hearing the opening bars of the familiar theme tune - and that was just the parents! There were further gasps as the perfectly constructed set was revealed In this first stage outing for the much loved old, saggy cloth cat all the well known characters are here, Madeleine the rag doll, Professor Yaffle, Gabriel the Toad and the organ mice. Emily is now an adult and has returned to the shop after the death of her father. She encounters her younger self and between them they lovingly bring Bagpuss and his companions to life through the recreation of three original stories, The Hamish, The Ballet Shoe and Uncle Feedle. There is a direct parallel with the older members of the audience as Emily revisits her childhood and deals with loss and the passing of time. The fact that this goes completely over the heads of the watching children demonstrates just how clever this poignant production is by managing to appeal equally to the whole audience. Using original footage, puppetry and music the two enthusiastic performers keep children and adults alike entertained throughout in this wonderful adaptation by Birmingham Stage Company. Jake (age 5) was thrilled when Havish McTavish came down from the stage and shook his hand and Hannah (age 4) liked saying 'heave' when the mice moved things over to the shop window. Bagpuss may have been a saggy cloth cat and a bit loose at the seams, but Emily loved him. And so did we.

3 – 28 Aug

Comedy Club 4 Kids

The Bongo Club

Now in its seventh year - cracking entertainment for everyone, the best comedians doing what they do best ... but without the rude bits! Time 5:30pm Tickets from £6 suitable for age 6+

3 – 29 Aug (not 15)

The Chronicles of Bitter and Twisted

Assembly George Square

An urban sequel to The Ugly Duckling. A swan discovers she's a duck. A comic and touching tale of two tails finding their place by the pond. Time 11:50am, Tickets from £5 Suitable for age 7+

Two puppeteer/storytellers manipulate a range of hand-made puppets in an inventive variation of the "Ugly Duck" story. "Bitter" is a duck raised by swans whilst "Twisted" is a swan raised by ducks. Both are ostracised by their own kind; "Twisted" rather revels in a solitary existence (as a celebrity) amongst the reed beds but "Bitter" longs to be an accepted part of the pond society. But as Mallard says to her "Your swan upbringing has made you too snooty". 

The setting for the story is the pond and the "human element" is provided by the two puppeteer/storytellers who meet by the pond whilst bird-watching. They gradually get to know each other better whilst observing the antics on the pond which culminate in the "pond games". Lynn (6) chuckled at the antics of the coots; marshalled by a coot with a megaphone, they attempted (only partially successfully) to create a "coot pyramid. Bitter decides to form a team of 1 and practices secretly. 

The "pond games" are judged by the parrot and his team of three judges including Simon Owl and David Peckham. The climax of the show is Bitter's ill-fated entry in the games. Leaping off a tall tree, Bitter realises she cannot fly well enough for her imagined graceful swoops and she has to be rescued by Twisted. Together they dazzle the crowd but are disqualified by crashing into the water and splashing the judges.

The whole performance is cleverly-written and performed by the two likeable professional puppeteers. There are plenty of amusing asides for the adults to relish - "I live on the duck side of life". The puppets (all made from recycled materials) are cute (even Simon Owl). The two parallel story-lines (human birdwatchers and pond bird-life) are seamlessly interwoven.

The show is given an age classification of 7+ in the Fringe brochure. Probably children as young as 5 would enjoy the show.

3 - 29 Aug (not 16)
Clockheart Boy

C Chambers St
When a boy with no heart is washed ashore, The professor and his creations vow to bring him back to life. With wide eyed wonder he learns the joy of life. Time 4:25pm Tickets £9.50 - £11.50

This is an enchanting story of loss, friendship and love with something to appeal to all the family. Ingenious use of props, sound and lighting bring to life the setting of a castle by the sea. The professor has lost his daughter, Sophie, but love, music and dancing return to his life when a boy with no heart washes up on the shore. With the help of his inventions: Gobble the Cook, Brolly, Bulb and Peepers, the professor brings the “clockheart boy” to life. But all does not end happily as someone is jealous and angry….
A Fringe success in 2008, the Dumbshow company have brought this highly professional production back to the Edinburgh Fringe after stints in London and Manchester. The cast of 7 fabulous, colourful characters is accompanied by an accomplished musician playing beautiful piano music throughout. “The Cook was awesome” said Alex (aged 11) and Katie (aged 8) said “I loved it -Peepers was my favourite character”. Although listed in the general ‘Theatre’ section of the Fringe programme, the pace of this 75 minute show is relaxed and particularly recommended for families with 6-10 year old children. More details are available at

3 – 29 Aug

Pop-Up! The Amazing Adventures of Moo-Dong

C Chambers St

Watch famous paintings come to life before your eyes! Memorable and unique way of introducing young audiences to the magic of art. Packed with puppets, video, dance, music and much more! Time 11:10am, Tickets from �4.50, Suitable for age 3+

"Pop-Up! The Amazing Adventures of Moo-Dong" by Theatre Bom (Korea) is on every day (not 15th) until August 29th, at C Venue, Chambers Street. The show starts at 11.10 and lasts for one hour. It is suitable for children over 3 years old. This production brings famous paintings alive and is an interesting way of introducing art to children. Moo-Dong is a character from a Korean painting who leaves her painting behind to visit characters in other paintings. Jessica (10) and Lily (8) particularly enjoyed the coming to life of the surreal painting with the piano player and the self-playing double base. Lily (8) liked it when the lady with the big bustle came out of Georges Seurat's painting ,"A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte", leaving a empty space behind in the painting. Jessica (10) liked it when Moo-Dong realised that she must have left a similar gap behind in her painting, so she searched for her painting and returned to it. This was a very thoughtful and professional production. There were some very young children in audience whose interest was held by the performance.

3 - 29 Aug
Flawless Intergalactic Dream

Pleasance Courtyard
Forth One 2010 Fringe performance Award winners, stars of StreetDance 3D and Britain’s got talent return to take their breathless, explosive brand of stunning street dance into space! Time 6pm, Tickets £16 - £18.50

Emma age11 She said Flawless were OUTSTANDING!!!!! Their routines were unforgetable and their outfits matched the songs very well. They were great at involving audience with clapping and choosing props they used in their dance routines. She really enjoyed the show and definitely would recommend going to see them. Also advises to bring your camera as after show they sign merchandise and you can get your photo taken with them. She rated show as 5 star!!!!!!!!!! Catriona said show was FANTASTIC AND ATMOSPHERE WAS GREAT!! She loved the choreography and thought routines were outstanding. All the costumes were suited to the routines and songs. During the show audience got to choose props for the dance. They had white glove on each seat which you wore to copy some routines even a Mexican wave!!She would definitely recommend this show to all ages and rated it 10/10 and gave it 5 STARS!! She also thought a camera was essential for after show to get photos of group. As a mum I think this was a great show which I enjoyed as much as my daughters, especially the tribute to Michael Jackson. It was great music, dancing and good fun with lots of enjoyment for adults and children, definitely a must see at fringe this year .When group were signing merchandise after they relaxed and were chatty and friendly to my girls. They loved that!

3 - 29 Aug
Red Riding Hood and the Wolves

C Chambers St

Magical and action-packed physical re-telling of Perrault's classic folktale, with a dash of Brothers Grimm. Loyalty, friendships and werewolves. Enchanting storytelling theatre. Time 12:15am, Tickets from £4.50, Suitable for age 5+

"Red Riding Hood and the Wolves" by C theatre is on every day (not 16th) until August 29th, at C Venue, Chambers Street. The show starts at 12.15 and lasts for 50 minutes. It is suitable for children over 5 years old. This is a different version of Red Riding Hood from the one that we are all familiar with and it was told with great panache. Both adults and children alike were enthralled. Jessica (10) and Lily (8) both loved this show. They both said that it was one of the best shows they'd ever seen at the Fringe and they have been to a lot of shows over the years. Jessica (10) said that it was so well-acted that she felt that she was really there in the woods with the wolves, owls and Red Riding Hood, feeling all their emotions. Lily (8) said that she loved the owls and the man with the flute as well as the part when Red Riding Hood found her boyfriend. This really is an excellent production, which deserves a much bigger audience and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a children's show.

3 – 29 Aug

Revolting Rhymes

Pleasance Courtyard

The Roald Dahl Museum's delumptious storytellers return for an interactive performance of Roald Dahl's wildest and most outrageous stories from Revolting Rhymes with their own twizzfiggling twist.Come prepared to be dahl-ighted! Time 12:30pm, Tickets from £6, Suitable for age 5+

Our group of three adults and three children (5,6,7 yr old) were thoroughly entertained by this romp through four of Roald Dahl's versions of well-known fairy-tales (Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, The Mad Monk and The Three Pigs). The two energetic and animated storytellers also acted out the main parts and dazzled the audience with a wide repertoire of facial expressions and caricatures (like one of the Ugly sisters picking her nose!) - plus more than a sprinkling of slapstick comedy.

There was plenty of audience participation with lots of hands shooting up to offer suggestions and to volunteer to act out minor parts. The youngest of our group (Tawnie, 5) acted the role of the youngest pig and was a little surprised by the twist-in-the-story when Red Riding Hood was summonsed to help but ended up turning little pig into a pig-skin handbag to go with her wolfskin coat (from the last but one story!!)

My own daughter (Lynn, 6) laughed and chuckled throughout the performance which is a testimony to the abilities of the two “actors” to “keep the audience entertained”. For parents, this is absolutely key information - there are no slow patches for children to get bored and the script hits the right balance between the original Dahl story, the actor's add-ons and interpretations and the audience participation. Existing fans of Roald Dahl will not be disappointed and those new to Dahl (including me!) may become fans. Of the shows I have seen with my daughter, this is the one she has enjoyed most - so don't take my word for it, take hers!!

3 – 29 Aug

Snow Play

Pleasance Courtyard

Help Mr Green (Cbeebies, Patrick Lynch) beat Mr White to bring the spring. Roll in the snow and have a super snowball fight in this smash hit London production. Time 11:20am, Tickets from £5. Suitable for age 2 – 7 yrs

It may be August but children love a snowball fight at any time of year.  Snow Play is a lively and entertaining production performed by Patrick Lynch (Cbeebies) and Italian actor Carlo Rossi.  Mr Green returns from his holiday to find Mr White (winter) has taken over his house and covered it with snow.  Along with continuous help from the young audience Mr Green tries everything he can to get winter to leave so that spring can return.  Squealing with delight children are invited to throw snow at Mr White, sweep the snow with brooms, and stick the snow to Mr White when Mr Green turns him into a snowman.  At one point Mr Green opens up his umbrella and creates a magical snowstorm over the entire audience.  This is a show with real universal appeal for young and old alike.  And if any adults reading this would like to get on the stage then make sure you sit in the front row!  Using slapstick humour and minimal props this hardworking duo have created a vibrant, fun-filled show that pushes all the right buttons - interactive theatre at its best.  Although the more timid observers are under no pressure to participate but can watch the fun instead.  Jake (age 5) loved throwing snowballs at Mr White but liked it when Mr White hit them back with a tennis racket even better!  Elise (age 4) said she couldn't stop laughing when Mr White would move behind Mr Green's back but then stand still when Mr Green turned round and pretend he had been in the same place all along.  The 45 minutes raced by. There is no padding in this show, just good old-fashioned non-stop entertainment.  

3 – 29 Aug

The I Hate Children Children’s Show!

Zoo Southside

12:30, suitablilty U, 45 minutes

Sick of kids shows that make you want to spit up in your sippy cup? The I Hate Children Children's Show is the right choice for you. The magic is great. The star is hilarious. It's great fun for kids without being annoying for adults. 'I attest to the genuine all round wonderfulness of this comedic show!' ***** (ThreeWeeks).

Great fun magic show with a lot of good banter. The humour was mostly directed at the kids giving the impression the magician didn’t like them and was having to do the show because he lost a bet!

The show was fully interactive involving all the kids in the audience (if they wanted to) with his tricks. The magic was very impressive and even with all the kids up close you couldn’t work out how he did it!  He was very quick witted with some brilliant responses to the kids remarks – not an easy thing to do as some of them very unpredictable!. 

He created a fab atmosphere working with a blues guitarist who ad libed music to the kids responses.

We loved the show and the audience looked like they had a great time. A show adults can enjoy too! It has been rated 8+ this is probably because of the cheeky humour  but we think all school age children would love it.

Jamie age 8 I liked the trick at the start when adults were told they could drink then the guitarist  made the wine bottle disappear!


3 – 29 Aug (not 15)

The Velveteen Rabbit

C eca

The enchanting story of how a toy was loved so much he became real. Puppetry, poetry and physical theatre brings this children's classic to life. Laugh, shout, cry and join the adventure. Time 11am, Tickets £4.50. suitable for age 4+.

This brilliant show tells the sweet and simple tale from the much loved book. It is everything a children's show should be. It was beautifully crafted, well-acted, the set was evocative of a nursery long ago, the lights captivating and the music just perfect. The story itself has sad parts but these were handled sensitively. The puppets were fantastic. It was incredible that the 4-strong cast could cover all the different roles so seamlessly. The show kept quite closely to the story of the book and even used some of the same words. The actors were all lovely with the children and it was interactive as they came into the audience. If you know and love this story, and even if you don't, definitely go and see this show. It is one not to be missed. Anna aged 7 said "I liked the story and I thought it was good. I liked the way the rabbit bounced. They were all good actors. I liked the way the rag doll told the story. The lights were excellent and made the room spotty. The fairy was very pretty and nice. The velveteen rabbit turned real but first he was just filled with sawdust." Rosie aged 5 said "I thought it was really good. There were 3 bunnies, a fairy, a little boy, a nana and the the rag doll was telling the story. I thought it was quite a sad story."

3 – 29 Aug


C eca

Finding himself in a magical bookshop, William stumbles unwittingly into his own adventure – which will take him to the end of the world. Interactive family theatre where the audience is right at the heart of the story. Time 11:30am, Tickets from £4.50. Suitable for age 5+

On Monday 8th August my daughters and I went to see 'William' at C eca 11.30 am for 55 minutes. It runs from 3-29 August. This one-woman show has no set or music, it is one woman weaving a truly lovely tale. It begins with her opening her suitcase of stories and getting the children to read some of the stories out of the case. Then the audience are invited to write their own stories on pens and paper which are given out. As the story unfolded, I saw my children totally captivated by her enthralling tale-telling. Anna aged 7 says this is the best thing she has seen because it is about reading and stories. "You get to look inside a big box, and inside the big box are lots of stories and you get to read a story. After you have read the story the lady tells you lots and lots of stories. After that you get to write a story that someone will read. A bit of the story has someone carve a world and William meets a wee girl called Polly. The Storyteller has a nice voice and is very descriptive and good at telling stories. I thought it was great. The suitcase is a lovely colour." Rosie aged 5 "I thought the lady was very nice and kind, the story was nice. You can read the stories if you can read, but you don't have to read the stories. Polly and William fall in love but there wasn't anything about marrying except falling in love". The storyteller is brilliant with children and is so engaging. Each story weaves seamlessly into the next and all tie up in the end.

3 – 29 Aug

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

C socco

Left in the care of an evil governess, two cousins must fight to survive and regain what is rightfully theirs. Joan Aiken's rollicking tale of dangerous villains, mistreated orphans and daring escapes.Steampunk, music, puppetry. Time 5:20pm, Tickets from £5.50. Suitable for age 7+

I have loved Joan Aiken's children's classic novel, 'The Wolves of Willoughby Chase' since I was 9. Two girls are caught up in a web of intrigue as their monstrous governess, Miss Slighcarp, plots to take over the family estates. All seems lost, as their lives become an existence of hunger and exploitation in an orphanage. Ultimately, some loyal friends come to the rescue and good triumphs over evil. At heart, a simple enough plot for children to follow with plenty of entertaining characters and events along the way, all complemented by some nice puppetry and some lovely singing. So both Katie (aged 8) and I enjoyed this engaging new play by Not Cricket Productions, a youthful ensemble returning to the Fringe for the third time. Katie said: 'The governess was really wicked: it was excellent!' The others in our party, including boys of 11-13, were less enthused. I wonder why? I felt that the use of lots of theatrical smoke and clever use of lighting was atmospheric and effective. But the others thought it somewhat overdone and distracting. The cast had 13 actors, which made for a rich panorama, but the acting ranged from the excellent (step forward Jenna Al-Ansari as Miss Slighcarp) to the merely adequate. Seeing this production near the beginning of its run, it seemed under-rehearsed, though I expect that some of the lines will come more smoothly once the actors are fully settled into their roles. It's difficult to condense a 200 page novel into 80 minutes of drama, and on balance, I really think this adaptation was done well. At times it did seem a bit frantic as the actors ran from one scene to another. But who cares? It is meant to be a melodrama, and once the story gets going it is definitely carried along on its own momentum. I think that girls aged 7-12 will enjoy the show, as will many boys, especially those at the younger end of the spectrum. More details are available from the website at where the 'Gallery' link also provides details of a drawing competition for all ages (closing date 20th August).

3 – 29 (not 16)

The Ugly Duckling

C Chambers Street

Hans Christian Andersen's tale of the unhappy duckling who grows into a beautiful swan and discovers that true beauty always lies within. Storytelling theatre to enchant and delight children and grown ups of all ages Time 11:15am, Tickets from £4.50

"A fun, energetic, fast-paced show which delights and amuses, "The Ugly Duckling" by C Theatre is a charming story based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. The performance is engaging and quirky with just the right amount of audience participation. Dan Snelgrove as the banjo playing, toad narrator is likeable and fun and there are other strong performances from all five cast members in a variety of entertaining roles. The venue is small and intimate which adds to the sense of being involved in the story. There is much silliness, mixed with some gentle messages about true beauty lying within and the importance of manners. Keira (7) said " It was really good. I especially liked toad because he was very funny and I liked the bit when Ugly turned into a beautiful swan". Iona (4) said "I liked everything" which said it all really. It has to be said though that she was particularly keen on the wild geese and was impersonating them hours later on our bus home much to the amusement of our fellow passengers. 11.15 daily at C Venue on Chambers Street . Age 4 and over."

3 – 29 Aug

Ian Billings: Dumbs Up!

Guilded Balloon Teviot

A chuckle-filled hour of kids stand-up comedy with international kids comic Ian Billings and special guest poet/cartoonist Chris White. Warning: may contain giggles, chuckles, guffaws and the occasional boff! No hamsters allowed. Time 11:15am, Tickets from £5, Suitable for age 3 – 12 yrs.

It is a beautiful venue with lovely cafe/bar area to relax in before show or to shelter in away from rain before show begins. It was very friendly and staff were very helpful too. This is a great show for adult and children alike with Ian Billings poking fun at teachers ,parents and even children ! There is lots of audience participation which includes adults and children equally. So be warned if you don't like participating and having fun made of you, especially the things we adults say to children. He uses familiar scenarios/sayings to show the funny side. He also engaged brilliantly with the audience .Show and humour is geared at childrens level but makes adults realise how daft we sound at time!!!!! Half way through show Chris white came on stage with several drawings to use as props .You'll meet Justin Beaver! Barnneby Wilde.! Pinnochio and lots more childrens characters He then recites a poem relating to each of these characters. Its very very funny. Euan whose 10 said it was great show and gave it 10/10 but warned don't come if you are scared of poems about hamsters, guinea pigs, worms, sharks and beavers. He also said to remember to tell your parents to bring their eyebrows so Ian can steal them or make fun of them as befell me. A great fun show for both parents and children.

3 – 29 Aug (not 16)

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Pleasance Courtyard

A five-minute adaptation of  award-winning The Incredible Book Eating Boy. Using live performance, puppetry and playful back-projection, the audience watch from inside a unique installation as Bootworks bring the pages to life. Time various performances from 10:26am Tickets from £3, Suitable for age 4+

The adventure starts when you are seeking out venue for the Incredible Book Eating Boy show at the Pleasance. The children have clues to follow to get to the room, which is tucked away at the very back of the venue - a challenge which was relished by Eilidh (6) and Lewis (4). A warm welcome awaits you when you arrive. Bootworks Theatre Company have transformed the room into the Incredible Book Eating Boy's bedroom, complete with bed, beanbags, sofa, books to read, activities to do, free badges and postcards and even Ginger the goldfish in a bowl by the bed. It really is a fantastic space to hang out in with children and the Theatre Company staff make you feel extremely at ease - you're free to chill out there for as long as you like before or after the show (which is fortuitous on a rainy day out with the kids during the festival). The show may last for only 5 minutes, but it is well worth the visit as you end up staying much longer than that... The show itself is an awesome and unique experience. One adult and one child sit together in a black box with three windows and the story comes to life before your eyes. Windows open to reveal live performers, masks, objects, puppets and projected pictures as the story is narrated into the box. The action takes place so close to you, you feel that you are actually part of the story. The special effects are dazzling and there are a few surprises in there too. You will not receive a more personalised performance anywhere else in the Fringe. The children both received a hand written thank you note from the Incredible Book Eating Boy at the end of the show addressed to them by name. The show remains true to the book (by Oliver Jeffers) but the story is illustrated in a way that will expand the imagination of the viewer and reading the book will never be the same again! (although it is not necessary to have read the book beforehand - the story is told in its entirety during the show) Eilidh (6) and Lewis (4) were completely mesmerized by the show and talked about it continuously afterwards. Eilidh loved the fact that the Incredible Book Eating Boy appeared to be right next to her in the room and Lewis thought the special effects were brilliant. They both said that the show was fantastic (Lewis said "fabbydabbydoo") and enjoyed the whole experience immensely. It is also highly entertaining for the accompanying adult. This incredible show should not be missed (don't worry about the kids starting to eat all your treasured books at home - the show will certainly cure them of any such habits....)"

3 – 29 Aug 

Anderson 2011

C eca

Andersen 2011 is a clever reworking of the classic tales we all know and love. Enter the world of The Brave Tin Soldier and his valiant quest to win the heart of a beautiful paper dancer. Watch The Little Mermaid decide whether true love is all it seems, and follow Thumbelina’s journey to find her Prince Charming. Written in beautiful verse and performed by an ensemble of fresh and vibrant young actors, Andersen 2011 is a fun-filled experience for all ages. Time 10am Tickets from £4.50 Suitable for age 4+

This is a poetic working of three popular Hans Christian Andersen stories; The Brave Tin Soldier, Thumbelina and The Little Mermaid. It has a faultless narration by three of the cast. Equal to the narration was the various parts played by the other three members of the cast who moved between the three stories very well. The stage setting is very minimal making effective use of a small set of steps, two curtains and a desk with some books, along with very atmospheric, strong lighting. The storytelling and the acting are absolutely engaging and the tales move at a good pace. My children were truly captivated by the show. Anna, aged 7, said "Thumbelina was my favorite. Little Mermaid was scary. The costumes were very good and the storytellers were good. I like how the people in black told the story and the others said their parts". Rosie, aged 5, said "I like the Little Mermaid the best. I thought is was like Ariel because it is nearly the same just scarier. All the stories were really good". It is 4 + in the fringe brochure but the laguage wasn't the simplest and so it would be more suited for those slightly older, maybe 6 or 7 years old. It helps if the children know the stories in advance. Our children didn't know the soldier story and didn't really understand that but understood the other stories as they knew the stories in advance. Andersen 2011 is showing at the C eca (Edinburgh College of Art) until 29th August at 10am.

3 - 29 August

Hansel and Gretel

An interactive fairytale

Suitable for ages 4+

C Chambers Street, 12.30pm

Come and play in our enchanted forest and eat a cottage made entirely of sweets! Banished by their stepmother, Hansel and Gretel must find their way home in this wickedly funny interactive adventure for kids aged 4 to 400. Children sit in the grass and are invited on stage to join in the fun (and help eat the sweets!)

Our productions are designed to be accessible to children and adults with sensory impairment. To book a touch-tour of the set before the performance contact us at

This is a retelling of the traditional tale of Hansel and Gretel and sticks fairly closely to the original story. I recommend that you tell your children the story in advance so they don't get any nasty surprises when the wicked stepmother and witch make an appearance. The cast come out to meet you before you even go in and so the show starts off with a bang. The cast lead you through into the set and you weave your way into the enchanted forest. The forest set is brilliant and there is even a cottage made of sweets just like in the story. Grown-ups beware - you may be asked to join in. Some of the children get to interact with the story too. The live music was very atmospheric. Anna aged 7 said "I thought it was good. I liked it when Gretal saved Hansel. I liked how they set it up with a house that turns round. It felt like sitting in a very comfortable place, not like in a real theatre, like a house with armchairs". Rosie aged 5 said "It's about a little boy and girl and their father puts them in a forest. I liked it when the stepmother died cause she actually wasn't very nice. I thought it was a bit scary. I thought it was nice when they gave us sweets and they gave us toothpaste after". It is advertised as (4+) but I think it depends on how brave your little ones are as it is a fairly scary story. As the reported on the fringe website, the show is designed to be accessible to those with sensory impairment. Touch tours are available before the performance - for more information call 0845 260 1222. This performance will be performed with British Sign Language on 19-21 and 26-28 August.

3 – 29 Aug (not 15 – 19)

Flamenco for Kids

C eca

Flamenco for all the family. Learn the rhythms, stamp your feet, clap along, get up on stage ... and dance! Costumes for kids and instruments to try out. A totally unique experience! Time 1:30pm Tickets from £4.50 Suitable for age 3+

This show is great for little girls who love dancing, going up on the stage and dressing up. It is on at C eca (the Edinburgh College of Art on Lauriston Place). It is on at 13.30 and is on from 3-14 and 20-29 August. The cast consists of with a lady and man flamenco dancers and a Spanish guitar player. At first they do a short show with amazing guitar playing and fabulous flamenco dancing - lots of heel stamping and swishing skirts. We were all enthralled. Then the children in the audience are invited ontothe stage. They are taught the steps in simple to follow stages, they practise and then disappear off to get their costumes on. Children's flamenco dresses, skirts and shawls are all supplied although some children in the audience came ready dressed up. The children all come back on in costume and do a show. It was amazing what they had learned in such a short time. All the doting parents in the audience, including me, were getting photos of their little ones being so clever - while of course, the real skill was in the teachers. The dancers were lovely with the children. The children, almost exclusively little girls, all looked so cute. The show is being sponsored by the Spanish consulate. The dancers were actually Spanish and spoke in Spanish and with the costumes and music, it was so authentic it really transported me out of Edinburgh and into Spain for the duration of the show. Worth it for that alone! The same cast also do an adult show at 8.10pm every evening which of course my girls now are desperate to go to now that they have had a taster. Anna aged 7 said "I thought it was really good but it was a bit squashy getting changed into my flamenco dress. Its great to go. I would recommend it. I loved the dancing. The dresses were flappy". Rosie aged 5 says "Its fun. Its a bit hard. We dressed up in real flamenco clothes. The lady had a big long dress. I liked it". My girls are age 7 and 5 were at the older end of those there. The show is advertised at 3+. Some of the little ones though needed their mummy's to go up with them on the stage - but it was fine for that to happen. Both my girls loved bring on the stage and had an excellent time.

3 – 29 Aug (not 15)

Greek Myths for Kids

C eca

Soar above the clouds with Pegasus! Help battle the fearsome Minotaur! A breathtaking journey from the Gorgon’s lair to the heights of Mount Olympus. Told using storytelling and puppetry.Time 2:15pm. Tickets from £4.50 Suitable for age 4+

3 – 29 Aug (not 10, 22)

The Just So Stories

Pleasance Courtyard

Snuggle up with your little ones in a sea of duvets and cushions as, using everyday objects found in an attic, four of Rudyard Kipling's best-beloved stories are discovered and brought to life. Time 12:30 and 2:45pm. Tickets from £5 Suitable for age 4+

The ‘Just So Stories’ are told by four lovely ladies through the mediums of  theatre, song and rhyme.  The venue is the Green at the Pleasance Courtyard which is an ideal setting for this gentle show where kids can recline on bean bags and everyone can sit back and let Kipling’s wonderful words wash over them.

The tales are beautifully told using everyday objects as props.  The innovative use of pots and pans as the inside of a whale’s stomach was particularly memorable.  My children were equally impressed with the crab made out of bright red umbrellas.  I took an 8 year old and a 5 year old and was a little worried that it might be a bit young for them, but they loved it.  These stories appeal to all ages and were brought to life in an enchanting and vibrant way by the cast.  I was not familiar with the stories but this show has inspired me to seek them out.

Kate (8 years) said ‘I loved it … especially the story about the crab playing with the sea’ and Ben (5 years) said ‘It was amazing.  The crocodile was great … but it wasn’t scary!’.

At the end the cast joined the kids on the bean bags and let them try on the elephants trunks.  They are a lovely group of ladies who are extremely talented storytellers.

3 – 29 Aug

King Arthur

C eca

Join the Knights of the Round Table on a quest into the darkest forests of Albion. Meet fearsome monsters, assist distressed damsels, and discover the meaning of chivalry. Time 12:50pm, Tickets from £4.50 suitable for age 6+

The show is on every day (until 29 Aug) at 12.50pm and lasts an hour.
My boys and I absolutely loved this show. The time passed very quickly -
there was so much going on and we were all involved. It tells the tale of
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table on an adventure to find
Guinevere (and her pet dog) who go missing on her wedding day to King
Arthur.  On their quest, the Knights encounter scary creatures of the forest
and rescue damsels in distress. All ends well with a heroic rescue and a
wedding, with the dog as a guest!
The play is interactive and provides an imaginative account of an old legend
by a young and energetic cast who make a real effort to involve all the kids.
The scenery, props (including puppets)and costumes are brilliant. They are a
real feature of the show, very cleverly designed and all come out of a big,
wooden chest on the stage.  We especially liked the dog, the forest and the
In their own words...
Ben, aged 9, says "it was very funny and a brilliant show. The best bit was when they all got stuck in the sea and when I got asked to hold the horse! I was called the Duke of Holding Horses-ville and was a guest at the Royal
Charlie, aged 7 says, "it was really good and great when they got lost in the sea and we had to make big waves in the sea by helping.  I really liked the really old man Knight - he is cool!"
We would all definitely recommend this show and would make an effort to see anything else the company do.  We think the show is probably best for people from about 4 to about 11 or 12.  But there were people of all ages there and everyone was enjoying it.|

3 - 29 Aug

Medea's Children

Venue: St George's West Church, Shandwick Street, starts 10:30 , Suitable for 8+, lasts 1 hr

Medea's Children by Suzanne Osten and Per Lysander. Medea's Children is a landmark play in Swedish theatre. It is the story, told in a playful, humorous and challenging way, of a family who manage to go through divorce realising that life must go on. When the play was first performed in 1975 it was pioneering in the way it brought children's everyday, sometimes difficult, lives and reality to the stage. Medea's Children is an international co-production between renowned inclusive theatre specialists Lung Ha's Theatre Company (Scotland) and the internationally renowned Unga Klara (Sweden).

This is a great show for all ages, although there are some rude words
thoughout the show they are used in context to the story and situation and
dont overpower the show, they recommend 8+ ages for children just in case
some are offended.  The story relates around the concept of divorce from a
child's view, and is about Jason (from Jason and the Argonauts fame) and
Madeas his wife, and how they fall out of love and the chaos that rules
after that, and that their children Madeas and Jason Junior are left in the
dark not knowing what is going on, and not getting any answers.  THe best
thing about this show is that it encompasses able and less able actors and
works really well.  It was a great hour long show and I would recommend it
to all.
Katie 8 loved the whole show and didnt mind the rude words Beth 12 loved the idea that anyone could be an actor and perform well whether able or less
Overall the actors put their all into it, it was well attended, although
they said they would love to see more children there - so get booking.

3 - 29 Aug (Not 17)
Little Howard's Big Show

Assemly George Square
Big Howards and Little Howard's massively popular BBC1 show Little Howard's Big Question is in danger after someone accidently called the boss of CBBC " a steaming bum face" But tonight's show could turn their whole world around. Time 4:40pm Tickets �10 (�8

"Little Howard's Big Show" by Little Howard and Big Howard is on every day (not 17th) until August 29th, at Assembly George Square. The show starts at 16.40 and lasts for 1 hour. It is suitable for all ages. If you've seen the TV show "Little Howard's Big Question", then you will know the characters but for those who haven't, this is a fun double act with an animated 6 year old boy and his human housemate. Little Howard and Big Howard's TV show is in danger of being cancelled and this show could turn things around for them but things keep going wrong.... Lily (8) liked the transparent duck and how Big Howard dealt with the computer generated spider. Jessica (10) liked how they photographed a particularly ugly man in the audience, then animated his photo, which was then used throughout the rest of the show. Big Howard is very good at hitting himself over the head with a frying pan, with accompanying sounds, to make the audience laugh. Jessica (10) and Lily (8) thoroughly enjoyed this show, as did the rest of the audience. This show appealed to all ages. I was most impressed by the interactive animation, throughout the show and the necessary timing involved. There were lots of laughs along the way and all in all, it was a very slick production.

3 – 29 Aug. 

The Magical tale of Finley the Great

C eca

The Magical Tale of Finley the Great follows the tumultuous tale of young Finley, an aspiring magician that wills himself into a state of fame and power in order to win the heart of the girl of his dreams, Rosie. But it is not he who performs the magic he is so famed for. Can Finley see beyond his own desires and acknowledge the role his assistant plays? And if so, will he still have the love of Rosie?Time 11:25am, Tickets from £4.50 Suitable for all ages.

On Friday 5th August, my daughters (Anna aged 7 and Rosie aged 5) and I went to see "The Magical Tale of Finley the Great" at C eca (the Edinburgh College of Art on Lauriston Place). It is on at 11.25am and is on from 3-29 August. It was brilliant! It had everything you needed in a story - magic, love, suspense, real live rabbits and puppets too. The set was gorgeous and lit with blue fairy lights and the live music was so atmospheric. The costumes were homespun and I loved the measuring tape used as a belt. The face painting was lovely. There were two puppets, a rabbit and a wolf, with their puppeteers and both were fully integrated into the story as they interacted with the other characters. The story was simple enough for the children to follow and had enough ups and downs to keep us enthralled. Anna was so gripped that she shed a tear or two at the sad bits. It was not too scary or wild but fast moving and fun. It also had quite a lot of laughs for the grown-ups too which I loved and I really can genuinely say I enjoyed it as much as the children did. It was cleverly done with a narrator also part of the story. However, the effective lighting meant it was easy to follow what was going on, although the story moves back and forward in time. The cast were brilliant with the children and brought the rabbits round so that my children could pat them during the show whilst still remembering to speak their lines! Rosie aged 5 said " I liked the bunny. The bunny could talk. There was a real bunny too. I thought the wolf was going to eat them". Anna aged 7 said " I was so into the story, I cried a little at the sad part. You get to stroke a rabbit and it was very cute and real." It is advertised as 4+ and I think that is about right. I think the older ones would get more out of it though. Anna at 7 seemed to fully understand the story, notwithstanding though, baby Beth (15 months) was captivated by it. The show are putting on arts and crafts workshops after the show on Tuesdays and Saturdays, which I am sure would be well worthwhile. I think the live bunnies are going to workshops too so the children can pet them more. All in all, this was a great find and my advice to you is go before it sells out.

3 – 29 Aug


Assembly George Square

An awe-inspiring monument to the beauty of colour and light. Bring the family as the multi-sensory space welcomes and inspires. Take your map, remove your shoes, pass the airlock and wander freely. No two visits are alike. Time from 10am then every 30mins. Tickets £5 suitable for all ages. 

Imagine a giant inflated “bouncy castle” with five main “rooms” and interconnecting passages lit-up in different coloured lights. For me, that is probably a more practical description than the one in Mirazozo's own brochure “Mirazozo is a sculpture people enter to be immersed in radiant light and colour”. Families should not be discouraged by the “PG” rating in the Fringe brochure nor by Mirazozo's own “Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult". I went with my 6-yr old daughter, Lynn, and with another father and daughter. The adults could appreciate the art, design and creativity of this unusual inflated structure (entered by an “air-lock”). The children improvised a game of hide-and-seek in the maze-like layout. We happily spent about 30 minutes which is roughly the time allowed at busy periods. We were fortunate to be there at 10am on a Monday morning after most schools had restarted - so it was pretty quiet. As we left, a group of nursery children were arriving. Mirazozo is the sort of Fringe activity that adults with children (of any age but probably ideal for 2-8 year olds) can use as a “fill-in” between other more formatted events. In summary, Mirazozo is unusual, relaxing, free-style and very young-child friendly; it should be on every parent's Fringe short-list.

I attended with my 2 older children. It was great that a member of staff took the time to give a brief explanation of the exhibition before we entered. This giant sculpture of colour and light was hand built by Alan Parkinson from Architects of Air. It is meant to help you explore your senses with the use of natural light and changing colours. You are encouraged to lie down and let your imagination run in the different sectors. We loved the experience but was there when it was very busy. I think it would be a great place to go and have some reflective time with children. They do limit the number of people allowed to enter and the time you can stay 20 – 30 mins. There were loads of families and adults there from babies upwards. They all looked like they were enjoying the experience.

Amy age 8 -  I loved the colours and the way the light came through

Simon age 11 – I have never seen anything like that before, it was good to experience it.

3 – 29 Aug (not 15)

The Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business

C Chambers Street

Did you do a poo on Mole’s head? If not you, then who? Magical, musical hit adaptation of the popular children’s picture-book. Time 10am Tickets from £4.50 Suitable for age 2+

This endearing tale adapted by Kipper Tie Theatre from the popular book by Werner Holzwarth & Wolf Erlbruch will delight children and adults alike.   Who had the audacity to do a poo on the sweet little Mole's head?  Was it you?  Or could it have been the cowboy horse or the operatic pig - or perhaps the farmyard cow?  The performers are a talented trio and use music, humour and constant audience particiation to discover who the culprit was.  The subject matter is a favourite among young children and the ways in which each animal did their poo was received with squeals of delight from the audience.  The original story is fleshed out well with musical interludes and the familiar tale of the Three Little Pigs (which a chilled out goat was dreaming about)  The performers are lively and enthusiastic with the cowboy horse being a particular highlight.  Jake (age 5) liked the singing competition between both halves of the audience and Anna (age 3) liked the cow coming down from the stage to shake hands with all the children.  Callum (age 5) liked every singe bit of it!  For inventive and amusing theatre look no further.

3 – 29 Aug

Movin' Melvin Brown: Just Singing and
Dancing... You Can Do It!

C eca

Singing, tapdancing, mime, robotics, moonwalking, comedy. Everybody joins in! 'Movin' Melvin is a clog-clapping extravaganza Time 12pm, Tickets from £5.50, Suitable for age 4+

Movin' Melvin Brown's show is described as being for children, parents and grandparents. I went along with Eilidh (6), Lewis (4) and Granny (age withheld!) and lots of fun was had by all. Movin' Melvin is a loveable, happy guy whose aim is to make you smile and have fun - and he certainly succeeded in cheering us all up on a rainy Edinburgh day. Movin' Melvin sings happy songs and does some very impressive tap dancing. There are lots of chances for the children (and adults!) to go up on stage and have a go themselves, often with hilarious results. Granny thought that the show was "uplifting"; Eilidh (6) said that the show was "fantastic". Lewis (4) was tap dancing for the rest of the day and put on a tap dancing show when he got home. An inspirational show for budding singers and dancers.

3 – 29 Aug (not 16)

Not so Grimm Fairy Tales

Gilded Balloon Teviot

A handful of princesses, a whirlwind of witches and one weally, weally wicked wolf are all brought to life in this energetic, colourful, laugh-a-minute show. Lots of fun for all the family! Time 12:45pm Tickets from £5

4- 12 Aug
Mad Science Free Dangerous Family Show

Laughing Horse @The Counting House, 38 Nicolson Street
Live science show for all the family. Join in as they show you how to do some of the coolest experiments around. We may even electrocute your parents!
Free non ticketed. Time 1:15pm

Professor Kaos and his lab rat Dangerous Dave entertain the audience with a fun-filled selection of amazing science experiments and have the kids eating out of their hands from the outset.  Greeting them at the door and frisking them for chocolate certainly established a rapport.    This show has a genuine scientific element but it is so well wrapped up in comedy and chaos that even the 5 year old that declared to me ‘I hate science’ before the show absolutely loved it.

The experiments are interesting and entertaining on lots of different levels so that the very youngest members of the audience can understand them but they also engage the older kids too.  Professor Kaos and Dave positively encourage the kids to sit down at the front and join in.  It is a very interactive show, possibly too interactive for the adults that ended up conducting electricity. 

I went with Ben (5 years) who said it was ‘Awesome.  I loved the fire … and the fireproofing!’ Conall (5 years) who ‘hates science’ said it was ‘good, amazing and fantastico’.  He also said that while he hates science he loves mad and there was certainly lots of that.

This show has sadly ended its run for this year but if it returns another year it is certainly worth a look.  Not only was it funny but we all learned something.

4 – 18 Aug

Mr Benn

Pleasance Courtyard

Tall Stories (creators of The Gruffalo stage show) present their latest production with catchy songs and astounding magic - to celebrate 40 years of David McKee's much-loved TV character. Ordinary Mr Benn receives an invitation to a fancy dress party and comes across an extraordinary shop. As if by magic, the shopkeeper appears and shows him into the dressing room. Inside is a mysterious door that leads him into incredible adventures full of dragons, princesses and sea monsters... Perfect for everyone aged 4 to 104. Time 11:30am Tickets �8.50

'Mr Benn' is a fantastic production by Tall Stories Theatre Company based on the much loved 1970s tv series by David McKee. The show kept my five year old and two year old enthralled throughout with its mixture of music, dancing, puppetry and physical theatre. Mr Benn is lured to a fancy dress shop and finds the costumes he tries on transport him from his banal everyday existence to magical adventures where he can become a hero at last. With inventive quick changes he becomes a chef for Princess Picky, a Deep Sea diver searching for an Elvis like sea monster, a pirate, surgeon, cowboy, spaceman and many other kinds of heroes. The warm and engaging performances draw the young audiences in and encourage participation in the right places and quiet engagement in others. There are impressive magic tricks which had the young audience clapping and cheering including one with a teapot I'd love to know the secret to. There is also wit and humour for the adults such as the Masterchef style rock routine and the fancy dress shopkeeper's knowing asides. A fresh and funny reworking of a classic family character which celebrates the need to explore all the different people we can become if we set our imaginations free. Sylvie, aged 7 'I liked the sea adventure best. I really liked the sea monster" Stella, 5 " I liked how they made the train. I thought it was funny. I liked when the statues in the shop moved when he wasn't looking" Robbie, 5 "I liked when Mr Benn tickled the dragon!"  

4 – 18 Aug (not 15)


Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

A magical adventure where nothing is quite as it seems and the only way back is to keep going forward. Where animals talk and mice power the city, will Asa and Lola ever make it home? Time 12pm. Free non ticketed.

The Hamwehads is the story of a young boy called Asa and his dog Lola. It all begins when Lola chases a rabbit down a hole at the end of the garden and he and Asa arrive deep underground in a curious place called 'Down Below' which is ruled by the nasty Hamwehads! With the clever use of music, lyrical poetry and very cute puppets we join the duo on their adventures where nothing is as it seems. Along the way we meet characters such as Mr. Spider; Monsieur Fluffy Bunnykins, the nasty Queen Hamwehad (with her slave the mole) and of course the very cute and very pretty Wilomena the worm. There is one big worry though - will they get home in time for Asa's birthday party? All about fun and letting imaginations run wild. The Hamwehads was a very enjoyable and beautifully delivered show. It was funny and entertaining- with a few scary bits for added excitement! Lola the fluffy dog is delightful and very realistic- the children adored him! I would highly recommend this for the younger audience! I went along with two of my children aged 5 and 9 and they both thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a free show, but be prepared to give a donation at the end - it's worth it!! ("I liked the part that where the bird got sick all over the audience - it was very funny!" "It was a bit scary when the Hamwehad ate the mole!")

4 – 27 Aug (not 7, 14, 21)

Under the Baobab Tree

C too

How did the ostrich get her neck? How do crocodiles clean their teeth?This African folktale feast introduces curious, quirky, colourful characters through enchanting puppetry, mask, music and storytelling. Time 10am, Tickets from £4.50 suitable for 2 – 8 yrs

"Under the Baobab Tree" by I Theatre (Singapore) and Toto Tales (UK) is on every day (not 14th or 21st) until August 27th, at C Too, St Columba's by the Castle. The show starts at 10.00 and lasts for 50 minutes. It is suitable for 2 - 8 year olds. This was a vibrant, highly energetic and interactive show that kept the audience fully engaged for 50 minutes. Three actors played a storyteller, a number of different animals and operated puppets, which were effective and entertaining. The continual changing of characters through voices, physicality and stunning costumes was excellent and well executed. There was never a dull moment with singing, dancing, dialogue, storytelling, poetry, music, sound effects, special effects, puppetry and interesting facts about animals, which all contributed to the success of the performance. The company worked very well together in bringing the audience a taste of Africa. Carmen (2) liked the singing, the crocodile and the zebra. She also kept asking where the rabbit (hare) was after a costume change, laughed in a number of places and had great pleasure in telling the actors where the chameleon was. On leaving the venue, it was apparent that the audience (young to old) had thoroughly enjoyed the show.

4 – 29 Aug

Stick Man live on Stage

Udderbelly’s Pasture

Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their Stick children three. Julia Donaldson's fabulous book brought vividly to life. Packed full of puppetry, catchy songs, live music and funky moves. Time 11:15am. Tickets from £6

Stick Man is a delightful production by Scamp theatre based on the much loved book by Julia Donaldson. The energetic and enthusiastic cast of three tell the tale of Stickman who leaves his family tree one day to go for a jog and ends up caught up in an adventure. He is chewed by a dog, stuck in a sandcastle and wound into a swan's nest and has many other mishaps before he can find his way back home. Using puppetry, physical theatre, inventive props, singing and dance, the trio of talented actors engage their young audience throughout. Highlights include a huge game of beachball with the whole audience, a swan who appreciates jazz and a jovial Santa who reminded me somewhat of Rik Mayal. The audience broke into applause as the actors formed a giant sandcastle from a pile of inflatable rings. The theatre was packed to the rafters but the charismatic performers remained unfazed by screaming babies and created a relaxed and informal atmosphere. A good way of showing young audiences how a little imagination can transform a length of paper into a river and a rope into a reindeer's sleigh. A funny and whimsical retelling of a well-loved modern classic for children. 'I liked the music and the way it made it all better' Hazel 5 'I liked the snow bit. I looked up and even thought it was really going to snow!' Tom, 5 'I liked it when Stickman got home to his tree' Amy, 3

4 – 29 Aug (not 15)

The Amazing Bubble Show

C too

A show for kids of all ages to thrill, laugh, love and learn about the world of Bubble-Ology. Breathtaking bubbles, people inside bubbles, square bubbles, amazing bubble colours, sculptural,bubbles and special effect bubbles. Time 12:05 and 13:05pm Tickets from £5.50. Suitable for all ages.

4 – 29 Aug


Assembly Hall, Mound Place, Suitability U, duration 1hr 10 minutes. Urban, a showcase made of the best of the Colombian National circus school Circo Para Todos. The city’s the thread for the artists real stories, incorporating both joy and violence, a freestyle portrait of a society where dance and music are the safety valves of everyday life. Infused with live reggaeton with volcanic, wild, perfectly mastered acrobatics. Coproduction Roundhouse London

Time 12:30 Tickets £15 (£14)

This is a show that is performed by students from a circus school called Circo Para Todos saving street kids from a life of youth gangs, violence and crime by giving tuition in circus skills.

Set against an urban cityscape the show they give you is gritty, contemporary, high energy and literally a jaw dropping experience in the festival. It includes thrill seeking acrobatics that are well executed and mesmerizing. It performs high risk stunts with no net, but done with guts and bravado that don’t falter throughout the show. The ultimate part of the show which I won’t give away too much includes daring aerial acts and an act that includes a man’s head, a woman, a hoop and an unbelievable amount of balance.  The performers bring talent and swagger to the stage that makes the show and an unbelievable experience that is non stop excitement till the end. We all loved “Soap” and “Tom Tom Crew” and would give this a resounding 5Stars. Best Show so far this year just beating “Free Run”.

4 – 29 (not 15) at 14:20pm

Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

Underbelly’s Pasture, Bistro Square

Private Peaceful relives the life of Private Tommo Peaceful, a young First World War soldier awaiting the firing squad at dawn. During the night he looks back at his short but joyful past growing up in rural Devon: his exciting first days at school; the accident in the forest that killed his father; his adventures with Molly, the love of his life; and the battles and injustices of war that brought him to the front line. Time 2:20pm Tickets £11 - £12

Running time 80 minutes, no interval.

Suitable for ages 8+;

As a family we have loved reading Michael Morpurgo's stories; appreciating the fact that they tackle difficult and sometimes challenging subjects in a way that is sensitive to younger readers, without being patronising. Scamp Theatre's adaptation of Morpurgo's 'Private Peaceful' is a poignant and evocative piece of theatre, cleverly conveying both the horror and brutality of war (in this case WW1) and the innocence and spirited antics of the young soldiers sent to the front line. The story is told as the hours pass before a courageous young soldier (Private Peaceful) is sent to the firing squad , having been court martialled for daring to stand up to the hateful Seargent Hanley. Despite this premise the production is surprisingly uplifting and joyful at times as young Tommo recounts the events of his youth; the happy times spent with his brothers Charlie and Big Joe and young Molly, the girl who had captured all their hearts. I took my 11 year old daughter Rachel to the performance but we also happened to meet a friend and her 8 year old daughter there. As parents we loved the chance to introduce our children to some real theatre and were delighted that both girls were equally enthralled by the performance. The adaptation had some subtle differences to the Morpurgo story, focussing on the tender relationship between the brothers, rather than the secondary characters and subplots which run through the book. The tales of their childhood were delivered so skilfully by Leon Williams, that at times I felt like I was holding my breath as their stories unfolded and the minutes counted down to the final hour. Sylvia age 8 "I liked the way that the story was all told by the same actor. I thought he was especially clever to be able to play all the different parts - even the funny old lady with the crooked finger and the pilot. It made it very easy to follow the story". Rachel aged 11 "It was incredible and kept me gripped on the edge of my seat! The acting and sound and visual effects are so good that you can almost imagine you were there with Tommo as he grows up and then goes off to fight. I thought it was very moving. It made me think a lot about how lucky we are now."


4, 6, 18, 20, 23, 25, 29 Aug

Magic Porridge Pot

Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall

Help Boy cook magic porridge! Splat porridge in a magic food fight! Jump in the huge sea of porridge! Professional interactive theatre where little ones come onstage throughout! Time 4:20pm (23/25 Aug at 1pm) Tickets from £5.50 Suitable for age 2 – 5 yrs

4 – 29 Aug

Hurry Up and Wait

C Aquila

Two clowns wait for a parade. Time feels like it is going very slowly. They get bored, tired, hungry...until their imaginations take over, and waiting becomes a game! Time flies when you're having fun! Time 2:40pm Tickets from £4.50, Suitable for age 3+

"Two clowns wait for a parade. Time feels like it is going very slowly. They get bored, tired, hungry ... until their imaginations take over, and waiting becomes a game! Time flies when you're having fun!" Hurry Up and Wait is a simple yet highly entertaining physical comedy. It was beautifully delivered and was very funny and imaginative. Any child or adult who has had to sit patiently and wait will be able to relate to this show. The interaction between the two characters is wonderful and funny - with lots of trickery and teasing! They are waiting for a parade at 3.00pm, but as we all know, time goes by very slowly when your waiting and what it's like to try and hurry up! This performance allows you the luxury to just sit back, feel the anticipation and let your imagination flow. Thanks to the great delivery and superb sound effects - you could smell the food/taste the ice cream and believe you were actually watching a parade.. (the slow motion was my favourite!) A magical show, sure to captivate audiences of all ages. It was thoroughly enjoyed by my three children aged 5 - 11 (and myself), and as the gentleman behind me said " I may be 35 but I feel like a kid again - that was brilliant"! I think that just sums it up. I would recommend this for all ages - it's light simple and the ending was magical - worth waiting for!!

5, 8, 10 and 12 (at 11am) 15, 17 and 19 (at 10:30am) August

Whooooo’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

The Spaces@Surgeon Hall, Nicolson Street

Delightful insight into the misunderstood life of the Big Bad Wolf who appears in many treasured fairytales. Charming and quirky - this will enchant children, encouraging them to use their imaginations

and voices!

5 – 13 Aug (not 7)

The Chess Game

Inverleith Church Hall, Inverleith Gardens

From this multi award winning company a fast moving musical that satirises our attitudes to war and highlights that. Despite reaching 21 Centuary, human beings have still not found a way to resolve their differences peacefully.

Time 2:30pm Tickets £12 (£10)


For the past two years my children and I have been bowled over by the talent and professionalism of Forth Children’s Theatre’s fringe shows, so it was with high expectations that we went along to The Chess Game at Inverleith Church.  And I am delighted to say that we were not disappointed.

From the moment that the huge, black and white-clad, cast emerged on to the giant chessboard of a stage, my daughters and I were moved and entranced by the power of the massed chorus, belting out the opening number.  It didn’t matter that we were unfamiliar with the music, written incidentally by FCT’s musical director, Iain Macdonald.

The show tackles the serious theme of war in a light-hearted way.  This does not however compromise the gravity of the underlying message, that war is a game, even a whim of those in power, in this case the kings, queens, bishops and knights, that wreaks destruction and devastation on the oppressed ‘pawns’, foot soldiers charged with carrying out the fighting – for reasons that are beyond their care or comprehension.

The large cast of extremely talented youngsters deal well with these difficult themes, from the raw talent of the younger performers to the more nuanced, mature performances of some of the ‘older’, more experienced actors and singers.  The ensemble numbers are magnificent, while the quieter solo numbers, such as the excellent  “I hear the bell toll” convey the powerful emotion of the show.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for adults and children alike.  Both my 9 and 7 year old daughters were mesmerized throughout.  Jojo, 9, commented: “I loved the two queens, I thought they were really brilliant at singing.  My favourite bit was at the end when all the characters had a pillow fight – I really wanted to get up on the stage and join in”.

Amelia, 7, thought it was a great show too.  She loved all the music and singing and was delighted to discover that there were real musicians playing the music.  She also loved all the black and white costumes of the characters.

We can’t wait until next year’s show!

5 – 21 Aug

Pasta Macaroni Puppet Show

Assembly George Square

Four recipes, four little stories with fireworks ending. Funny and elegant. Macaroni girl dances while playing the circus game. A spaghetti in love cries because he misses his beautiful tomato sauce. Time 10:30am. Tickets from £4.50.

Visually stunning, puppet show starring all sorts of different pasta!  This is an ususual and strangly beautiful show told with gentle charm through the skill and dexterity of the two puppeteers, Carla Carucci and Emanuele Buganza.  There's no real dialogue to speak of so each of the four short stories are told by the cleverly choreographed, pasta shapes.  These become soaring lasagne birds, firefly-like, darting butteries a dancing girl and a staccato marching, penne army.  The two four year olds who came with me were transfixed, especially by the glowing macaroni rainstorm and frenetic fireworks display at the end.  They also liked the giant, mooing mozzarella and trying to figure out how the puppeteers worked the shapes!  I particularly enjoyed the creative, visual display and the soothing music.  Iona (4) said " I liked the dancing spaghetti girl and the fireworks best and I liked the music".  Eilidh (4) added "It was amazing. I liked all of it." A charming and gentle show which deserves a much bigger audience, it runs until 21 August at Assembly, George Square Three at 10.30 am. Probably best for kids aged 4 and over as smaller ones might find 50 mins with no dialogue just a wee bit long. Grab it while you can.

5 – 21 August

The Man Who Planted Trees

Scottish Storytelling Centre, Netherbow

43–45 High St

Laughs, heartbreak, war, regeneration, scented breezes, sparkling wit, the best dog puppet ever. Perfect for children and grown ups. Suitable for age 7+. Time 3pm Tickets £8.50 (£6.50)

This is an award winning adaptation of Jean Giono's classic tale set in rural France, with Jean being played by Richard Medrington and his 'colleague' played by Rick Conte. The company began performing this adaptation in 2006, and have toured extensively since then - but their performance is just as fresh and vibrant as if it were new. Jean Giono's story tells of a character called Elzeard Bouffier who successfully changed a part of France and the lives of the people living there, through many years of patiently and independently planting trees. However, this is more than a tale of forestry, but rather a wonderful story of one man seeing a need for change and deciding to act on it. In so doing, he did not earn fame or wealth but he gained good health and well-being. The story is also known as "The Man Who Planted Hope and Reaped Happiness". One of my children (age 11) saw this production two years ago, but after this performance her first words were "I could see that over and over again and never grow tired of it". She particularly enjoyed the mix of humour and pathos, and the fabulous music. She was amazed at how such simple props and music could create an intense atmosphere of rural France. My 9 year old daughter loved the puppetry and the way their movements were so expressive. She also thought it was a wonderful story and has enjoyed re-telling it to several people since. My six year old said "that is the best dog puppet ever" and keeps talking about how funny the dog was. The Guardian quotes "Perfect for children and grown-ups" and I totally agree.

5 –7 August Previews £5

9 – 14, 16 - 24 August £7.50, £5. (£20 F)

Cloud Man

Hill St Theatre

Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker.

By Ailie Cohen and Lewis Hetherington

For 4-7 year olds and their families.

Cloudia has always had her head in the clouds. She is a cloud expert and all of her life she has dreamt of seeing a Cloud Man – an extremely rare creature who lives a quiet life high up in the sky.

Follow the clues to the very top of Cloud Mountain where the views are always surprising. If you are lucky, you may see something very special indeed.

Featuring a blend of puppetry, storytelling and sumptuous visuals.

Directed by Alasdair Satchel with original soundtrack by Niroshini Thambar and Nik Paget-Tomlinson.

From the director and designer of Puppet State Theatre’s multi award winning production’ The Man Who Planted Trees’.

TIME 11am

SHOW LENGTH 45 minutes


Supported by Made in Scotland and Arts and Theatre’s Trust Fife

This charming show about what can happen when dreams come true will enthral children and adults alike. Cloudia has been obsessed with the enigmatic cloud men that she has heard about in stories since she was a young child. She has travelled the world searching for them to no avail and has ended up at the top of Cloud Mountain where she keeps her collection of clues including tiny hats, socks and bags. In her anorak and over sized glasses gawky Cloudia is determined to find what she is looking for. She spends day and night in her hut at the top of Cloud Mountain and is finally rewarded when the beautifully crafted cloud man makes an appearance. He comes to Cloudia's hut when she is out and explores every room much to the delight of the captivated audience. When Cloudia returns she entices him into a specimen jar (using shortbread!) but soon realises he is unhappy being trapped and longs to roam free in the surrounding clouds. The large cloud containing the various cloud men is a real treat and the wonderful puppets drew gasps from the audience. This one-woman show uses storytelling, puppetry and comic mime to tell a morality tale which is a visual delight. The enchanting puppets and ethereal music add to the simple yet effective set. The subject matter is inventive as clouds are very solid in the imagination of children and it is easy to believe they are inhabited. Jake (age 5) liked the part when Cloud Man was peeking through the window of Cloudia's hut, he thought that was very funny and Anna (age 3) was very excited to find a tiny hat under the cushion she was sitting on, which had been blown away by the wind. Soar above the clouds to see storytelling at its best.

5 - 27 Aug (not 7 & 21)
The Jabberwocky
The Spaces@Surgeons Hall, Nicolson Street
Young Jack is fascinated by the story of The Jabberwocky but he does not understand the mysterious words... until he starts to dream. A play about language, imagination, courage and dragons. For more info visit: Time 11:05am Tickets £7 (£5)

"Fast, vibrant and full of surprises". This production of the Jabberwocky was inspired by the original poem by Lewis Carroll, and is performed by five young and energetic actors with flair and excitement throughout. We follow young Jack into his imaginative dream where he seeks out the mystical Jabberwocky, finding meanings to the poem's curious words along the way. The cast are wonderfully engaging, involving the youngest to oldest members of the audience with humour and fun. The story is easy to follow as it is very visual and expressive, and I would recommend taking children of any age to this production. I attended with two 6 year old boys and two girls aged 9 and 11, and my mother. The boys were spell-bound throughout, bouncing in their chairs with excitement, and keen to join in at every opportunity. Andrew said he enjoyed making up silly word combinations and his favourite character was the "mother borogove". He thought it was great when Jack climbed up onto the borogove's back and rode it through the forest. Rudy liked the hero, Jack, who grew in bravery and wisdom through the story, with the help of various characters. Both girls loved the rabbit, who also played several other parts and was hilarious in them all. I will confess, my mother and I fell in love with him too! Amelie liked the props and costumes, and Ellana thought the actors were all brilliant, and loved having this well-known poem retold through theatre.

5, 17, 19, 21, 24 & 26, 28 Aug

The Enormous Turnip

Spotlites Theatre Productions

Spotlites @ The Merchants’ Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street

Time:  4.20pm (5th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 28th) & 1pm (24th, 26th) 45 mins

Tickets: £6.50 / £5.50 concs (£22.00 Family of 4) Adults must be accompanied by a child! Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+

Box office: 0131 220 5911


Help Grandad plant the tiny seed! Slide in the snail slime! Blow up the enormous turnip! Professional interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch! Little'uns come onstage throughout! Join Boy and Grandad as they tend the seeds! The family is hungry; what will grow? Will the birds steal the seeds? Will the slugs and snails munch the leaves? Will there be enough for tea? Will this plant ever stop growing? Pop! Kapow! From the team behind 2009 and 2010 Fringe sell-out ‘Magic Porridge Pot' 'A great introduction to theatre' **** (Herald)

I had only taken my 2 year old son to one theatre performance before we plucked up the courage to try again. Sitting still for any length of time is a challenge for a fidgety 2 year old but thankfully 'The Enormous Turnip' by Spotlites Theatre was exactly what we needed - interactive theatre specifically designed for not sitting still! The bright and airy Merchants' Hall provided plenty space for everyone to take a front row seat around 4 sides of the 'stage'. When we arrived several children were quietly colouring in together as we found our seats. Parents and older siblings were ensured a seat while younger children (age 2-5) were encouraged to sit on cushions at our feet and join in. The production was a gentle adaptation of the traditional tale 'The Enormous Turnip'. It delighted the children by teaching them how to dig and sow the seeds and care for them and protect the growing seedlings by scaring away the nasty crow and the munching, crunching caterpillar and friends. My son was entranced by all the characters who helped to tell the story; the boy, Grandma and Grandpa, the dog, cat, mouse, spider, slug, snail, (scary) crow, and the beautiful butterflies. This was a really special production which carefully managed the seemingly impossible task of allowing every child the opportunity to be part of the performance. Individually (and sometimes all together) we compared our favourite vegetables, we planted, dug and watered our seeds, hid from the scary crow, shielded our eyes from the glaring sun and slid like slugs and snails..... and of course we pulled and pulled and pulled the enormous turnip! Jamie age 2� "I liked the digging and I liked being a spinning spider and my best was scaring away the scaredy crow with a big pop! "....and on leaving the theatre "can I go again?"! Maddy age 3 (who was sitting next to us) whispered to her mum "The seed's going to grow.... I'm so excited!"

5 - 28 August (not 17)


Gilded Balloon Teviot 22:50 plus Tuesday matinees 15:20 (70 mins)
Showstopper! return for their fourth successive year at Edinburgh Fringe. 2011 has seen the troupe make
their full West End debut and record and air their first BBC Radio 4 series. This year, the Edinburgh run will
include special family-friendly matinees every Tuesday at 3.20 pm.

Showstopper! is entirely improvised: a brand new musical is created at every performance. A writer has
just one night to create a hit show to impress his producer. Stuck for ideas, he takes audience suggestions
for a title, storylines and musical styles that they’d like to see in the show. The Showstoppers then create a
musical from scratch based around that structure. Utterly unpredictable, frequently side-splittingly funny
and featuring dazzling dance routines and catchy melodies.

Venue Number 14: Gilded Balloon Teviot. Sub-venue: Debating Hall Tickets £7.50 - £12.50
Box Office 0131 622 6552 / or 0131 226 0000 /

5 – 29 Aug (not 16 & 23)

Tim and Light

Pleasance Courtyard

Playful physical storytelling, original folk/electronic music and memorable puppets combine, telling a beautiful story of courage that will warm the hearts of young and old alike. Time 12;30pm Tickets from £7, Suitable for age 5+

Tim and Light is a gripping show about the adventure of a thirteen-year-old boy called Tim and his trusty cat, Light. Tim and Light board a train one day to travel to his Grandmother's house but end up on an amazing adventure with a very touching ending. Eilidh (6) and Lewis (4) were completely taken in by this show and had looks of amazement on their faces throughout the whole performance. The story is told using an impressively wide variety of media: puppets, live performers, music and song. Props are used with great imagination; a chest of drawers transforms into a railway station; performers become part of an enchanted garden and change character before your very eyes. It all works wonderfully well - the show is action packed and full of energy. There is an important message about true friendship in the story, which will resonate with a wide spectrum of ages from little ones to teenagers. One of Tim's catch phrases is "that is absolutely so annoying" - the character really does capture the teenage attitude perfectly but there is also a certain innocence to him which is very likeable and will appeal to younger viewers. Eilidh (6) was captivated by Light, the cat, who was portrayed by a very realistic puppet. She was also impressed by the clever use of props (the use of an aerosol spray to create the steam for the train was a particular hit). Lewis (4) loved the music; the ukulele is just the size of his toy guitar and it was inspiring to hear such lovely music created by it. They were both visibly moved by the show, which was immensely entertaining and leaves a lasting impression. Definitely a must for children of all ages (although if you are being lobbied to buy a pet - this will only add to the pressure - Light is an adorable creature and a true friend!).

5 – 28 Aug (not 6 – 11, 15 – 18, 22 – 25)

Dr Brown Brown, Brown, Brown Brown ….

Underbelly, Cowgate lost. He needs to find his way back to town before the sun goes down... Physical comedy and clowning at its best from a world-renowned performer. Time 10:45am, Tickets from £7

5 – 29 Aug (not 17)

The Fall Children

Zoo Roxy

Lost in a ghoulish nightmare, Susie begins her quest to find her way home. Fiercely imaginative puppetry infused physical theatre that turns the traditional fairy tale on its head. Time 10:45am, Tickets from £6 suitable for age 7+

5 – 29 Aug (not 17)

The Rainbows End

Zoo Southside

Can you help our brave band of magical folk defeat the evil Wizard Zavelthor and save the world’s rainbows? Come and join this fun, magical adventure. If you come in costume, you could win a prize! Time 11am Tickets from £5

5 – 29 Aug (not 7, 14, 21, 28)

The Dream of the Travelling Actor

Zoo Venue

An actor recounts a romantic fairytale in the hope of finding his own princess amongst the audience. In the Bulgarian avant-garde tradition of puppetry, this family performance uses everyday objects to tell extraordinary stories. Time 11:15am, Tickets £8, Suitable for age 10+

6, 9, 11 and 13 (at 11am) August

16, 18 and 20 Aug (at 10:30am)


The Spaces@Surgeon Hall, Nicolson Street

Tickets £7 (£6)

Prince Charming needs a wife but who to choose: Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty? And What’ll the girls do when they realise he’s promised himself to all of them? A play full of songs, surprises and silliness.

This is a show about Prince Charming finding a princess to marry. Along the way he meets Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. However, these princesses are far from the super nice Disney versions and he has second thoughts about every one. The play opens strongly with a fabulous song sung by Princes Charming. My girls loved this and sang it all the way home. Children from the audience are invited to join in and help Prince Charming climb up Rapunzel's hair. There are four main cast members, Prince Charming and 3 ladies. The ladies do quite a bit of role swapping but it is easy to figure out because of the costume changes. The set is very simple and consists only of a painted tree. As in all good romance stories there is a happy ending but this one has a game show twist. There is a lot of repetition of songs which the children enjoyed and got to know the words. It reminded me a little of a Pantomime. Anna (aged 7) said "I thought it was very good and Charming was a good singer. I thought Fleur was kind and wore a nice dress at the end. Fleur was my favourite. You get to pull Rapunzel's hair. I loved the end especially because it was a happy ending". Rosie (aged 5) said "I thought Rapunzel was quite jealous because she wanted to get married to Prince Charming. Cinderella was nice. I loved the song 'happy ending' ". It is recommended for age 4-8 and I think it is probably fine although little girls need to be warned in advance that it's not like Disney. (Prince Charming, it was nice to meet your own true love at the end of the show and let Rosie know that real life has happy endings too. I wish you well for your wedding next year and every success for this run.)

6 – 20 Aug

Wolfman Investigations: Curse of the Terror Tomb

Zoo Roxy

Join the world’s most awesome comic hero on this fun, family cartoon adventure and help him battle the mysteries of terror tomb and save the world. Time 12pm, Tickets £6 suitable for age 6+

6 – 27 Aug

Drama Workshops for 5-14s

Spotlites Theatre Productions

Spotlites @ The Merchants’ Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street

Dates & Times:

Tues 2nd Aug @ 9.30am - Star Wars: Jedi Knight Academy - Defeat evil Sith! Lightsabres ready!

Wed 3rd Aug @ 9.30am - Tangled - Adventures with muddled up Princes and Princesses!

Thurs 4th Aug @ 9.30am - Doctor Who: Dalek and Cyber Attack! - Delete! Cyber attack! Exterminate! Dalek assault! Join the Doctor and stop the New Time War!

Fri 5th Aug @ 9.30am - Magic Dahl - Use magic with Matilda, George & Willy Wonka!

Sat 6th Aug @ 9.30am - Hannah Montana - Act, sing & dance! Be Hannah’s double & protect her secret identity!

Mon 8th Aug @ 9.30am - Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows - Hunt the Horcruxes! Defeat Voldemort forever!

Tues 9th Aug @ 9.30am - Dinosaurs - Evade, track and survive the T-Rex! Escape Velociraptors!

Wed 10th Aug @ 9.30am - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Rebel against Darth Vader with dual lightsabres!

Thurs 11th Aug @ 9.30am - Doctor Who - Outwit the Silence, Cybermen, Ood and Sontarans!

Fri 12th Aug @ 9.30am - Harry Potter: Wizard School - Quidditch, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions & Duelling!

Sat 13th Aug @ 9.30am - Horrible Histories - Vicious Vikings & Cut-throat Celts!

Mon 15th Aug @ 9.30am - Darth Vader School for Sith - Lightsabre combat! Force Lightning! Storm Trooper tactics!

Tues 16th Aug @ 9.30am - Doctor Who: The Weeping Angels - Don’t Blink! Sonic Screwdrivers ready!

Wed 17th Aug @ 9.30am - Dahl Adventures - Play pranks on the Twits! Sail on the Giant Peach! Make Marvellous Medicine!

Thurs 18th Aug @ 9.30am - The World Wars - Encounter evacuation, rationing, air raids and the Battle of Britain!

Fri 19th Aug @ 9.30am - Narnia - Voyage on the Dawn Treader! Battle with Aslan and King Caspian to save Narnia!

Sat 20th Aug @ 9.30am - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Steal gold with Jack Sparrow & Blackbeard!

Thurs 25th Aug @ 4.30pm - Hairspray & Rocky Horror - ‘Timewarp’ to the 50s & 70s! Sing & dance!

Fri 26th Aug @ 4.30pm - Lord of the Rings - Magic duels with Wizards! Seek the One True Ring!

Sat 27th Aug @ 9.30am - The Jedi and the Time Lords - Lightsabres and Sonic Screwdrivers ready! Battle the Daleks & the Master with the Jedi!

Tickets:                   £5.00 per child
Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+

Box office:             0131 220 5911


CRB-checked staff. Drop and collect! 'Wow-tastic' ***** (

6 – 28 Aug (not 10, 17, 24)

Tales from the Shed

Zoo Roxy

An interactive performance full of puppets, songs and things that go bleughhhhhhh... A fun and zany introduction to the joys of theatre. Time 10:30, Tickets from £4 Suitable for 0-7 yrs.

6 – 28 Aug (not 8 – 12, 15 – 19, 22 – 26)


Gilded Balloon Teviot

Circus, silliness and dance collide in this mischievous show that lets kids be the judge of who's got talent. Fresh, raw and savvy, this kids variety show is a riot. Time 11:30 Tickets £7, suitable for age 4 – 14 yrs.

As a family we are fans of Britains got talent so Judge Stars was high up on the list of shows the kids wanted to see ....and what a great choice they made! As soon as you walk in the 6 of a cast were working the audience thanking the kids for taking their parents to the show and could they make sure they behaved! They quickly got us involved in a fun session on how we had to react to good and bad acts. After the head judge was introduced - Simon Growl (dressed in a bear costume) they picked 2 children from the audience to accompany him on the judging panel. The audience were never left out and were tasked with judging the judges decision! The acts themselves were of a surprisingly high standard. It felt like being in a mini circus but a lot more fun. Their colourful silly costumes, great facial expressions and fab accompanying music all added to the acts. The acts included various impressive acrobatic, high wire/rope and dance acts all highly entertaining by themselves without all the fun part of the judging! The compare for the show was excellent. He engaged well with the audience, was witty and quick thinking and kept our full attention. Lots of cheering, booing, clapping and of course laughing throughout the show. You couldn't help but want to join in. There was a big variety of ages at our show but everybody young and old looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I know we did! Donald age 8 - I was amazed at a big man being able to do the splits and loved it when they did their act to Queen Lotie age 11 - The hulu hoop act was great and the judging was funny. The acts were all good so was funny when they got an X from a judge Overall I would highly recommend going to this show - It's one for the whole family!

6 - 28 Aug (not 7)

The King’s Got Donkey’s Ears

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Ears! Funny things ... but imagine being cursed with great big furry ones! That's what happened to King Orik. Highly visual puppetry and energetic storytelling combine to retell Greek myth. Time 1pm, Tickets from £6.50 Suitable for age 4 – 11 yrs.

The King's Got Donkey's Ears production by the Theatre of Widdershins is enchanting and full of fun. The story of the unfortunate King is told by Andy Lawrence who plays some of the characters himself along with some fantastic puppets (including a Minstrel on a unicycle!). The set is very cleverly put together and is transformed during the performance into various guises. Eilidh (6) and Lewis (4) found the show "hilarious" and "brilliant". The show makes you laugh out loud and is full of energy. Very entertaining for adults too. Some of the characters come out into the audience which adds an extra layer of excitement (not least when the King's dog "Scruffy" comes sniffing around the theatre). There was also a chance to meet some of the puppets at the end of the show which my children enjoyed. We would highly recommend this show for great entertainment and a good laugh for all!

7 – 12 Aug

Alice’s Wonderland

C, Chambers St.

Gresham's return with their own dark take on Lewis Carroll's popular classic. Part-dream, part-nightmare, this magical production will leave you with a new sense of wonder at the strangeness of the everyday. Time 12:05pm Tickets from £5.50 Suitable for age 5+

It's always lovely to see a children's show performed by children! This is a simple yet clever production which manages - in just under an hour - to introduce relevant characters from Carolls's famous classic about a young girl's adventures in a dream world - some scary and some delightful - but all quite magical! Highly recommended, it's delivery is mature and articulate yet uncomplicated enough to capture and sustain the attention of younger audiences who may not be so familiar with the tale. Although, all of the acting was very well performed, a few of the characters stood out as our favourites; the Mad Hatter - who really was quite mad and brilliantly performed; the March Hare - who was hilarious and of course Alice - who was very sweet and beautifully acted throughout! I went along to see this with my 3 children and all really enjoyed the show. However, it was my two eldest daughters aged 9 and 11 who got the most from it were captivated throughout, I would say that some of it was a little lost on my 5 year old. An excellent performance none-the-less and Gresham should be very proud!!

7, 14, 21, 28 Aug

Baby Loves Disco

Electric Circus, 36 – 39 Market Street

Fringe sell-out 2009/2010. The original and coolest Sunday dance party for children and especially their parents. Featuring real music spun by real DJs blending classic disco tunes, guaranteed to get those little booties moving and grooving. Plus lots more including free face painting, a gymboree chill out room, free healthy snacks and juice boxes for kids, a licensed cash bar for mum and dad, and dancing... lots of dancing! Baby Loves Disco is guaranteed to be the most fun you'll ever have at a kids' event. Sunday afternoon is the new Saturday night! 11:00, 14:00 2 hours £8 a ticket Suitable for age (0-7)

Baby loves disco is geared towards parents and kids who love to dance.  It is held in Electric Circus, a real nightclub in Market Street  (near Waverley Station, Edinburgh).  It has quite a small dance floor, cash bar for grown-ups and lots of chill out rooms (which I'm told in the real world are used for Karaoke).  It is years since I've been in a night club dancing and actually it felt quite good to be back!  I loved twirling and whirling with my children.  We had so much fun.  I thought I might have been a bit out of touch on the music front - but they obviously geared the sounds to the aged parents and I was delighted to find I recognised quite a lot of the groovy tunes.  Delighted to hear some Abba - always a winner with me and I've passed on that love to my girls.  There were games and competitions on the dance floor to keep us on our toes.  We played musical statues but we missed the best dancing parents competition.  The winners were very pleased with their medals though.


As well as the dancing there is a series of chill-out rooms.  The first is set up as a baby gym with inflatable rings, tent, tunnels as well as rattles and story books.  There were also snacks, in the main quite healthy and aimed at toddlers. They consisted of bananas, tangerines, apples, rice cakes, baby biscuits, apple juice from concentrate and low sugar fruit shoots.  No water though - although you could probably have got some of that from the bar.  The next room has face painting and my two eldest girls had a butterfly and a flower painted on their cheek which they loved.  There were tears at bedtime when they were washed off.  There were also activity rooms; one for Baby Sensory ( and one for Doodle & Splat (  All 3 of my children had great fun doodling and splating and made some brilliant colourful pictures.  Thanks Pamela!  I love their motto - messy fun without the clean-up.  Music to every Mummy's ears.  Baby Sensory was great fun too and we were all singing and doing the actions to "If you are happy and you know it ..." as well as playing maracas and waving lovely ribbons around.  It was really good fun for all ages.  My 7 year old and I enjoyed it as much or even more so than the little ones.


Both activity rooms had a booking system (a paper sheet outside) where you had to go and put your child's name on to reserve a 10 minute slot for them.  I would advise you to go through and do this first so you know when your slots are.  I think everyone who wanted got a turn though.


Other advice is go fairly early as there are huge long queues to get in.  There are two queues, one for buggy storage and then one to get in.  Make sure you are in the right queue.  You have to fold your pram up and put it away  (you get a ticket for it).  Then you have to walk down to the main entrance and queue again to get in.  Unfortunately when we arrived my 15 month old was having a little nap but the other 2 were raring to go in and had dressed up in all their disco finery.  None of us were very keen to be told to go off and have a walk and wait till the little one woke up or to wake her and fold the buggy and put it in the buggy park.  In the end, after speaking to a few more members of staff, the big girls were allowed to go in and dance and I could wait with the sleeping one in the foyer.   


Anna aged 7 said "I thought it was very good.  I liked the games and liked playing musical statues.  The food was scrummy.  I got my face painted as a butterfly.  You got to paint paper with marbles .  You got to shake some maracas". 


Rosie aged 5 said "I thought it was good.  I thought the woman with the wings was very cool.  I liked it when we didn't have to put baby Beth in the buggy storage". 


It is a fun morning or afternoon out.  The age range is advertised as 0-7 and I took along my three children aged, 7, 5 and 15 months.  Actually the little one was a wee bit too small for this and it was actually the bigger ones who got most out of it.  Most of the children there were small 1-4 and I saw quite a few small babies too.  It is a disco and disco's are noisy and maybe a little bit too much for under 2's. 


Baby loves disco is on Sunday 21 and Sunday 28 August at 11:00 and again at 14:00.  We went on the 14th and the tickets sold out - so if you want to go I would recommend you book in advance.  It is on at Electric Circus, 36 – 39 Market Street, Edinburgh.  It lasts 2 hours.

8 – 13 Aug (not 10,11)

Alicia en La Loteria.

The space @ Venue 45

Alice in Wonderland with a spicy Latin American twist. This version follows a Hispanic girl dropped into a strange new world that is at once familiar and bizarre. This is a family production about belonging.Time 9:30am. Tickets £5. Suitable for age 5+

8, 10, 11, 13 Aug

James and the Giant Peach

Pilrig Studio

Dahl’s beloved classic story of the small boy James, his Aunts Sponge and Spiker, his insect friends and their amazing adventures. Times check with venue. Tickets £5

10 – 11 Aug


C eca

A funny and original take on this classic fairy tale. Featuring puppets, quick changes and bags of energy, this energetic production is a treat for the whole family. Time 11:45am, Tickets from £5.50. Suitable for age 5+

"It's so funny" said Lynn. That is high praise indeed from a difficult-to-please 6-year old. Clearly the audience thought the same judging by the enthusiastic applause at the end. Following the classic story-line reasonably faithfully, this fast-moving show has a good combination of puppets, music, evil villain (Rumpelstiltskin), and humour. It's a great pity that "Rumpelstiltskin" is only on for two days. The 12-strong cast are 6th form students from Coventry and their splendid efforts deserve support. Suitable for all ages from 4 upwards.

10 – 14 Aug 

The Princess and the Dragon

Acoustic Music Centre @ St Brides

Trickytrickster the dragon wants to eat Princess Violet for dinner! This is a different fairy tale where princesses aren´t helpless, knights aren´t always brave and dragons aren´t so bad. Would you be into this tale? Time 12:45 and 2:30pm. Tickets from £6, Suitable for age 5 – 12 yrs.

11 – 14 Aug

James Campbell’s Comedy 4 Kids

Assembly George Square

A brand new stand-up show for children over six and their parents from the man who invented the genre. Time 2:30pm Tickets £7

I have taken the kids to fringe children's shows for years but never ventured to stand up comedy so I thought this year I would give it a go ....and they loved it! James Campbell quickly engaged with the audience and had them giggling at all of his silly comments and expressions. He introduced topical subjects to chat to the kids with including schooling around the uk/world, looting, coffee, pets and the Wii. His ability to give quick witted responses were very impressive and hilarious! - let's face it we never really know what kids are going to come out with! James Campbell created a fantastic atmosphere within an impressive venue and it was all good clean fun! Lottie age 11 " I loved the school jokes..especially about him going to reception (our P1) Donald age 8 I loved the Wii jokes......"Will you play with my Wii"

11 – 20 Aug

The Little Mermaid Ballet

Zoo Southside

Hans Christian Anderson’s classic story  is brought to life. Dazzling costumes and energetic dancing.  Magic, mesmerising, memorable and not to be missed. Time 10:30am, Tickets £8 Suitable for age 3+

This beautifully danced ballet performance was a feast for the eyes.  The costumes were stupendous and the ballerina's all looked so beautiful.  It was easy to follow the story but we had also read the synopsis in the programme before it started.  My children were delighted it was the version of the Little mermaid with the happy end.  It was really helpful and I thought educational for the children that the person in charge of the ballet came on the stage to begin with and explained who the little mermaid was and pointed out she was different from the disney version!  She also explained the meaning of the hand signals traditionally used in ballet and also pointed out that there is no talking in ballet performances.  I thought this was very sensible when you were dealing with small children in case they wondered why the people on stage were not talking.  I would thoroughly recommend this show for all children (and their parents and grandparents) who love dance.  It was lovely at the end as all the audience was invited down onto the stage to meet with and talk to the performers.  This was an amazing experience for the children in the audience to get to see all the ballerinas up close.  The young people in the show were from the Burklyn Ballet Theatre in Vermont, USA. 
Anna aged 7 said " I loved the ways the dancers moved across the floor.  I thought it was very well acted and the costumes were beautiful.  The youngest performer was only 13 years old.  The little mermaid had a beautiful plait in her hair.  Her costume was lovely and silky blue.  I would recommend it, it was fantastic, the dancers had beautiful hands and there were signals which meant things, some meant danger, some meant love and some meant royal.  It was excellent".

13 – 29 Aug (not 16, 23, 24)

Medea’s Children

St George's West, Shandwick Pl

Children shouldn't need to be adults, but when dad meets somebody else nothing is as it was before. Lung Ha's Theatre and Unga Klara retell the classical Greek tragedy from the children's perspective - a genuine Swedish classic. Time 10:30am, Tickets from £6

13 – 29 Aug

Shakespeare for Breakfast

C venues - C  10:00  Duration 55 minutes Suitability U
The Bardic Breakfasters are back! C's Shakespearean sensation returns for its twentieth sellout edition. 'Bouncy and boisterous take on Willie's work' (List). 'Well worth getting out of bed for' (Independent). Free coffee and croissants!

Go, go , go!  It is brilliant!  Go with the children or without but don't miss it.  School is about to start back, drop them off then go to this show at 10am and you'll have the most laughs you've had in ages.  It is a fantastic mix of of the most famous lines from Shakespeare  plays and popular culture.  Watch out for Lady gaga and gags from well-known TV shows, like Friends.  The 6-strong cast were amazing with their fast, clever and witty dialogue. The singing and acting were all superb - and the fast moving pace kept us on the edge of our seats.   I don't want to spoil any of the gags but there is a bit of audience participation.  If you love this, sit at the front.  Do not miss this show - make sure you go - order yourself a ticket today.  The performance I went to was sold out - so be quick or you'll miss it.  Oh and the children liked it too. There are some high school musical bits for them.  The free croissants were a good incentive to get the children to get there on time.
Anna aged 7 said "I liked the big disco at the end.  I didn't really understand all the jokes.  I thought the singing was good.  I liked the costumes and the cheer-leading.  I liked that the girl was called Beth.  We got croissants.  They were on your chair waiting for you".
Rosie aged 5 said "There were witches.  I didn't really understand the jokes.  You can bring all your family.  I liked the singing. The croissants were scrummy".  

14 – 28 August

Babbling Comedy 2   15:15 for 55 minutes C venues – C

Amazing babbling babies from Korea return with a brand new physical comedy, mime, magic, juggling and beat box. Tickets £9.50 - £11.50

This clown, comedy show consists of a group of men from Korea who perform brilliant juggling and slight of hand tricks.  It is an absolutely engaging show with non-stop fun and laughter from start to finish.  We all loved this, even the baby at 16 months was clapping and totally entranced.

Anna aged 7 said "The juggling was great. I liked it when he shaved his head and also when he did the trick with the can.  I liked how they made rude noises and I really liked the magnet.  It was great fun and if you are chosen to help you get a t-shirt at the end".

Rosie aged 5 said "It was very funny when he ate the balloon, and they all had wigs on.  I liked how they didn't know what anything was".
Babbling Comedy 2 is playing at C on Chamber St, 15:15 from 14 till 28 August.  It is suitable for all ages of children and adults.

14 – 28 Aug

Brilliant Books for Kids

Pleasance Courtyard 13:45 tickets £4-£5  Duration: 45 minutes Suitability(3+)
It’s story time! A selection of fun, quirky, modern picture books that children and their adults will enjoy equally, chosen by Tall Stories co-director Toby Mitchell – and exhaustively tested on his own son. You know when you’re happy reading out a particular picture book for the umpteenth time? That's the kind of book that features in this simple storytelling show. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

This is a story reading show.  Two ladies sit and take turns to either read or show the pictures from 6 books to the children in a tent in the Pleasance courtyard.  There are bean bags at the front for the children and stools at the back for the grown-ups.  No buggy's are allowed in the venue and they are inflexible on this even for sleeping children which I thought was a little harsh as there is plenty space at the back of the tent.  In the courtyard outside at the pleasance there are lovely children's activities - painting mugs, face painting, colouring in and sometimes music too.  So go early and make the most of the pleasant area.  There is also a cafe, Mackies ice cream stall and nappy changing - so it is a good venue for families.
The 6 books that were read to the children in this show were:
Emily Brown and the Thing
The lamb who came to dinner
Manfred the baddy
The adventures of the dish and spoon
The cow that laid an egg
Interrupting chicken
Different books will feature on alternate days.  The books are all listed on their website:

My children loved the stories and the ladies who read them out but were disappointed at the end of the show that there hadn't been actors acting out a story.  I should have explained clearly before the show that it was people reading out stories so they knew what to expect. 
We saw this show at the Pleasance Courtyard on 12 August at  13:45.  It lasts 45 minutes and runs till 28 August but not 22-25. 

Anna aged 7 said "I thought it was very good but I did want it to be people on stage.  The stories were brilliant.  Some of them were funny, the wolf and the lamb one was exciting because I liked it when the wolf didn't eat the lamb.  Emily Brown was kind.  I thought the interrupting children was funny because he interrupted and climbed into the story.  The story telling ladies had beautiful voices and were good at describing what everything was.  The cow that laid an egg was good.  It made me laugh when he laid an egg.  The little chicken which came out of the egg made a moo.  It was strange because I thought it would go cluck".
Rosie aged 5 said " I liked Manfred the baddy as it was nice in the end because he became Manfred the goody.  One of the stories was called interrupting chicken - he had a papa.  A papa is a Daddy".

15 – 16 Aug

Steve Backshall's Wild and Live!

Pleasance Courtyard

Popular wildlife presenter Steve Backshall brings his Wild and Live! tour to Edinburgh to share facts and anecdotes about his adventures with wildlife. Accompanied by TV's Animal Mark Amey and his selection of wonderful animals. Time 10am and 11:30am. Tickets £15. Suitable for age 7+

15 – 20 Aug

What You Will

C -1  12:25  Duration 90 minutes Suitability U  £6.50-£9.50
Storm and shipwreck, love and lost illusions. Shakespeare's ravishing comedy 'Twelfth Night' transformed into music and song.

This is a fantastic, original and well-polished musical adaptation of Shakespeare's "Twelth Night" which is brought to life by a large, talented and enthusiastic cast from Shrewsbury School.  The quality of the score and libretto is enhanced by a brilliant production.  The story is mostly told through song in a light operatic style with music performed live by an 8-piece band of students.  There is nothing unsuitable for children but the relatively complex plot about inter-tangled relationships mean that it will be more appreciated by adults and emotionally mature teenagers.  My recommendation would be to take your mother to this show rather than your kids (unless they are aficionados of musicals!), and to first read a little background detail about the characters and the plot.  A brother (Sebastian) and sister (Viola) are separated in a shipwreck.  Viola disguises herself as a boy (Cesario) and thus the actions of her and her twin brother become confused.  Viola/Cesario takes service in the court of Duke Orsino (with whom she subsequently falls in love).  Meanwhile, the Duke and others all compete for the affections of Lady Olivia.  However she falls for Casario when he (she?) delivers a message from the Duke.  Sebastian is saved from drowning by Antonio (a wanted man).  The plot thickens with several cases of mistaken identity...  Congratulations to the teachers and students from Shrewsbury School for bringing us another excellent musical (music by John Moore with lyrics by Peter Fanning, both teachers at the school, and past recipients of a Fringe First award).  What You Will will be staged at the Royal College of Music in London early in 2012.

15 – 20 Aug

The Pinocchio Show

Quaker Meeting House

A magical retelling of an old Italian tale through word, song and dance. The story of a wooden boy who overcomes a puppet master, zany clowns and a hungry whale with the guidance from a blue fairy. Time 9:45pm, Tickets from £4 Suitable for age 5+

15 - 27 August (not 21)
Alice's Adventure in wonderland

The Space@venue 45, 63 Jeffrey St
Be prepared to take a whirlwind trip around Wonderland and let your mind wander on this wonderful voyage of mayhem and madness. A new musical featuring original songs, dancing puppets, and your favourite Wonderland characters. Time 15 - 20Aug 12:45pm, 22 - 27Aug 2:15pm Tickets £7 (£6)

This musical version of the Alice in Wonderland story is good fun.  It has bright colourful, imaginative costumes and big musical numbers with loud and powerful singing.  Ideal for children.  It had all the basic elements of the Alice story including the shrinking and growing Alice.  I thought it was very clever how they illustrated Alice growing big and going small again.  This 6-strong cast carried out a strong show which was very engaging for children. 

Anna aged 7 said "I thought it was good.  I liked it when the cat disappeared.  I liked the song about the Queen's garden party.  The story was well-told.  The story was similar to the book when the people painted the flowers and when Alice fell down the rabbit hole and at the end when she woke up and it was a dream.  I loved the songs and the nursery rhymes most of all ". 

Rosie aged 5 said "I liked the songs.  I liked the song about Summer because it is summer.  The Queen of Hearts was dressed up in a lovely outfit". 

16 Aug

1-2-3, 2-2-3, 3-2-3 Triplets

C venues - C aquila

Presenting three very different works from up-and-coming choreographers. With help from Bob Marley, lobotomies and Newton's falling apples, this trilogy promises to work you up, bring you down and send you away feeling alright!

This show was very interesting. Appearing to be in 3 pieces, the first had good use of dynamics, music and interaction between dancers and the audience. The story/meaning behind this dance seemed very dark and perhaps more suited towards older children. The movement that the chorographer used was original and showed lots of promise for future pieces. The second piece was much lighter and upbeat in comparison, though at times showed lack of concentration from the performers and meaning. I preferred this piece to the first as it showed more imagination and interesting ideas. I thought that the actual dance routine that they performed in the second piece had some very interesting movements and lifts though it did show some lack of experimentation from the choreographer as the movement could have been taken further. On a whole this was an interesting show perhaps with a target audience of those with a direct interest or involvement in dance over the age of 12.

17th August to the 27th August
Flamenco A3
Venue  Zoo, Times  19:00, Suitability  U, Duration  1 hour
Flamenco is comprised of three essential elements: guitar, voice and dance. Now, three of contemporary flamenco’s most promising young artists travel from Madrid to Edinburgh to present a performance that gets back to basics and presents the traditional Spanish art with a youthful and modern flare. Brazilian guitarist Flavio Rodrigues leads the group with his critically acclaimed compositions, while Pedro Obregón, a native of Cordoba, Spain, sings soulful lyrics with his warm, engaging voice, portraying feelings ranging from melancholy to sheer enjoyment. The music is accentuated by the rhythmic and frenzied yet elegant dancing of Seville born David Coria.

This show is a study of three of Spain's most important flamenco artists.   We attended a short preview of this Flamenco show.  The show looks full of the passion and energy that you would expect from Flamenco. The artists are singer Pedro Obregon, Guitarist Flavio Rodrigues and Dancer David Coria. From the preview I was amazed at the volume and the rythmes created by the three artists.  It is very dramatic and energetic.

Along with the show at Zoo (Venue 124) from 17th August to the 27th August @ 19:00, they are also running Flamenco courses for guitar, song and dance for adults and Flamenco and Spanish Dance for children, the courses are all run at Dance For All on St Stephens St. 
Anna - aged 7 said "it was very short I would like to see more. I loved the dancing".
Rosie - aged 5 said "I liked the dancing, it was very loud when they started the dancing".

19 – 23 Aug

Amoeba to Zebra

Laughing Horse @ The counting House

A natural history musical 4.6 billion years in the making. Pop music and science fact come together in a show that tells the story of evolution through 14 songs, narration, visuals and really wild props. Time 12:05pm Free non ticketed. Suitable for age 8+

20-29 August
A Sentimental Journey - The Story of Doris Day C
Chambers Street, A story
to rival any movie script, the glamorous musical drama recreates the life of
Doris Day. Featuring 'Que SeraSera', 'The Deadwood Stage', 'Perhaps,
Perhaps' and many more! 'Dazzling!' (Hollywood Reporter).
Time 18:05, Duration 1 hour 20 minutes, Suitability PG  Tickets
are £8.50 to £12.50

This musical  tells the story of Doris Day's life right from when she was a
little  girl of 5 and on the stage for the first time right through her movie star career to her retirement and her love of animals.  It has a 5 strong cast with the 2 females playing Doris and her Mum.  It has a narrator acting as her son and he keeps the story moving right along  with the aid, of course, of lots of singing.  The show is filled with Doris Day's biggest hit songs  'including Que SeraSera' and the 'The Deadwood Stage'. It has a live band.  For The Deadwood Stage number Doris rides on a make shift stage right through the audience.  The children loved that bit especially.  Also nearing the end where they are talking about her love of animals, a little girl brings a real dog onto the stage - again a big hit with the children.  While not a children's show as such, the audience were mostly older, if your children are familiar with Doris Day songs then they would like the singing in this. The story line is quite an adult one though and deals with issues of adultery, domestic abuse and financial embezzlement - but most of this goes right over their heads.   If your children don't like Doris Day and you do - then this is the show for you - just leave them at home.  My daughters loved it and were singing sentimental journey on the bus on the way home and at bedtime.

Anna aged 7 said "I thought it was good.  I liked the clothes Doris Day wore.
There was a little girl called Jessica who brought a dog in.  The dog was very, very cute.  I liked how Doris Day's Mummy looked.  The singing was good.  My favourite songs were the 'Deadwood stage' and 'Que SeraSera'.  I liked the dresses she wore.  I thought it was very, very brave to go up on the stage when she was only 5.  At the end I joined in the singing.  I liked it when  the man put the yellow box on his head and then his hat on top when he was building the deadwood stage".
Rosie aged 5 said "She had a little girl who was called Jess.  I thought it was nice they fitted so many songs in.  My favourite song was the deadwood stage. Someone was pretending to be Doris Day.  I didn't really like it when the man had a gun.  I liked the sentimental journey song.  I liked the lady's sparkly dress which she bowed in at the end.  I thought it was very inventive because they built a stage from some things they took from the stage and on the aisles and built it altogether somehow and people were the horses and then they went out the door and in another door".
My daughters and I saw this show at C on Chambers street.  It is on at 18.05, 20-29 August.  Suitability is listed as PG and I think you'd have to be 5 or more to go.

21-29 August
And in the Beginning...

Venue Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh - Off Inverleith House Lawn
'And in the Beginning...' A hilarious tale of Neolithic caveman discovering
fire, the wheel and roast mammoth! Observe these courageous eanderthals as
they battle with evolution, themselves and the elements. Family entertainment at
its best with London's Premier Youth Circus! Founded in 1983, Albert &
Friends Instant Circus's unique and innovative brand of Circus Theatre has
thrilled audiences from Beijing to New York, Adelaide to London. Founders
and hosts of the London International Youth Circus Festival, showcasing
emerging young artists from around the world performing alongside the very
best of youth circus in the UK!
Times 13:00 This is a free non-ticketed event. Suitability U   Duration 45

This family circus event is performed by children.  There are lots of circus tricks using trapeze, stilts and unicycles.  It is a spectacular venue on the lawn behind Inverleith House in the Royal Botanic Gardens.  We had a lovely time sitting in the sunshine watching them perform.  It is a free non-ticketed event so just roll up and pick yourself a nice spot.  You don't have to be right at the front to see.  The theme was Neolithic caveman but to be honest this was way over most of the children's heads and they were only  interested in the tricks.  Afterwards when I was trying to explain the bits my children didn't understand to them, I realised they had no concept of what Neolithic caveman actually were.
Rosie aged 5 said "It was very good.  The best bit was when they were swinging on the big trapeze."
Anna aged 7 said " I liked the trapeze.  I liked the bit when they balanced on one leg in that hanging circle.  The little girl put her leg on the circle hanging from the big frame and she balanced.  I also liked it when they did skipping on unicycles and skipping on balls.  The tricks on the trapeze were good.  They hung upside down and did a mini flip.  The tricks were very clever. They didn't really talk - just pointed. I thought it was a little bit strange".
The same group , Albert & Friends Instant Circus, are also doing  workshop for circus skills at  Bonaly Outdoor Centre (22-29 August, Time 10:30 , 5 hours) for over 5's so if you have any budding circus stars who were inspired by the show today then this might be a nice opportunity for them. I think this is suitable for any age and different ages will just read it slightly differently with the younger ones just enjoying the tricks.

21 – 29 Aug

Circus for Success

Bonaly Outdoor Centre

Join the trainers of London's Premier Youth Circus and learn some challenging but achievable circus skills. Experience new and exciting skills, amaze and astound yourself, friends and family! C4S and lunch too! Suitable for age 5+ Time 10 :30 – 3:30pm Price £35 (£35). For more details visit

This had to the highlight of the childrens fringe experience this summer.They were looking forward to going to it all summer.It was their chance to learn some circus skills that up to now they had never tried before and to learn some tips from circus performers of different nationalities.The group who run this were very welcoming, friendly, enthusiastic and loved what they did  which was apparent when you arrived at the venue.

As a parent the welcome was warm and enthusiastic. The staff were well organized with relevant paperwork for parents to complete to ensure childrens well being and safety. Parents were then free to go away and return later to see their childrens newly acquired skills!! Snack, refreshments and lunch are all included in the ticket price. At start of workshop children do fun ice breaker games.Then they learn new skills like stilt walking, trapeze, tight  rope walking, riding a unicycle, juggling to name only some activities.The staff supervise children at all times and encouarage and guide them when necessary.

Euan 10 years said his day was AMAZING and wanted to rebook for next year.

Emma 11 years said it was FANTASTIC.

I think it was a brilliant chance for my two to try new activities and learn from professionals. Definately worth going to and parents get a chance to see childrens new skills when they collect them at end of afternoon. My two gave this event 10/10 and 5 stars so I think that says it all


22 – 27 Aug

Things That Go... Bump Rattle Klunk Cackle Woo!


Interact with mad scientists, witches and werewolves in this spookily funny hands-on performance. Cast spells, create experiments, stop the Fairy Godmother and save the pumpkins! Time 4pm, Tickets from £6 Suitable for age 5 – 12 yrs.

This is an interactive play written with a family audience in mind. The cast of 4 take us through their adventures involving strange experiments designed to save pumpkins and fighting off sickly sweet spells. The play aims to be action packed mixed with audience participation, educational elements along with a hint of a musical flavour which kept our attention for the best part. Much to our surprise the play really did last 1& ¾ hours which for our 6 & 9yr old, who are used to sitting through a film at the cinema, found it difficult to not be restless by the end. This was mirrored by other younger members of the audience. Whilst both boys said that the show was great and funny, my nine year old said he laughed inside most of the time. The audience participation led to some of the biggest laughs especially as the children got to laugh at their parents (yes, watch out adults you don’t get off scot free!).

The energetic cast have clearly put a lot of thought into this crazy show however the boys felt that it would have been better if it was shorter and perhaps less complicated. – good ideas for a fun show, worth going on the journey with them!

23 - 29 Aug
Baby Loves Singing, Dancing and You!

Paradise in Augustine's, 41 George IV Bridge EH1 1EL
This workshop/performance will help new mums, dads and grandparents learn how to entertain new babies (0 - 18 months). By focusing on simple ideas you can enjoy quality time with your new baby through the age-old traditions of singing, rhythm and dancing. You don't need special skills, just a warm heart and desire to foster a love of music and dancing in your child. This show has limited capacity - get in fast. 10:15am Lasts 40 minutes. Suitable for 0-2 years. Tickets £5 each

This enchanting show is perfect for those with children aged under 2.  It begins with a rousing rendition of "Good morning to you", then has some nursery favourites including "Row, row , row your boat", "Five little ducks", "Wheels on the bus" and ends with a beautiful rendition of a lovely soothing song I'd never heard before "Dear child".  It had so many useful tips of how to entertain your little babies, with dance, action songs, repetition and percussion.  It makes the point very clearly turn off the television and just sing and dance with your baby - you are all they need - a lovely message - sometimes forgotten in this hi-tech world.  The dancing is really good fun and the babies loved it.  Songs are personalised with the names of the babies attending the show and there are some lovely variations on the traditional songs.  It is a lovely relaxed and welcoming environment and you are encouraged to feed your babies as need be and there is a changing area and quiet area if the babies need a little time out.
There were also some lovely props - colourful fabric balloon balls and a colourful parachute cover.  However, all the babies, including my own (Beth aged 15 months) just loved it and were smiling away.  Melissa has a beautiful voice and is great with all the babies.  Melissa Western aka Mumma Melly in this is also in Oh, Lady Be Good,The Jazz Bar, 24-28 August, 14.30.
My daughter (Beth, 15 months) and I went to this show at Paradise in Augustine's, 41 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EL at  10:15am.  It is on until the 29 August.  Today was the first one and it sold out so please get it quick if you'd like to go.

23-29 Aug

Free Run

Udderbelly's Pastures, 18:20, 1hr, suitability U

29 million YouTube views, 15 Guinness World Records, 1 live show. For the first time the explosive action of free running, one of the world's most exciting and dangerous extreme sports, is transformed into a live stage show. Incredible athletic performers take on jaw dropping parkour, stunts and martial arts close up ... very close up! Sit tight and don't you dare leave your seat! This unique show stars 3RUN, the UK's number one free running team. Now you can see them live in the UK's first ever free running stage show. Spectacular entertainment for all ages.

Based in the Udderbelly this  venue has been host to some excellent dance or movement based shows over the past years including the “Tom-Tom Crew” and Into the Hoods” so I had high expectations for this to match up to those excellent shows. We weren’t disappointed. If you’ve heard of Parkour or Free Running as it is also known, a sport which involves navigating the urban environment by running, jumping, vaulting, somersaulting over obstacles demonstrating lightning reactions and acrobatic agility.  Bringing this to the theatre is obviously a limitation but Run 3 use the space to maximum effect demonstrating their skill and agility up close. The narrative is limited, however this makes the show no less enjoyable and I would thoroughly recommend this show if you like contemporary dance, gymnastic and movement based skills. There is some nice audience participation at the end and we all left feeling we had seen a fabulous show. A gem in the fringe.

Adults Fringe:


More details at

An Instinct For Kindness Written and performed by Chris Larner 3 - 29 August (not 10 or 17). Pleasance Dome, 16:10 (70 mins)
Last year, Chris Larner accompanied his terminally-ill ex-wife to Switzerland’s Dignitas clinic. He came home with an empty wheelchair, and
a story to tell. This moving, bittersweet show reflects on the circumstances, morality and humanity surrounding the journey. Directed by
Hannah Eidinow, who last year won acclaim for her production of Lockerbie: Unfinished Business.

Lights, Camera, Walkies by Tom Glover 3 - 29 August (not 10 or 17). Gilded Balloon Teviot, 14:00 (70 mins)
When yet another Hollywood celebrity walks off set, a desperate producer decides to cast a dog as his star. But which lucky pooch will take
the lead? New play from BBC sitcom competition finalist Tom Glover, directed by emerging talent Katherine Hare.

Looser Women by Tim Fountain and Suzanne Portnoy 3 - 29 August (not 17). Gilded Balloon Teviot, 22:45 (60 mins)
Funny, filthy, true-life sex and dating stories from real women, retold live by three of the fringe’s naughtiest comediennes. Premier of this
new show from Tim Fountain and best-selling author Suzanne Portnoy (The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker).

Oedipus by Steven Berkoff after Sophocles 3 - 29 August (not 10, 17 or 24). Pleasance Courtyard, 13:20 (100 mins)
Steven Berkoff returns to the fringe for the first time since the acclaimed On The Waterfront in 2008. This new version of Oedipus, with an
11-strong cast, recently won fantastic national reviews during its pre-Edinburgh runs in Nottingham and Liverpool. Berkoff will play Creon
for the Edinburgh run, Anita Dobson will play Jocasta and Simon Merrells, Oedipus.

The School Of Night Limited run: 3 - 18 August only. Gilded Balloon Teviot, 17:15 (70 mins)
From poems to Pinter, from sonnets to Sondheim: this daring group founded by maverick Ken Campbell takes on any challenge culminating
in an authentically Shakespearean masterpiece made up on the spot. From the makers of the acclaimed Showstopper.

Somewhere Beneath It All, A Small Fire Burns Still by Dave Florez 3 - 29 August (not 15). Gilded Balloon Teviot, 12:00 (60 mins)
Kevin loves Daina. Phil loves Daina. Phil never said goodbye to either of them. This compelling absurdist monologue about seeking
forgiveness in an unrelenting world is performed by Phil Nichol, winner of both The Stage and Edinburgh Comedy awards. Powerful and
darkly funny new drama from Royal Court young writer Dave Florez is directed by triple Fringe First winner Hannah Eidinow.

Cabaret Whore: More! More! More! 4 - 28 August (not 17). Underbelly Cowgate, 16:55 (60 mins)
Brilliant character comedy and sparkling original songs, introducing four desperate divas from around the globe, including washed up
lounge singer Bernie St Clair and tortured French Chanteuse, La Poule Plombée. Following two acclaimed, award-winning years on the Free
Fringe, Sarah-Louise Young brings her third Cabaret Whore show to the main Fringe for the first time.

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour 3 - 29 August (not 17). Gilded Balloon Teviot, 16:00 (60 mins)
1940s-style radio adventures, brilliantly evoking a dinner-jacketed age of casual imperialism. Roaring tales, with sound effects created live
by the cast. Elegantly riotous. All-new 2011 show following London transfer of their 2010 Fringe debut.

Chat Masala with Hardeep Singh Kohli 3 – 28 August. Gilded Balloon Teviot, 14:00 plus 20:00 on 16 August only (60 mins)
Following the huge success of its 2010 premiere and subsequent UK tour, Hardeep returns with second helpings of his ‘curried chat show’,
in an mouth-watering new lunchtime slot. Last year’s guests included Ian Rankin, Clarke Peters, and Russell Kane.

Movin Melvin Brown: A Man, A Magic, A Music Live 3 – 29 August (Not 15, 27) C Chambers Street, 19:50 & 21:00 Tickets from �11.50-�13.50
Magical journey through black music history: song, tap, clogging, comedy, story! Songs of Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Jackie Wilson, Platters,

Chimprovisations 3 – 4-29 August Spotlites @ The Merchants Hall, 22 Hanover Street 22:30 Tickets from �5-�6.50
Monkeys with puns present Chimprovisations! A variety of comedy, improve, stand up, sketches and songs from a touring company of guaranteed all ape-descended life forms. Warning may not contain actual monkeys.

Lockerbie: Unfinished Business 8 August. St John’s Church, Princes Street, 16:00 (70 mins plus optional post-show discussion)
Returning for one performance only as part of Donald Reid’s Festival of Spirituality, following its Fringe First winning debut in 2010. David
Benson’s powerful solo performance will be followed by a discussion with a panel including Swire and Professor Robert Black.

Potted Potter: The Unauthorised Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff 3 - 16 August. Pleasance Courtyard, 16:00 (70 mins)
Olivier nominated double-act Dan and Jeff to their first show for a fifth anniversary tour. All seven Harry Potter books in 70 minutes! This
brilliantly funny show returns to Edinburgh, where both the show and the Potter books began life.

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical 5 - 28 August (not 17). Gilded Balloon Teviot, 22:50 plus Tuesday matinees 15:20 (70 mins)
Back for their fourth Fringe season, the Showstoppers will be improvising a total of 26 new musicals based on audience suggestions. This
incredible ensemble have recently played their first West End residency as well as touring internationally with the production.

The Card 8 - 13 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 16:25 (80 mins) £8.00 / £6.00 Concs
A re-working of the 1973 show that delighted audiences when it played in Regents Park in 1994. Adapted from the celebrated novel by Arnold Bennett, this is the lively tale of a pushy young opportunist in a Potteries town in the early 1900s. Denry Machin, a go-getting personality with disarmingly sharp practices that enable him to win over local 'society', outwit influential rivals, sort out his romantic entanglements and make himself mayor. A very funny show with catchy songs, including 'Moving On', 'How Do' and 'Typical Machin'. 'Outstanding' **** ( on 2010's 'Secret Garden')

Kaddish For Pinter 4 - 5, 9, 11 - 21, 23 - 28 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 17:45 (60 mins) £12.00 / £10.00 Concs
Barker is waiting. They’ll come. They need what he knows. By any means? Human rights, human wrongs - are one man's human rights expendable for the public good? This homage to Pinter is a tense, humourous, psychological drama about the state we’re in! By award-winning writer/director David Ian Neville – Fringe First for 'Exile' - ‘writing of the highest order’ (Herald);‘very moving’ (Observer); ‘beautifully structured, lucidly written ... magnificent’ (Scotsman). Performed by a professional cast of leading Scottish actors.

Berkoff’s ‘Graft – Tales of an Actor’ 23 & 25 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 17:45 (95 mins) £11.50 / £8.50 Concs
Acclaimed in ten countries, Graft is both a savage cautionary tale about the theatrical profession and a unique master-class in the craft of acting. Harry is a dedicated actor, often out of work, rejected and desperate to practise his art. From first audition to final curtain, Graft unflinchingly exposes the reality and questions the sacrifice. Herald 'Angel' Award Winner in 2000, 'The most compelling storytelling you will see!' (Herald) 'Berkoff: Brutal, compassionate, brilliant... acutely painful and appallingly funny!' (Richard E Grant) 'The best example to watch how to perform is George Dillon.' (Steven Berkoff)

Berkoff's 'Hell' 24 & 26 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 17:45 (24th) 18:50 (26th) (35 mins) £9.00 / £6.00 Concs
Premiered to astonished audiences and ecstatic reviews at Edinburgh in 1992, George Dillon's perfomance of Steven Berkoff's Hell is a totally unique theatrical tour de force. Sitting naked in dim light, his disembodied voice blending with an evocative musical score, Harry wallows in an unimaginable pit of loneliness.Funny, poignant and paradoxically uplifting, Hell is a vision you will never forget. 'Disturbing, dangerous theatre!' (Guardian) 'One cannot be unaffected by Dillon's virtuoso performance. It is a tour de force in which the actor and his material become one and the fusion of life and theatre is complete.' (Scotsman)

Dostoevsky's 'Dream of a Ridiculous Man' 24 & 26 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 18:30 (24th) 17:45 (26th) (55 mins) £10.00 / £7.00 Concs
Premiered at Edinburgh in 1990. Back by popular demand! 'Nowhere in the world will you hear a sharper sermon about human frailty this Sabbath... the craft of acting carried to a pinnacle of virtuosity.' (Scotland on Sunday) 'I am applauding an unapologetic display of virtuosity until the blood runs... the vocal precision of a Gielgud, the physical presence and skill of Marceau, and a heart, mind, and attack that are all his own.' (Guardian) 'One-man theatre at its most intelligent and most powerful… go and see for yourself!' (WhatsOn)

The Man Who Was Hamlet 27 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 17:45 (90 mins) £11.50 / £8.50 Concs
Who really wrote Hamlet? That is the question! With a brilliant script and a fivestar performance, award-winning actor George Dillon reveals the comical, tragical and utterly scandalous history of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, who many believe was the true 'William Shake-speare'. 'Amazing! Electrifying! Wicked!' ***** ('Excellent! Worth seeing both as education and entertainment.' ***** ( 'It's easy to see why Dillon's performances have made him the toast of Edinburgh.' ( 'One of the most compelling performances I have seen at the festival.' (Steven Berkoff)

Bog Standard Britain 22 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 18:15 (45 mins) £9.00 / £8.00 Concs
Pensioners Glenda and Stephen Edwards rant against today's tawdry Britain. If you detest government speak, musak, abysmal service, toxic toilets, scruffy clothes, infantile language and junk culture, this is the show for you! Are you sick of clich�s like hard working families, the squeezed middle, sustainable communities, ring fenced front line services, greater transparency, lessons have been learned, it must never happen again and going forward? Must the spoken work always be drowned by background music and inane sound effects? Are you maddened by litter, empty soap dispensers, untrained staff and bus windows obscured by adverts? Welcome!

Sex, Lies and Eurovision 6 - 13 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 19:10 (90 mins) £10.00 / £9.00 Concs
Producers of 2010 smash Trainspotting - 'Gripping...Not to be missed’ ***** (Festival Review) - return with this raucous Scottish comedy-drama. Mullets, intrigue and leopard skin thongs? Boom Bang-a-Bang! It's time for making your mind up!

Devious Minds 14 - 22 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 19:10 (70 mins) £9.00 / £8.00 Concs
Deviously funny and fiendishly clever mind tricks from professional members of ‘The Magic Circle’! Shoesmith amuses with wit and slight-of-hand; Dean Maudsley tells you it’s all a con from the start but by the end you’ll believe he reads minds! TJ Shoesmith was the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ Champion 2005 and is a regular at The Magic Castle, Hollywood. VIP performances include US Senators! Dean Maudsley has performed for many celebrities including Jamie Oliver, Paul Merton, Frank Lampard, Chris Evans, Matt Lucas, Amy Winehouse and Clive Anderson! These two and their devious minds will both amuse and confuse!

Radio Deluxembourg 2 - 29 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 19:40 (45 mins) £9.50 / £8.50 Concs
Radio Deluxembourg is a rock-music, sci-fi, comedy experiment in sound, video and live performance conceived by its professional US cast. Pop superstars Cherry and Jimmy, along with their burnt-out manager Captain Leo, and Boots - the - monkey have been abducted by an Evil Alien Overlord (EAO). Forced to perform olde-timey radio-plays for his galaxy’s pleasure or he’ll blow up Earth! They are joined by sexy housekeeper Jane (who might be a Robot.) Will they escape the EAO and save Earth? Will they come up with some catchy pop tunes while trying? Enter the mad world of Radio Deluxembourg and find out!

Please Retain For Your Records 14 - 20 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 20:35 (60 mins) £10.00 / £7.00 Concs
Mel Hudson: ‘Hilarious’ (Guardian), Kate O'Sullivan: ‘A young Carol Channing’ (Telegraph) and Alex Baldacci: ‘Idiotic and very funny’ (Hull Daily Mail). Mel wrote and starred in Sony-nominated ‘Hudson and Pepperdine Show’ (4 series), guesting on Alan Partridge, Jam, Omid and The Catherine Tate Show. Kate O'Sullivan appeared in Dead Ringers, 2000 Not Out, Hedz, 2dtv, Bremner, Bird & Fortune, and 5 series of Blagger's Guide (R2). Alex Baldacci is a nomad. Raised by wolves, he later co-founded sketch group 'Live Naked Idiots,' appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe and touring widely. Sketches, stand-up and photocopying.

Phantasmagoria 18 - 29 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 20:35 (50 mins) £7.00 / £5.00 Concs
Kit is in hospital, Florrie returns after 7 years and Malone seduces a man who thinks she works in pest control. 'Phantasmagoria' is a new piece that is the winner of the Manchester-In-Fringe-Theatre-Festival Audience Choice Award 2011. Does friendship mature or freeze you in eternal childhood? Three friends reunite in a hospital room. By turns funny and sad, 'Phantasmagoria' follows a single day of coincidence, reconciliation and loss. A multimedia performance that will make you laugh out loud and weep, it is both 'Moving and Funny' *****(Mancunion). 2010 Fringe Sell-Out :‘A Perfect Corpse’ -‘A Perfect Success’ ****(

The Gospel Of Matthew 27 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 20:40 (95 mins) £11.50 / £8.50 Concs
A stunning virtuoso delivery of the greatest story ever told! Acclaimed by critics and audiences in theatres and churches throughout the UK, award-winning actor George Dillon presents an unforgettable vision of Jesus, not as a meek and mild lamb to the slaughter but as a contemporary raging fighter for God, in his highly intense, very human and occasionally humorous solo staging of the first Gospel, with original musical and video. 'Brings out levels of meaning rarely heard in pulpits.' (Church-of-England News)'The radical message has never sounded so revolutionary, straight-forward, obvious and utterly sensible!' (Scotsman) ***** (ThreeWeeks)

Robert Taylor is 'So Inappropriate' 4 - 29 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 20:45 (4th-13th), 22:00 (14th-26th, 28th-29th), 22.30 (27th) (80 mins) £12.00 / £10.00 Concs
Banished from Hollywood, Robert sings and stumbles through this brilliant Australian Musical Comedy. A disgruntled song writer grappling with his own existence, relationships, the coffee shop girl, his Father’s bizarre concept on the beginning of time and his continuing search for love will delight and excite you in this brilliantly funny show. ‘Robert Taylor is a talented performer crooning and tinkling the ivories with aplomb.’ ( - Guns, Nuns and La La La)‘Taylor schmoozed the audience never ceasing to entertain with his exceptional pianist skills.’ (Buzcuts -Guns, Nuns and La La La).

Hold 21 - 24 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 20:45 (35 mins) £8.50 / £7.50 Concs
Two dancers hurtle from the darkness to become apparitions of a forgotten past. Integrating choreography, vocals and costume, 'Hold demands that you live vicariously through the performers. I was rapt throughout and exhausted by the end!' (BedsFringe) Two Thirds Sky was founded in 2005 by Artistic Director Lisa Spackman as a means to develop her own work with professional dance artists; following on from a distinguished career working with the likes of Richard Alston, VTOL and Bock and Vincenzi. The company creates professional performance, outreach projects and explores new methods of developing contemporary dance production.

swissOH!vation 5 - 13 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 21:05 (50 mins) £9.00 / £8.00 Concs
swissOH!vation with Freddie Rutz, the multitalented Swiss entertainer who fascinates any audience. With his Swiss charm he makes people laugh and - think! The former prize winning professional dancer and magician in his solo variety show. He performed in the world famous Wintergarden-variety in Berlin, all over Europe and Japan. Freddie breaks with the rules of common sense. He shows the audience ‘sporking’, the craziest, funkiest fashion from the street parade in Zurich and ends with heart-warming poetry from Switzerland: make a wish when the first snow flake of the year touches your nose! Certainly a different act!

Hemlock and Moonlight 8 - 13 August. Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall, Venue 278, 22 Hanover Street, 22:30 (60 mins) £8.00 / £6.00 Concs
'Fawlty Towers meets Psychoville'! Phantasmagoria presents ‘Hemlock and Moonlight’ an original gothic comedy where an innkeeper, Mr Were, assisted by his wench, Miss Hyde, has to find a virgin to delay his werewolf curse before his grandmother, a mysterious dame, discovers his secret and cuts him from his inheritance. Dorian Gray, with his bottle of absinthe, creates madness among the residents and the inn’s porter, a psychopathic body-snatcher, causes mayhem. For those who have a strange bent towards murder and bawdy comedy with a twist of drag, enter and embrace the madness of The Gallows Inn.


The Blues Brothers return with the best party of the Fringe
Venue C Venues | Adams House, Chambers Street
Dates 3rd – 29th August 2011 (not 15th)
Time Nightly at 11.00pm
Tickets £7.50 - £11.00
Bookings C Venues Box Office | Tel +44 (0)845 260 1234

Following its successful West End run last year, Hartshorn – Hook Productions bring back the intensely popular A Tribute to the Blues Brothers – Live to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Backed by one of the tightest rhythm and blues bands in the city, Jake and Elwood are still on a mission from God, so get ready to shake your tail feather this August at what Broadway Baby described as ‘the best party of the Fringe’. Returning with an all new cast for 2011, you can expect plenty of new surprises from this high energy, multiple five-star show. Hartshorn – Hook Productions has quickly established a name for itself as one the most exciting live music entertainment companies in the UK. Following the huge success of its West End production of Woody Sez: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie this spring, the company is returning to the Fringe for the 5th time with its ever popular Blues Brothers Live, and Rat Pack – Live shows. The team are proud to present this work with kind permission from Daniel Ackroyd and Judith Belushi Pissano; special thanks also go to Billy Belushi and the Belushi estate.


A tribute the late great heroes of jazz and swing music
Venue C ECA | Lauriston Place, Edinburgh | Venue 50
Dates 3rd – 29th August 2011 (not 15th)
Time Nightly at 9.20pm (55mins)
Tickets £7.50 - £10.00
Bookings C Venues Box Office | Tel +44 (0)845 260 1234

Now in its 5th year at the Fringe The Rat Pack – Live recreates arguably one of the most iconic groups of performers of all time. Join Frank, Dean, and Sammy for an awardwinning sell-out show of laughter, one liners and some of history’s most enduring music including, Mr Bojangles, That’s Life, and Fly me to the Moon. Having been included in Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe 2008, 2009, The Times’ national jazz highlights, and on national and local BBC Radio, this is a show of real calibre. A tribute to the late, great heroes of jazz and swing; this is a work of passion brought to life by some of the best musical and vocal talent at the Fringe. Hartshorn – Hook Productions has quickly established a name for itself as one the most exciting live music entertainment companies in the UK. Following the huge success of its West End production of Woody Sez: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie this spring, the company is returning to the Fringe for the 6th time with its ever popular Blues Brothers Live, and Rat Pack – Live shows.


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